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Human Being

28 May 2013 Author cholden

Human is a coexistence of self, I and the body. And self is the consciousness of polluted self and the true self. The Polluted self is the diluted true self. And we human being are driven by self. Every space is filled up with self provided it is not blended with body for we can’t see.

What is true self? True self is being oneself true. Every good acts and thoughts are the result of true self. It is nothing but the real human instinct. When a child is born he/she have nothing but a real true self.

The moment they started growing in the hand of polluted self of dear parents, they get polluted in the power of hatred, jealousy, and partiality. Mean the polluted self started growing on them. And ultimately they are mixture of true and polluted self. And this is what you are.

For instance, you are taking medicine for TB. Doctor told you that it will definitely cure your suffering. It is your true self knocking you to take the medicine. You never think about the drawbacks.

And at times your true self and polluted self contradict. If you are good human being, polluted self will not rule you. If not everything will be subsided and buried under polluted self and you will face difficulty in getting up. For example, you are going with your friend to smoke. You know that it is not good. Your true self is constantly knocking you that it is not good. Even then you land up smoking. It means you are driven by your polluted self.

Happiness comes from true self. Unhappiness comes from polluted self. You be good human knowing the values of thy survival. Understand the ultimate misery before you act. The result will be always something that you can cherish and smile. Human behaving like animals and ultimately result to misery, vengeance, bloodshed and massacre. Soon the world will be full of terrorist if everything in them is concreted with polluted self.

Dharma tells us to erase self. It is not telling and teaching us to erase true self. It only stresses to rub and make invisible, your polluted self. And try to build true self. Rebuild and correct all polluted to untainted which ultimately shows that we are living in as human consciousness.

You believe in the karmic connection of rebirth. It will be you who will be reborn if and only if you are bound by only true self. Survival of you now with it is intimately bound up with the reborn of you in the next life to human.

Lastly, you eat meat like hungry jackals gulping the flesh of half rotten carcass of buffalo. You keep on eating and it becomes your habit. And finally there will be stage where you will be born as carnivores like tigers, lions etc which they are fond of eating meat.

Be a simple coherent human being brim with true self.