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History that I'll remember – I

08 Jul 2012 Author cholden
The land of thunder Dragon, Bhutan is best described and known as a land of happiness where development strategy is driven with Gross National Happiness (GNH). The story that I am going to narrate is when I was too young and when the philosophy of GNH was not into action.
I was not definite when it first begun but I clearly remember when it ended. It was misery for the already admitted monks and to the locality as a whole. When I knew already big building for monks were constructed and used as an accommodation in Yarphu Shaedra. A new building which was twenty to thirty meter was under construction at Shugung Shaedra. With full support and hard work of the villagers it was successfully accomplished and ready for to use as an accommodation for monks.
I enjoyed the well preparation and honor for the first time in my life for the Rinpochhe, Chabjay Drodrup Rinpochhe who is currently as Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. As a kid it's bother less for me to know about religion and politics but I was there with my parents to receive blessings form the Rinpochhe. The celebration for the visit and blessing was immense and all the people were so incalculably happy. From then children were started to admit in the Shaedra.
It was in 1993 or 1994 when I was in class two. I can't clearly state here the reasons why and how it happened? But it happened! It may be because our main state religion is Drukpa Kajue. We consider it as our main Buddhist religion in our country which has loads of historic significance and validity to live it as our religion specifically.
Dodrup Rinpochhe is an Ngyingma master. When every masters/Rinpochhe in religious discourse admit-it doesn't subject what religion you follow but the master of our body-mind matters irrespective of Ngingma, Kajue, Tersar you follow etc…  But why this big discrimination happened? May be it was national issue but I am still waiting for the right answer for otherwise in their wish of irrespective religion. Yes the history told me the civil war in the country was mainly due to different religions and due to the fact of every masters wish to flourish their own religion in the region.
Let me come back to my story! It was one fine afternoon when I saw a bald man with three policemen. From my grandmother I knew that he was Dzongrab. I didn't know the reason for his sudden visit! We need to prepare a lot for officials' visit otherwise. After an hour I saw few monks loitering around Yarphu primary School with their robe tight on thigh nonsensically. And I saw few police walking to and fro in front the monastery. Still the reason wasn't clear for me as a little kid who doesn't know how to dress properly.
Both Sheadras were closed forever. Days passed with all monks were left in respective home as farmer. The new building that was build was in vain. All most everything seemed was blank for them and villagers too. They could not go against the will of government but left only option to follow their great master to Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. All most all of them went there to pursue and fulfill their dreams to cram religion in life.

From then what followed beyond my village and school were not known until yet except that the Rinpochhe went permanently to Sikkim.
From then Lhakhangs were taken care by the locality with directive from the government but not the buildings that was built for the monks. It was so sad to see the building collapsing bit by bit. And elders used to shed tears looking at the collapsing and uncared building. The very atypical observation was the building collapsed bit by bit only on the auspicious occasions. It was a wonder for the entire locality. It is the power of religion, still they use to say and it is I believe.
From then Bhutanese followed Rinpochhe and every year thousands of Bhutanese visit Gangtey Goenpa.
Still the stigma of forbidden and derelict building is in the mind of old people in the village of Yarphu and Pangthang.