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End of everything

30 Dec 2009 Author Jerry

She drapes a shawl over herself as she gazed out the window with a distant look in her eyes. The morning was misty and cool with barely any wind and on the other side of the room she heard kuzoo playing out one of its liveliest song but it didn't help her gloomy and unwelcoming mood….

 She closed her eyes as she recalls that particular day……

 She stood at the view point over looking the scenery and of all she had her gaze fixed to the road, some way down…the road that will take her to him. “Just a few more minutes and I shall be there” she thought happily. She had come a long way to surprise him and the very thought warmed her…the excitement showed all over her. Throughout the journey she had resisted the temptation to call. She had to convince herself that its just a matter of few more minutes…besides she have waited long and she couldn't effort to screw up everything at the last minute.

 At that exact moment…her friend called. They chatted for sometime about everything and nothing till his name popped up somehow…and then everything took a different turn. She grew pale as she listened dumbstruck to the voice on the other side. After what seemed like eternity, she managed to make an excuse to end the conversation. It was too much for her to bear… “How could he?” she whispered to herself as the word rang loud and clear in her head.

 She stood for a moment struggling to comprehend the horrible, twisted complexity of the situation/fate. It was a terrible shock to come all the way and then hear about his marriage at the last minute. Everything made her sick and she reached out to the nearby railing to support herself. She didn't know what to make of all these things…and as she stood there, she felt the tears stinging her eyes and she blinked harder and faster to avoid it while her eyes burned with unshed tears but she wasn't going to let herself fall apart…she simply refuse to cry…she had enough of everything and she's not going to shed a single tear for him…not anymore.

 She had always thought he was someone hard to understand…now she realizes that wasn't the case. It was there all along but she was too blind to see it and looking back she was amazed at how things fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle… it made perfect sense though it never occurred to her before.

 All these years, she had counted each day with a hope that he'll show up one day and three winters had passed by with no sign of him. He never seems to have time for her……..

In fact he didn't even attempt to pretend. With these entire things/happenings…she knew that her journey with him ends here, and the last thing she could do was to leave everything where it first started…so with one last but a long look at the place she turned to return to the place she belonged… after all she had done all there is to be done.

Her waiting ended on that day and a single tear rolled down her cheek at the memory. She then pushed aside all thought of the past; she couldn't think the way she thought then and live a life that offered her nothing. And now after what she had been through, she doesn't want to think about someone who left her feelings unrequited and end up like a living corpse.

6 responses to “End of everything”

  1. kilo whisky says:

    don't loose hope…

  2. Karma C Wangdi says:

    “Her waiting ended on that day and a single tear rolled down her cheek at the memory.”

    I am sure this droplet would have washed away her sorrows!

  3. New Moon says:

    How poignant and touching
    I can imagine how hard it must be to be betrayed by the person who meant the world to her. But i guess its only matter of time. Just let yourself hit the rock bottom. It'll be over sooner than expected. Cheer up!

  4. Jerry says:

    karmaCW- if her single tear could wash away all her sorrow….i bet all her tear would wash him as a whole..ha,ha,ha ..just a thought!
    Newmoon-she might as well hope for the time to heal everything just like u commented…n thanks.

  5. Irreplaceable says:

    Beautiful one!

    The woman in the story is like me. I can feel it everything.

    Keep writing!

  6. Jerry says:

    hey irreplaceable,
      maybe i am describing you..or narrating your story..ha,ha,ha.