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How can I ever forget your face…

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

How can
I ever forget your
Bewitching face?
Since you are
already rooted in my heart.
It was just like
a star when
I saw you at first sight;
It seems I am only
the one who has
fallen in love with thou.
I have nothing to give
rather than seek your true love;
That you fill my heart with a beam
of pleasure in every corner of my heart;
Though I am poor boy
in your eyes;
But I am rich in loving you.
Through all my heart
To ensure my true love
I swear I can give you my life
In front of you I really swear.
Every blink of your eyes
Left me in the dream world,
where I wished I am truly in love
Become sleepless night
every sumptuous meal
become tasteless without you,
My heart cannot resist the thrill;
That you have given me,
your company.
Then broken
my heart into become potent love
Into the beautiful median like thy;
From where to start my
Speech and explore the theme
of my passion.
Now, i cannot stay
a single day without seeing you,
Nor a single minute to leave
you behind;
I always keep looking in your heart
you would change your love
And left me back
Whenever you are there in my eyes
I become happy beyond measure.
Your kindest piece of love
Always nurtures  my heart
Wherever I go alone.
To ensure our true love
I write this poem to insure the
True meaning of love
In the heart of a girl,
Whom I have loved a lot.
Kezang Dawa