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Greed… a necessary evil?

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

We human beings are greedy by nature. The degree of greediness varies from person to person. Greediness could be for anything from money, fame, status, material things etc depending on individuals. We just can’t get enough of what we have or get – we want more and more. To a moderation, it is good to be greedy since it makes you do something to achieve that. But if you are too greedy then you just look at the end and not the means to get that. I mean you would go to any lengths to achieve what you want.

If we are satisfied with what we have then we don’t need to get things by unfair means. But we want money, more of it in the fastest way possible. It is because of our greed only otherwise we can earn enough for just basic food, shelter and clothing. Every day we get to hear someone robbing, theft cases, siphoning money, taking bribes directly or indirectly, cheating etc and the list is endless. What makes people do these? It is greed only which makes them do these things even knowing the risk involved in it and getting caught in the act. On top of that losing their good name which will never come back once they lose it. Some even go to the extent of taking someone else’s life and end up behind the bars for many years. Even if you achieve a high status by unfair means, you will not be respected by people and very soon you may not be holding that also. Some take money from people for getting their job done for which they are already getting their salary. Sometime they get in kind or take some favours from parties and then they are obliged to do something for them in return. This is the trend which is happening everywhere which is wrong but people are practising it.

The more you have the more you want and human wants can never be satisfied. We tend to spend more than we earn and that’s why we feel that we don’t have enough money. If we live beyond our means then obviously we will not be happy. If only we are happy with what we have and try to achieve what we want by good means, then this world would be a better place to live in. There would be no crimes, no war and everywhere there would be harmony.

2 responses to “Greed… a necessary evil?”

  1. Kezang Dawa says:

    yes money is root causes of all suffering……nothing is greater than money …all we curve is money… is happiness as well as sad!!! Great article… i agree you!!!

  2. kelly says:

    thanks a lot… it encourages me to write more.