Make Someone's Day!


31 Dec 2008 Author nawang7

Another year had come and passes by
But ahead of us yet another year lie 
Gone are good old and memorable days
And for the new it has made ways

It was a fine and treasured 2000 eight
For it carved even brighter days ahead
The year indeed etch in our minds
And we wish for many such kinds

Alas, we had our centenary celebrations
We had the new government declarations 
The capital was filled with festive mood
People from everywhere made us feel good

The long ‘Lona’ had then disappeared 
Good times seemed to have appeared
The Dragon had protected our Kingdom
The new era had given us new wisdom 

The new government offered us promises
They still orate in the capital in new dresses
Hitherto words speaks louder than actions
They are upto trying out the public patience

We await their services with utmost delight
And expect them to prove our choice a pride
We look unto them as our chosen leaders
And not just as mere promise builders

Globally Obama created a pleasant history
While Wall Street remained a mystery
Mumbai attacks came as a shock to us
All we could but commiserate as brothers 

Oil prices went up and then down
At times had made us frown 
And so did the dollar rate confused 
But to adapt we never refused

China held Asian heads high at Beijing
The arenas and fireworks were as amazing
Many world records were outdone 
And many new heroes shone 

Formula one title race went till the last 
In rhythm with the cars our hearts beat fast
The racing drama still went till the last lap
And the winner was eventually the young chap

England failed to make it to the European finals 
But English red devils conquered all club finals
Spain ended their long soccer trophy drought
And Liverpool continues to make red fans proud

The Champions league fixtures are mouth watering
But without ‘tensports’ here soccer fans are suffering
Yes, we have now the approved dish TV rights
That we do not have to rely on youtube highlights

We anticipate another wonderful year
A year filled with thrill and cheer 
The year is good in the Bhutanese calendar
And for decisions we do not need much to ponder

I wish you and your family a very happy new year,
Remind you of the good resolutions to bear;
I wish you health and ‘gross national happiness’
I thank you for friendship and all the dearness.