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I turned away but YOU WALKED away!!

13 Feb 2015 Author p2pbutlost

Oh my Dear!!
Nothing is left in my heart
Charm of love and not even that fear
B’cause now you moved apart

I just turned back
But what you did?
Falling in love with him within a while
Is something you really overdid

Seeing me breakdown in endless tears
You did sympathize me with your arms
But where is that love we carried for years?
And where are those earlier charms?

You are no more you
The ‘you’ that embraced this filthy man
With all your heart and soul true
Who’s now your heart’s gate man

Yes, I see your growing ego
As I watch from the doorstep of your heart
To you, now I’m much smaller than a mosquito
As your heart already abandoned this poor shepherd

At times with a purpose in my mind I act
Trying to capture the truth of you to me
And to see how genuinely you react
But with every action you always try to flee

As I now toil in to the far east
All alone amongst the crowd of careless
Your love and affections are all I nurture
Just to realize everything isn’t permanent

Yes, my love!
As long as I breathe a column of air
Like a flying wings of dove
Will carry with me your Charming love
With me will take the loves young
With me will nurture the gone days
With me will carry the beautifully framed
The six lettered word… the “DeePee”
And as I wrinkle to cease to breathe
Shall the word (deepee) dissolve in air
Along the curling smokes
Originating from the crematory of the Shepherd