Make Someone's Day!

Look There!

05 Nov 2012 Author cholden

Look there in the evergreen forest.
Can you see the blooming dandelion foretaste?
Visualize the invisible singing bees from here.
Can you feel the rhythm of their dance without dare?
Look there in the mightiest ocean
Can you see the beautiful bright lotus blazing?
Seems the petals on august lotus are in motion.
What, if you and me dance their? Will it be amazing?
Look high up in the sky of widest memories.
Can you count how much you cry for my tricks?
Those were to distinguish your beautiful cheek adorn with tears.
Will you now cry for this joke too?
Look here in the mirror near the window.
Can you see you are in floods of tears?
I discern these tears are your tears of the afterglow.
Can we begin to hear wedding bells and cheers?