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Mr. Jambay’s Story

30 Dec 2007 Author Tenday

This happened to Mr. Jambay while he was doing some shopping in our neighboring town Jaigon. 

It was during one of the winter breaks (to be little precise, I think it was in the year 2001) and Mr. Jambay went to do some shopping in Jaigon. Suddenly, a man came running to him and said, “You are my sister’s husband, Hem Gurung. Where have you been? I have been looking for you. You have to come quickly with me. If not, my sister will die.” He began to drag Jambay. Jambay tried hard to make the man understand that he was mistaking him. He persuaded that he was not the person that man was looking for. He said his name is not Hem but Jambay from Trashigang, Bhutan. The man did not believe him. In fact, he accused Jambay saying he was trying to fool him and planning to run away from his sister. Despite his hard resistance, the man and his friends dragged Jambay to a nearby place and took him to a house. There, they tied him with robe and left him in the corner of an empty room. Jambay tried with all his efforts to untie the robe but he was not successful.
By then, the night fell and it was completely dark outside. He could only hear some murmuring sound and periodic praying by Muslim people. He stood in a corner of the room for few hours reckoning what to do next.  Suddenly, he remembered a story of a frog trying to jump out of a deep well. He kept on trying to untie the rope and alas! he could break himself free. He slowly opened a window and jumped out of it. Bang! He fell on the hard ground.  He opened his eyes and he found himself on the floor of his bed room. Actually, he fell from his bed and that incident happened in his dream!!!
Courtesy: Mr. Jambay, presently working in MoA.