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Greed: the mother of invention

30 Dec 2009 Author tpG

Had Charles Babbage not invented the first computing device would we be communicating online today? What has driven him to it? It's basically 'greed' for new things and knowledge.

If Christopher Columbus had not discovered America, the world would still be under British. The British novelty was some high class do-nothing people who owned lots of land and let the common people do all the work while they entertained themselves in London, a term referred to as 'ton' those days.

The only thing British high class ladies had to do was to secure good earning husbands and entertain other blue-bloods with tea parties and balls.

Had Napoleon not wiped out the European novelty the world would still be divided into rich and poor.  Similarly had the 3rd king of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk not opened Bhutan's door to the outside world, Bhutan would still be isolated.

So it's fine to be greedy and dream as long as you work towards it. If you just dream but do nothing to achieve it then that's a different case.

You stop living the moment you are satisfied and exhausted in life. If you need your life to be exciting, you need to be greedy and ambitious with achieving things you have aspired for, even if it means fighting the obstacles on the way.

Maybe I have spoken of 'greed' and 'need' in the same context but there's no denying fact that those two terms go in line with each other