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Is our country short of Army & Police personals?

08 Jan 2013 Author lotusflower

This question really struck my mind very recently when children were abducted in broad daylight from Sarpang, that too from the heart of the town where there should have been some policemen around.

How many police and army officers are there in Bhutan? And if each army and police officer deputes a servant each (popularly known as ARTALA) to do their domestic works, do you get some idea how many security personals and the government resources are being misused or wasted this way?

The wasted or misused resources of a single Artala could be calculated in terms of their salaries, free housing and other family costs like ration quotas, free electricity and water the costs of which are borne by government, government’s share of provident fund, retirement benefits, etc.

Besides the abduction cases, there are also rampant gang fights in the heart of many towns, vehicle accidents due to over speeding, social problems like domestic violence. Are these trends not something to worry about and find solutions?

Had all the constables been used properly and fully, don’t we think such problems could be solved, or be reduced at least?

Are RBP and RBA short of manpower? No single complaint has been heard from them regarding manpower shortage whereas other agencies in the country always scream of having not enough staff or human resource.

During school hours, students are being entrusted with police jobs at pedestrian areas with noble intentions to develop strong relationships between youth and police and to enhance better understanding of social problems faced by police, and also in the name of community service. But in my feeling, it only over burdens students. They have their normal duties to study, and with this policing work, they become tired, and also have to bear stress in dealing with public. As a result they fare poorly in their studies.

Way forward: It could be better if all the army and police constables are fully utilized in the interest and benefit of nation, and not be made as servant to their bosses; do away with students as community police during school days, instead police constables should assist the students at pedestrian roads; allocate proper and fair duties among the police and army constables, example, place some constables to distant places for a maximum number of days, which may help in reducing social problems like divorce and other social problems.

One response to “Is our country short of Army & Police personals?”

  1. ugyen tharchen says:

    I heard a abducation case from Sarbang not from Samtse…….Better check out !!!!