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It’s because of love…….?

09 May 2014 Author 89kg

Adam and Eve defied god’s instructions, tasted the forbidden fruits and they remained on this earth.

Romeo and Juliet left behind their awe-inspiring eternal love legacy.

Shajahan built magnificent Taj Mahal for his beloved Mamtazmahal.

Egyptian king ordered his artists to carve the most beautiful statue of the queen Nefertiti.

Lord Tennyson penned down the famous poem titled “The Lady of Shallot”.

Shakespeare wrote the most renowned play called “The Tamming of the Shrewd”.

Rohan Rathor composed and left behind sentimental song for his beloved girl.

Cameron ventured to direct most super hit and legendary Hollywood movie the “Titanic”.

Lord Shiva fought countless battles and embraced many challenges just to win Sati’s love and admiration.

Guru Padmashamvawa tied bond with two Khandoms, though against his strict Buddhist precepts.

Osama Bin laden married five women, in spite of his stature as the most wanted world terrorist.

Gasa Lama Singye jumped into the conflagration to show his genuine love for his departed wife the changyuel Galem.

2 responses to “It’s because of love…….?”

  1. Pitopi says:

    I am sorry, this comment is not regarding your article…
    Around a week ago, I also submitted one article but not yet published.. Do you have any idea how long does take to publish an article… ???

  2. Kezang Dawa says:

    @ Pitopi,…very true,…i have also send one poem last time a month ago,…i don’t know how long they take to get it publish,…My poem was lost in the middle of no where else,….