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Love- A blessing or curse?

08 Dec 2014 Author starline

I created my account twice and forgot the password. Finally I am in again, with my new id and a similar nickname that I always preferred. Time surely does fly. Someone truly said Nopkin is ones online diary for the Bhutanese to pour their heart out. Here I am being grateful and thankful and writing out my emotions. I went through some articles about lost love and being sorry. Every individuals face these phase in life. To some, the concern of love and family comes sooner, and to others it’s late. The individual choice and the responsibility we hold among ourselves and to society blends us with or without a compromise or sacrifice. The life forms give no meaning to our existence. Sometimes we meet the one we want too soon. Things go wrong somewhere. On other hand it’s too late and we can’t afford to look forward and leave everything behind.

It’s true, sometimes the thing we started needs to end. But it’s a wonder, is LOVE everything? Most people would say NO! Hardly anyone would accept that it’s everything an individual might want. We read lots of love stories and movies and want these things to happen in our life. But the effort one puts in to making their life beautiful as it is in the book seem unreasonable.

Everyone wants to marry, have a loyal partner and have a lovely family. Yet somewhere down the line, they are still not so sure if it’s that they really want. Feelings for someone, and a marriage certificate with someone else. 1 or 3 years down the line of, or let’s say even after 15 ro 20 years, something great tickles and they know it was a wrong move in life and they want to get out of it. (Which makes me wonder, every individual knew what they wanted, why did they knowingly choose to do something their heart was so against)

Next we have issues related to extra marital affair or extra affair. It’s not wrong to fall in love, but what was missing from the present relationship that one had to search for extra? Every individual can make their relationship work, but its either just one person putting the effort or none. (My views.) Can’t blame any individual for falling in love. But when they know it’s not working out, why go make another one? (Stupid of me to say it)

Anyways, feelings emotions is the wonders of the world, either breaking us or makes us. Are we too selfish? Or are we so ignorant? Are we ignoring our own feelings and going against them? When do we know what we want? Is our lifestyle making us something which we don’t want to be? Are we ready to listen to our heart for a change instead of what others say is important in life? (I believe here is the answer which is going to depend upon person to person.) But ultimately every choice we make has a compromise and a price to pay. We just need to know which is worth which.

I end here with so many blur questions. Apologies for it.