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hey nopkin frens..Lets welcome 2010 together

30 Dec 2009 Author brighterlady

I have not accessed for a month and really missed out many ariticles.Well today while going through the site, as usual the site is filled up with many exciting storys,ariticles and jokes.Then i saw the latest topic posted there that is on the Year 2009.

So i have decided to take this opportunity to wish all my nopkin friends a very happy new year.Although its bit early to wish today itself but  i dont want to miss the chance of being the first person to wish  you all.

So guys ,”Wish you all a very happy new year and may god bless you to fulfill all your dreams,aspirations and hope,let your world be filled with happiness and peace” and lets welcome the  year 2010 together ,have fun and have a blast.

5 responses to “hey nopkin frens..Lets welcome 2010 together”

  1. New Moon says:

    happy new year to you too.
    and i join brighterlady in wishing nopkin members and guests a fulfilling year ahead. happy 2010 everyone!!! 

  2. Jerry says:

    Let me join brighterlady and NewMoon in wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.May 2010  bring prosperity and success.

  3. Aum Grumpy says:

    Me too joins brighterlady, NewMoon and Jerry in wishing all Nopkins a very Happy New Year.

  4. sangay tenzin says:

    Happy new year to all. Wish you all heaps of health and happiness!

  5. pema dee says:

    hey Newmoon,Aumgrumpy,jerry and Nopkin…….thank u so much for the comment and ur wishes….