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Legend of Taw; Sputum for money

16 Jan 2013 Author kelzangkd

In Mongar Dzongkhag, Taw is popular as a cheat who borrows money and never returns. If there is no witness, he simply denies of having borrowed any money. Many people were victims of his lies and deception. There are many instances where he deceitfully traded cows belonging to many people and stole their money. For this reason, he was tagged as a crook, desperate enough to do anything for money.

One day, a group of young men were gambling. They were trying to make some easy money. Taw joined them and started to gamble too. He won several rounds when one of them asked,

“Ata Taw Penjo, I have heard that you can do anything for money, is that true?”

“Yes! Who wouldn’t do anything for money?” He replied frankly.

“Will you kill a person for money?” He made fun of him.

“That will depend upon the situation, but I am not a murderer,” Taw replied.

“Ok! Forget about killing people. Now, would you do something that is possible to do within this room?” someone provoked.

“How much money would you give?” He asked.

“If you can do what I say, I will give you 5000 Nu,” He challenged him.

The man who challenged Taw thought that he would win the bet. He was certain that Taw won’t agree to swallow a cupful of sputum collected from all of them.

“Look Taw! If you can gulp this cupful of sputum, I will give you 5000 Nu,” He ridiculed him confidently.

Taw closed his eyes, finished a cupful of sputum in a gulp, and then left the room with Nu. 5000.