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Has it really come to this?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

Is it really a matter of convenience now? It is not that it was not there before but the cases like these are in the rising and it is disheartening to know that such things happen nowadays. Every now and then we get to hear things like these happening with someone. Whom should we blame? the individuals, the society, the economy or who else is to be blamed. Decades before it used to happen randomly and that too people who used to take advantage of innocent girls, proclaim false love and marriage and then leave them as if you don’t even know them. People in the higher ranks used to visit villages and then deflower young and innocent girls and then leave them on their own when they left that place. And there are many cases where the girls have become pregnant and given birth to children with no father. There was nothing or noone to save them and give them justice.

Because of the rising number of unemployent, girls are forced to take up any available job they can get in order to sustain themselves. Many of them end up working in Drayangs and hotels where they are not treated well. Most of them are lured by men by giving false hopes of job, love and marriage. And in worst cases many end up selling their bodies for few ngultrums. Mostly they are the ones who have been cheated and used. But nowadays even the girls are not far behind. Some of them have accepted it as their fate and use their charm to get things done. They make boyfriends for benefits and use it to study further or sustain themselves. It doesnot matter how old is their boyfriend but how much he can spend on them. The lifestyle they lead requires money to buy clothes, luxury items, travel, food and party which they cannot afford on their own. And the rich old men just wants to flaunt their girlfriends who are old enough to be their daughters.

Nowadays there is a trend of people going for further studies and most of the time either the husband or the wife gets it if both are working. It is very rare where the wife or the husband goes along with their spouse. Otherwise one of them goes. This is also one of the reasons of rising number of affairs. The ones who are left behind then cheat on their spouses and in many cases gets married to someone else by the time their spouse returns back home. In many cases it is a matter of convenience wherein they just have an affair but with no strings attached and commitments.

These kind of people who use other people as a matter of convenience for their own needs are dangerous. They are the ones who are breaking marriages and relationships and also the life of the children involved in either cases. There are no values or principles about marriages and relationships nowadays and nobody takes it seriously. Everyone is so casual about it. Having more than one wife or husband and having affair seems like a normal thing nowadays. Integrity and trust is nowhere to be seen except in dictionaries. People have become too materialistic and practical. As long as their own means are fulfilled they do anything to get it. We don’t get to see pure love and good values. People change wives and husbands just like they are changing clothes. In some cases the children are confused as to who is their real father or mother.

When I ponder over this things, I feel that it needs a revolution to change whatever is happening around us. It is very easy to blame but difficult to correct it. The economy, the society, individuals, everyone is the culprit. Unless we change our way of thinking and way of living, nothing is going to change and chances are it might get worse than this.