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Forbidden Love

28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

It seems I am the looser in this world
by falling in love with you;
Since you left me in broken heart
without a words of goodbye,
Nothing can stop my tear
fall violently beside thy;
Every day seem lonely without you
by my side, all abandoned;
Our love took years seem a day
leaving behind tragedy
How long shall I wait for thee;
to come back in my heart
to fill those broken apart,
The day seem long night become longer

after all when you left me in tragic sad;

Nothing is wrong when ye, left me

in broken apart;

when faith alone can measure,

From thou pain I have shown.

To me I felt falling in love is easy;

to depart is not an easy task

rather loving some one

without true heart will

never survive more than agony.

What I fall in love was all pine

under the depth of despair

leaving behind tragedy.

those process of love live in suffer now;

nothing is wrong to fall in love

only the fact of being lonely

is the truth love of sorrow

into the heart of my eyes.


Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan