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Love out of the Blue

26 Jul 2011 Author kuenza

I attended the first class for my course yesterday. It rained and I reached the lecture theater half drenched. Unlike what I thought, the professor for Internet Technology was a pretty serious man who straight away went to his teaching and did not put any jokes or music in between (the few other tutors and professors I dealt with for orientation program gave me this idea). Before I could form an opinion of him, a young man walked in. I must first tell you that I got a new funny haircut few days back. I probably would not have been aware of this young man but for his hairstyle. Our haircut resembled.

I am sure many women who will read this story would have watched the Korean series, 'Full House.' I was also struck by his resemblance to the actor in that series. For now, let us say that this man has made a small mark in my heart. I mean, if I met him somewhere I would recognize him. With some people, we could be together in the same class one whole semester or a year and not recognize them when we meet them somewhere. I got on a tram and I thought I caught sight of this man again, sitting on the seat opposite to me but it was too much for my pride to look towards his direction to confirm. And then, he was forgotten. I got home and my mind lingered on him no longer.

But today I had to attend another class, this time on Database Systems and Information Modeling. And this time, though the professor did not seem of an easygoing kind, he did let us introduce. I am the only person from my country and he the only one from his. This fact somehow registered in my mind as soon as I heard him introduce and found myself thinking that we are in a similar state. The three hour lecture got boring after sometime. Almost everything that he taught was what I learned in my undergraduate. But dare I say that? I lingered between the indecision to walk out or stay – the latter won and I stayed.

At the end of three hours at 8:30 p.m., I walked out fast and took the shortcut to get to the platform to catch the tram. I know the routes in between the engineering buildings. Then I saw this guy walk alongside me, heading to the same direction. It was odd not to talk because we knew that we had just come out from the same class. So we talked and we introduced again. He seemed to know another shortcut to get to the tram platform but found that all the doors in that building were closed and we were kind of trapped in the semi-lighted area behind the building. And as we stood a little puzzled not knowing which route to take, our hands brushed – very briefly and gently but we both became aware of this.

A love story similar to the one that we only read in novels or watch in movies began to unravel. The one hour tram journey took me home before I realized that I had traveled that long. It usually is so boring that I read every sign board and advertisement I see on the road. But today – only butterflies danced in my stomach and I was smiling all the time, marveled by how love could throw us out of balance. But this is how love is – unpredictable and spontaneous and I love it. Love took me out of the blue but I am glad it happened.

Author's note: inspired by a real incident

3 responses to “Love out of the Blue”

  1. kinga tashi says:

    If only you left your family back home, something might result out of this “chance encounter”. Alas! with your hubby watching your every move, I don't see much prospect…lol

  2. Luzee Lek Zeema says:

    Nothing is out of proportion as you warned, it's perfectly happening! 


  3. kuenza says:

    It is not? You must know that every small emotion that seems perfectly intertwined is actually fictional. This goes to you too sugoii. It is only an imagination. When you want to write a love story, it happens. I mean, if you want to write a story, you only have to spin one.