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My Prince Charming…

13 Aug 2012 Author fragileheart

My childhood was like that of any other girl’s my age; playing dolls and living in fairy tales. I used to read a lot and my favorite was always Mills and Boon especially when I was a teenager. I used to imagine how my Prince charming would be. He used to be a mix of all the princes/heroes I had read about in the fairy tales and Mills and Boon. Tall, dark, handsome with all the good qualities anyone can have. He would not drink or smoke (this one since i don’t like people who drink or smoke). He would love me and would do anything for me. He would be a good human being. He would come riding on a horse and take me away with him. He would be romantic and take me for candlelight dinners, long drive, shower me with gifts etc etc.

But reality was far from true. There is neither such thing as Prince charming nor anyone with all those qualities. In reality if we love that person then we have to accept his bad habits also as no one is perfect. Maturity taught me that you cannot have anything you want in life but you can want what you get in life and true happiness lies in accepting the fact. Love makes you ignore the flaws about that person and see the good in that person. This is reality and the earlier we accept it, the better it is for us.

Though I did not get the Prince charming of my dreams, i can say that my prince charming is my husband with whom i may argue about everyday issues but at the end of the day, we make up with each other and cannot live without each other.


2 responses to “My Prince Charming…”

  1. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    hey..your article was very captivating, indeed good reminder to all lovers. i like it

  2. kelly says:

    Thanks a lot friend.