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28 Dec 2009 Author dumbo

On a fine Sunday morning, one of the former Ministers ordered his driver “HaaZam chi Kheshos”
The driver went to the town and asked every lady that passed by whether they were from Haa. Everyone said no. An hour passed, he got so tensed and worried. Then he remembered that there is a HapZam he knew. In the beginning, she was very reluctant to go. It was very difficult to convince her but he managed to. Upon reaching back, the driver reported that “HaaZam Chhig Wong Yi la” To that, the Minister said, 'Nangna Tsuk Dha”. When the lady entered, the Minister got wild and scolded the driver that he asked for a barber not really realising that it was his fault. (in official Hindi, barber is called HaaZam)

One response to “HaaZam”

  1. observer says:

    hahaha first when i read through I though something different too not the drivers fault at all