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I want to be a Man…

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

My wildest fantasy is to be born as a man. Then I would not have to be answerable for everything. I can do anything as I like. I can go anywhere I like. There would be no restriction to go anywhere at anytime. I can have as many girlfriends I want and nobody would even raise an eyebrow. I don’t have to cry for every little thing since it is not a manly thing to cry over petty things. I can play all the time even after marriage. I can behave as I want anywhere. My friends would be more important than my wife and children. I would drink till I can take no more. I would stay out till morning almost every day. i would not have to do any work at home. I can just order everything and if it is not to my liking then I can always scold them. I can sleep as much as I want and get up late every morning. I just want to be in their shoe and feel how they feel.

One response to “I want to be a Man…”

  1. Youngheart says:

    Oh…Are we that selfish?