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It is heartless and stupid

20 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

In today’s scenario, it is seen and experienced that few bosses sometimes unnecessarily scold their subordinates without any reason whatsoever. But what to do, it has been a practice since long and it would take good amount of time to curb the legendary practice.

It made me feel that the spouse of these bosses should be very strict and disciplinarians at home, or in other words, they are more powerful than these bosses. Because what I feel is, these bosses do not get the chance to voice their frustrations and anger at home which are then brought to the work place in the form of unnecessary harassment and scolding. This really affect the morale and efficiency of the subordinates which result in poor output. In short, the personal problems should not be mixed with the official works.

This not only hampers the output of subordinates, it also leads to misunderstandings between subordinates and their spouses at home. When the subordinates cannot say anything to their bosses, they in turn take the frustrations to their home. This ultimately leads to social problems like divorces.

So I believe that it would be best if everyone drinks only when thirsty and eats only when hungry and not vice-versa, and play football in the football grounds and archery in the archery sites.

And ultimately I think there should be rules such that a person should have some basic required qualities to be a bass.

Writers note: I am not saying all the bosses are same. To be frank, it has not happened to me but I have definitely heard and seen many such cases.

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  1. karma says:


    I agree to what you written.