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Looking for happiness..

31 Dec 2008 Author bhoojo

We all feel down every once in a while. The blues can strike us any time, even on the sunniest of June days. In times like that when the world feels heavy on our backs, words of others can often lift us up again. Many of the world's greatest thinkers and religions have linked happiness with helping others. When we dwell on our troubles, they seem to grow larger. Yet when we reach to someone perhaps a friend with even bigger problem, our situation is put to perspective. We realize that our own situation isn't as grime as we had imagined. We are rewarded in another way too when we help others. Doing good makes us feel that we are good and that feeling easily translates into an upbeat mood. However an open ear and generous heart can help us lead a life of joy. The common thing about happiness and sadness is that they have to be shared and they never last long. So guys, treasure each moment as a gift, be it good or bad since they come only once in our life. Thank god that you are alive to experience this special moment. I’m here to wish everyone happy 2009 though we know that every day of the year is not going to be sunny but hope you all get the love, support and strength to pull the year along. Guys, "fudge can never be tasty without the nuts" and once again "happy 2009!"

One response to “Looking for happiness..”

  1. karma tshomo says:

    well come to nopkin.

    your artical made my day happy, ofcouse who doesnt want to look for happiness?  Thanks for making me relize that happiness is within ourselves.

     I wish all the nopkin members best year & achive happiness after reading this article by bhoojo.

    Especially to noriyang. Happy new year to you again.