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Nopkin: not Nopkin anymore!!!!

27 Nov 2012 Author TheDogService

It was the time when, like everybody else, I use to scribble kinds and read what ever blogged at the Nopkin. One get to enjoy the every moment of emotions penned down by different individuals. Some would have scribbled of emotional rages, some humming down the sweet songs of their beloved loves, some articulately sharing the anecdotes worth taken into one’s life and others, throwing in some light-hearted jokes. It has been always a moment to take a short breath at this site. Among all these, it was far more interesting to read people showering in what-not comments at every articles and with that, ideas and information proffered. One would always find a great moment at this site. Truly, day never use to end without reading an article from the bloggers.

After years, when I go through it today, I find sea changes in the look of the nopkin (thanks to Nopkin), it has come a long way and can see the growth of bloggers here. And, even more, its great to still find some of the ardent and oldest bloggers string-attached and, reading their articles reminds me times of the college days when, sometimes would miss the class as one would be busily engrossed browsing through their articles and scribbling comments. Notwithstanding, that would also encourage one to forcefully scribble a word or two making some kind of diarification (anecdotal journal of the day) to be read by someone who would pass by. Todays’s nopkin facilitates even more with varied options to zipped in more media sources which is a convenient one to make one’s blog more eye-catchy. And, also its good to see numbers of bloggers growing which indicate Bhutanese do have talented writers who are unfortunately or fortunately veiled due to different circumstances. Nopkin provides an arena for such to unveil and groom more bloggers.

May Nopkin grow bigger!

2 responses to “Nopkin: not Nopkin anymore!!!!”

  1. SleepingPig says:

    nopkin being one of the website where you can find all kind of bhutanese feeling, i think its getting all the attention of bhutanese…. so surely nopkin will grow…

  2. sangay tenzin says:

    We have all just survived 2012 Doomsday. Its now an entirely new world! So we will all look forward to grow, definitely.