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Life is lovely, death is scary

23 Oct 2012 Author kelzangkd

Everything is transient. Change is inevitable – it is the truth. Everything is sure to crumble down one day. It happens every moment, yet we are ignorant to realize the flick of fleeting moments of life. I do not intend to sound dramatic. So, relax and focus on good aspects of life. Value life.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Death is the ultimate reminder. Countless teachings revolve around death. We are supposed to live life as if it was our last day so that we can live life meaningfully (Lousily sometimes).

The recent demise of great filmmaker, Yash Chopra is another reminder. I am deeply aggrieved. As a kid, I grew up watching his films. He brought flavor and spices in Indian cinema. He dramatized Amitabh’s charismatic acting, while he nurtured and honed Shah Rukh Khan. Many actors’ glamorous reach should be credited to him. However, he has to go. Life is not a cinema. We cannot write our own script. The plots and climax of life is incredibly unpredictable. Heroes perish without a trail. There is no fixated resolution to a drama called life. So be warned that death is all around the corner. You know, he died of dengue, a disease caused by a mosquito bite.We think that disease like dengue and malaria are often associated with lower class – working class. The fact is that everything in life is uncertain. A person could die while eating also – choking with food.

It is said that when you are about to die, the world will come flashing with memories. You would be watching an imaginary movie created by memories and reminisces of your life. So, make it worth watching, at least in your final years.

One response to “Life is lovely, death is scary”

  1. tshegay says:

    Well written kelzang.

    But I have a bit different opinion for life and death. According to me, Life is not necessarily lovely and death not necessarily scary.