Make Someone's Day!


03 Feb 2012 Author Kezwaa
I have tried to hide my tear not to fall

In front of her when she go away

But I can't hold it when you disappear after all

Once you are there in my heart

Like dew drops that glittered in the sun

It seem you left my heart apart

Every tear drop I shed is not for fun

This hot tears is all in the name of you

My heart tries to stop mourning all the way from sorrow

Sorrow of today can't wait for morrow

Every time I try to hide my tears but can't do it

Since you left me more than a month

Every time I think of thou now and then

I seek every foot print you have toad in my heart

Those foot print has just swept away by the wind

Bringing thousand broken words as to become sad tear

Don't let me cry alone, if you are not here in my heart my dear

Let me be candid why I love you,

From the day I have saw you from my wistful eyes

Tears of today is the sadder depth of tomorrow

Broken pain is greater than sorrow

Don't smile at me when I am in desolate pain

The one who promise thro' thy finger is mean to be broken.

Don't laugh at me when you are away from my love

Kill me at once rather than keeping me in pain

I wish to die in your lap without gain

I cry not for my parents not for my unborn child

But only for your love that torture me time and again

The one which I hope is now abandoned

I walk all the way from my old home shed

Thinking you would come back some day

The tears I weep for you all day and night

Wetted my heart through window of broken pain.

 I peep through the window once you have peeped

Thinking you would be coming into my heart so deep

I seek higher up the mountain so cold

Ferrying all the stream down to the mighty ocean

Thinking you would be playing with the weave

The ruthless weave swept away all my hope at once

Leaving me under the depth of tragic sad

The love when she has given to me has cheated her own love

Left me in the world of sorrow and broken ache.

I wish I must not have this kind of love henceforth

Never try to fall in love with the one who's having unkindest heart

Trust without skin deep is like women without heart

Never seek the love that has gone along the sea shore

Never trust the foot print that you have steeped in the river

Love is just like the weave that will take into the long shiver

At last love is just terrible pain when broken apart

Never love the women who is outer beauty