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Is it really true?

12 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

I had often heard speaking of more jobs in the job market than the available job seekers. It made me wonder and question myself, is it really true? If it is true, why the people are saying the government could bring down unemployment rate to 2.3 which was achieved more than targeted? Atleast to me, it sounds like, we have to struggle further to create more jobs.

And the other reason often spoken for the youth unemployment is mismatch between the available jobs and the tastes, irrelevant studies and trainings carried out by the youths. If it is so, why did not the authority have been put a system in place to pursue studies where the studies are relevant to the job available?

A farmer working in the field is a job. An uneducated person guarding a school campus as a caretaker is a job. But do we expect graduates to work in field of like farmers and consider it a job?

If this is a case, it would be like a person rearing cow for many years to serve the purpose of dog for barking and not for milking. Although educated farmers may be better than uneducated farmers, don’t we think that it is a waste?

I have seen and heard that some of the parliamentarians were rising the point in the parliament that, they are like a guest for the term of five years and if not selected in coming parliament, how they will find job as they are already resigned from the civil service and not allowed to work again in civil service by the rules once resigned.

The irony is that if they consider everything what one do is job, they are allowed to work in private sectors, they can also work in field like farmers and take that as their job. And these confuse me.

In conclusion, in my opinion it is better to convey the message to the youths correctly by saying “there are jobs but one should compete for it and better ones will be/are given preference which may lead to competition in studies by the students who are currently studying and it will lead to better citizen of the Nation.”