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Meat consumption

28 Dec 2007 Author dumbo

We humans are so selfish, greedy and unkind. We are proud and claim to be able to think but in real sense, we are more than devils.  You know why? We humans fear to die. How much sick we are, how old we are, whether we have a chronic disease or not, whether we are carrying HIV/AIDS virus or not, we do not want to die but want to live and let only live. I heard that some people even say that scientists are very great, intelligent and helpful. They have discovered everything to building work stations in the moon but why can't they make human live for ever?

What an irony? Humans can think of all these for themselves but what about the poor animals who cannot think, who cannot talk, who cannot argue? Animals- who are very healthy, strong and clean looking are killed for human comsumption. When on the one side, we fear of dying, why should those healthy animals die when they are not old, not sick, have not done any harm to you? Where are we applying our thoughts? It is all because we humans want to eat animals. How about making a new year resolution that you will give up eating meat gradually (I said gradually). First you eat only meat of animals that are not killed (those who died from a fall).

Then gradually, give up totally.