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Low out-put short term trainings

31 Jul 2013 Author lotusflower

Bhutan is a donor assisting country except for spending on current expenditures and a few capital expenditures which are met from the nationally generated revenues in the form of taxes, fees, fines and penalties from the people of Bhutan. On other hand, majority of the capital developments and a few current expenditures were assisted by the donor agencies in the form of grants and loans on subsidized interest-rate. And this grants & aids, loans on subsidized interest-rate were availed and received in the fortune and name of all the people of Bhutan.

Almost 40 to 50% of the grants/aids of every project are using for Human Capacity Development of civil servants in ex-country as capital investments either long-term or short-term. The expenditures required to be met for such ex-country short-term trainings are; 1) Airfare which the fund partially remained within country; 2) Tuition fees which goes directly to the Institutes where one gets trained; 3)Daily Subsistence Allowances (DSA) for who attend the training partially remained in country; and 4) Other incidental expenses associated therewith.

A year or before, full DSA was entertained for 30 days and now, full DSA for training availed only up to 15 days. Along with, enforced halt of 2 days with full DSA is entertaining. While the enforced halt for 2 days was felt by the people as it is mandatory and compulsory, the period of training gets adjusted up-to the number of days of full DSA being paid (15 days).

It is noticing that, most of the trainings availed were mostly by the same person with no rationality of trainings required; some availed similar trainings again and again after maintaining the gap of six months period which brought no difference in Knowledge and output; Some attends the training of for example certificate level after graduating the Diploma or Degree on same subject; some availed training just for the sake of working for that project, etc.

It is expected that by 2020, all the donors for Bhutan will be withdrawn; what would be the pace of development of our country, Bhutan thereafter-in time of our children-future?

In my opinion, it could be wise and intelligent to utilize the grants for better and positive development of the country in the form of infrastructures when the donor countries graciously think of one people, one world rather than wasting the grant-money unnecessarily on unproductive activities like wasteful trainings for our future children who are offshoots of our own flesh and blood.