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I wish to say adieu

15 Dec 2013 Author Kezwaa

I know I have something to say,
From my broken heart;
Though I am not romantic poet,
Who gives tears to the reader’s eyes?
Who feel pity to my poem?
The one who know my pain will laugh
A person who doesn’t have pain will never cry;
I know I cannot resist this pain;
After you have broken into pieces.
I know I am luckiest person to have this pain;
When my heart was in exceeding peace.
That you have already broken.
I don’t want to see you coming back
With your heart full of lie;
Now I don’t have any space left;
To keep you warm under broken apart;
When everything is left deserted;
I am only the one who endure with full of tears.
Under the rhythm of broken ache.
I am not happy with what you have given me;
Idol makes what I am;
I have no sleep no food nor drink.
From the day you have broken my heart.
I thank you for being teacher of my broken love;
Ye taught me how to taste the broken pain.
Now, my heart was broken beyond repair.
Reconcile is what I cannot now;
Why so many tears fall,
Why my heart bleed more.
Why my voice choked after you went away.
You can kill me at once;
Rather than keeping me in broken pain;
I am already killed by your desolate pain.
I don’t know what else is love?
Why love was born in other face.
I can’t blame god or you;
Why this happen to us between.
Faith alone can say.
Love begins after everything is broken.

2 responses to “I wish to say adieu”

  1. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    “The course of true love is never smooth.” Shakespeare…….bother you have painted your inner feelings so eloquently that whoever that girl is, i am dead certain that she will come back to you. keep on writing….but i don’t know what happened to nopkin writters, these days i don’t see new articles being posted…..

  2. Kezwaa says:

    thank you brother,…your comments mean a lot,….