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My vote for 2013 elections

13 Nov 2012 Author lotusflower

Although I am apolitical by my nature of job, however, as a concerned and responsible citizen of Bhutan, I would vote for those parties with manifestos of looking into welfare of urban people, mainly focusing on some of the following areas.

House rent: Those parties who could regulate and maintain the house rent without favoring either landlords or tenants. Current scenario and game between two parties are, despites having rules of signing the agreement between two parties and the tenant acts elaborates more on the agreement, it is always taken advantages by the landlord on outweigh demand of house. In short, the landlords are taking advantages of imbalance supply and demand for house in Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Wangdue Phodrang, and few other places.

As the tenant have no voices over landlords, some of the landlords really played dirty games as they increase the rent at anytime at any proportions and if tenant argued, they simply use the word, if u does not feel like to stay, you can leave the house and there are many who want to occupy within an hour ater you left. And the tenant difficult to find the house, the tenants are voiceless and if happened to complain to the concerned authority, I don’t think any solution will be provided in that hour/soon.

One very reason for the increase of rent by the landlords always surface is for the repayment of the loan for the house constructed. It is just my personal opinion that, the repayment of loan should not fall only on tenants and the landlords should also have other means to repay loans. It just felt like, once the loan being repaid, those tenants who occupied the spaces would be given the accommodation free of cost or at the very minimal rent.

Way forward: Whoever may be the forthcoming government may employ inspectors to look after whether the agreement has been signed or not between landlords and tenants and if not, impose penalty which is source of revenue to the Nation. Employment of inspectors enhances/create the job opportunities. The inspectors could also ask for the money receipt being issued to the tenants upon payment of rent and the money receipt being issued by the appropriate authority to curb the evasion of taxes. And if possible, the coming government should fixed a rate of house rent based on area of spaces occupied by the tenants of any category of houses keeping in mind that, from sweepers to prime minister working for the nation need to survive in town.

Proposals to shift at least two or more Ministry’s to other Dzongkhags from Thimphu: This would not only ease the over population in Thimphu. Over population in Thimphu brought so many problems: not able to provide the houses at reasonable rates, relatives of civil servants all gather in Thimphu, gang fights due to over population, so congested traffics-people or vehicles, theft cases, etc.

Way forward: The government needs to plan properly to shift few ministries to other places than Thimphu to solve so many problems. All the Ministries located in Thimphu causes uneven development of Nation and irregular opportunities to the citizens.

Opinion: I am not raising this issue as I am working in Thimphu but for the larger benefit of society as a nation. Today I am working in Thimphu, may be tomorrow I will be transferred to some remote/other places but those who remain or transfer to such costly towns will face and see same problems. Real opinion remains with big question marks; would the coming government could highlights on above two issues as majority of the elected government would be having house in Town?

My vote: If no parties has such an ideologies, it would be waste for me to vote as, “if I already have electricity and voting for the party who wants to provide electricity is a waste to me but it would be appropriate to vote by those people who does not have electricity. In my view, why to waste postal ballots or incur unnecessary expenditures by voting to wrong parties if those parties do not have ideologies suits for me; and not to affect those people who genuinely vote for the parties whose ideologies are in relevant to wants and needs of those people.”