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30 Dec 2009 Author songsaegnim

As usual every December 30th and 31St I sit down with a new diary and frame my New Year resolutions, I never get tired of writing that, for writing is simple but following it is what doesn't run in my system.

Today when I turned my diary to the first page where I have my last year's New Year resolutions written in bold letters, I found that some resolutions were sensible and some weren't. If I quote some examples, my first New Year resolution was to stop eating doma. I consider this completely sensible for I had been chewing doma since class four. I don't remember how I started it but all I remember is how everyone was against it. So on December 31st I decided that I will stop eating it and today I am proud that I was able to stop it. The happiest person was my dad, for he was dead against it.

Well my next resolution was to be more vocal (with regard to my feelings and ideas).well I don't know why I wrote this, maybe I was drunk when I wrote this resolution, he, he. Being honest with my feelings is what I am poor in. I don't have the guts to disagree with someone even when they are wrong or to express my feelings. I just build up all my courage to say something but land up saying something completely different. Well I guess I need to work a lot on it.

My next resolution was to be more practical about life and be prepared to face the worst. I was as prepared as a warrior in the beginning but as the year dragged I was slowly running out of patience and was getting easily irritated and unhappy. I was expecting more from life and was dreaming a lot. I was losing direction and was being impractical.

My last resolution was to be happy no matter what (I should have pulled a gun at my temple when I wrote this).I know happiness is an occasional episode in a man's life; no one can be happy forever and I wasn't happy every day. I had my share of happiness and sorrow.

Today my journey continues from a new station and I take forward only the good memories to be cherished forever and decide to delete the unpleasant ones. I decide not to make the same mistakes which I made last year.

As I frame my new year resolution this year the first thing is I will stop eating pan masala, I will be more vocal (when it comes to expressing my feelings and ideas), to gossip less (a woman and gossip can be synonymous, can't exist without the other but I will try) and the last one is to get married ha, ha, well it's my mother who wants to see me married. I was able to please my father last year so I think it's my mother's turn this year.  

I hope I will be successful in upholding my resolutions and even if I can't, I have the next year to write another batch of resolutions, he, he.



  1. karma palden says:
  2. Bella says:

    all the best songsaegnim ……and wish that the New Year bring you all the good fortune and luck….

  3. no name says:

    My best wishes

  4. rinchen choden says:

    wai,nice one mai. hop ur moms drm coms true dis year. i m also eagrly waiting 4 dat. hapi new year!

  5. Dolker Nidup says:

    Thank you blueguns,bella,amigos and rezel for your wishes.Happy New Year to you all and may all your dreams come true.

  6. pema dee says:

    hey songsaegnim…ur resolution was rather very cute ones…i should say…hehe….first of all…happy new year and best of luck to work on ur new year resolutions…….

  7. Dolker Nidup says:

    Thank you brighterlady, happy new year to you too!!