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Missing you a lot

18 Aug 2012 Author dodrup

Everlasting promises, to be always together until depart,
For making memories beautiful, never walking apart.
Days with you, the shortest and adorably passed far,
The nights, warmest and soothing, when you are near,
With reason in million of you, I am missing you a lot.

Beautifully your hair are arranged, with scent odor of blue,
Yours finger slipping through it as soft as the feathers do.
Colored red on the nails, holding its golden diamond doted ring,
It waves and dance, tuned to the melodies of the speech you sing,
With such qualities on you, I am missing you a lot.

Kind in heart, soft in words, you were the queen to the eye’s of all,
With blessing and fate, I hold you as my own, proudly and loudly I can call.
Holding the pride, every new day opened on me let to happy dawn,
To walk along with, you holding my arm tightly, I walked like swan.
With those memories now, I am missing you a lot.

Shared feeling of both for tear and laughter we gathered as one,
To cry the happiness of luck, for sadness of silly mistakes done.
You were the queen in cheering my success and a mother to sooth me in pain,
Never to let me be alone under sun or rain, then I loved you as your gain.
With best motive inside you, I am missing you a lot.

Being separated to walk on own carpet toward success and stand strong,
My prayer includes your name day and night, and god won’t do us any wrong.
Though away from my touch love, you are closer in my heart, mind and dream,
Lets pray now, to meet in future, to once again say “I Love You” with scream.
My dear, I am missing you a lot.

5 responses to “Missing you a lot”

  1. Lilsta says:

    Nicely written ….beautifully expressed… hope the one who needs to be heard .. hears it… ^_^

  2. Danny C says:

    Hopes so……….

  3. Lilsta says:

    ^_^ Just be positive ……

  4. Kezang Dawa says:

    Promise is meant to be broken apart….

  5. Lilsta says:

    Promise is never meant to be broken apart… its made to build up the relationship stronger……