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New elections, new NC/MP, new Lyonpos…increase the Rainbow of Kabneys

26 Mar 2013 Author bhutanrebirthdotcom

So, was wondering. The 25 NCs and 55 or so MPs now leaving, some lucky guy (cannot say talented or useful to their constituents) to be reelected. My point is now in the next election more new MPs and NCs and Lyonpos will be created. Naturally, the outgoing MPs, NCs and ex-Lyonpos will still retain their blue and orange kabneys, their vehicles with the MP Logo while the new ones will change their white kabneys for blue or orange ones.

Does that mean one day in the future, Bhutan (Thimphu mainly) will be littered with Blue and Orange kabneys and the vehicles with licence plate with the NA logo? Will the VIP section in any national event be so full of this rainbow of blue and orange kabneys?

Will our white kabney actually be lesser than the coloured ones? Not to forget every legal graduate also gets a green one with a patang.

Thimphu will truly be a colourful place then and name dropping will mean nothing as everyone will have a “big shot” amongst their ‘pinchas’.

What can be done?? Disallow the exes from using their kabneys? Just dropping their patang means hardly anything…

One response to “New elections, new NC/MP, new Lyonpos…increase the Rainbow of Kabneys”

  1. Bhutan Rebirth says:

    Nopkin, Nopkin, Nopkin…. you refused to post this when what I mentioned above was a mystery. Only later when it was ‘decided’ that MPs and NCs would have to surrender their rainbow kabneys upon resignation, it was only then that you posted this letter.

    As moderator/founder/managing director/ceo,Chairman of Perth DYT, my dear pal, you have to choose whether you want to begin censoring stuff to such a degree…. come on the post above wasn’t anything remotely controversial….

    just a mention…