Make Someone's Day!

It still gives me shivers

01 Dec 2012 Author chhoedroen

It was the cold December evening when the dusk crawled over the beautiful sky and blanketed it with glittering stars. I had my last cup of coffee and left out to chill myself in the balcony. I was listening to the song “if i die young” by brand Perry. I loved listening to music and it became imminent and the most dominant part of my life, maybe i was a teenager that’s why it turned out to be that much important to me.

I felt a chilly feeling within myself and thought it was the time to get inside and take a day off after all. But after i was staring at the stars i decided to stay a little longer. Suddenly something caught my attention, i could feel somebody huge was standing in front of me, though i couldn’t look at it face to face but i could see it through the shadow. I wasn’t dauntless enough to turn and face the what so ever thing that was taking a hell out of me, but after my body have been complete numb, i turned with all my little left courage that was also ebbing and which went  down to negative level now, only to find myself as a foolish girl to have created a ghost through the little rag hanged outside the house. i couldn’t stopped feeling foolish as ever.