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Long time no see.

29 Dec 2009 Author Karten

So sorry ladies and gents, I was so busy and still busy. therefore, I couldn't post any article. hope you all didn't miss me but i did miss you all. I will try to stay alive now with stories from rotten pumpkins to animal shit to cow dung to zala kota to bokpey and so on and on. Life is as such, if we dont care we are no where, if we are there people dont dare. What is this and this and this????? anyways hope all are doing great. Till then take care. Just peeped in to say all these rubble in the bronx words and make you all feel that i am still alive. Hahahahahahahaha.

One response to “Long time no see.”

  1. Kin D says:

    You and your jokes are well missed karten.
    Glad to see your profile pic. About time you plucked and cooked it though. hehe