Make Someone's Day!

In Quest of Love

23 Dec 2010 Author udeen

 I slide along the edge of the stream,
Crossing the narrow road leading to it,
Search in the depth of the fussed ocean,
To find the portion reserved for me!

I wander throughout the world

    tracking the silvery, sparkled stars.
  Evidently, I've was so exhausted,
    My naive heart chose not to surrender!

I interrogate the reflective cloud,
It points me to the house of darkness,
I hasten to go to the peaceful spot,
There was not even the shadow of it!


I had even walked out of boundaries,
   To know whether which direction it took,
I crapped out and fell on the wrong road.
However, I was hopeful and undismayed!


Lastly, a quiet mind appealing me,
Thus, my heart plunges under the ocean,
To strike the precision of the true love.
Meanwhile, I hope that it will discern it!