Make Someone's Day!


14 Nov 2012 Author Kezwaa

None could stop her
Time just went in tarring hurry
Pouring some sadness in my heart
When to recover those broken pain
Coldness is only from winter
Nor the summer can’t be?
Since winter wind cool away my bliss.
That I have sent to her;
I know you are there before the sun set
But never to be found in the day light
Knowing what was coming
I took a run up to find thou
Put my head down
And hurtled sweep away
The last few days when hurt me
Like some athlete trapped,
Trying to sidestep grief of lone
Beside my heart that save my shone
And yet here I am again
Waiting for you to come
after four busy days
Waiting was just abandoned
and nights of minimal sleep
writing another poem of loss
The pain of longing.
The tears still came
From core heart of my lonely man
and the dreams of course
Never let me sleep in peace
Can’t resist the pain of a lonely day
Come and wipe my tear
That I have wept for you night and day.
Come back to me to share my love.

Kezang Dawa