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Not the Kitchen-Girl I am – A New Year Confession

31 Dec 2008 Author luzee

With everyone setting out to draw some resolutions, I lay wondering what mine should be. Maybe, I should learn cooking! Ha – that is not my jargon at all and I push away the very thought of trying to be one. Simultaneously, my mother’s screams of this morning’s incident still echo in my ear-drums…”Noosla mo (Going crazy?),” she shouted at my act of clamping the pots and pans!


This afternoon, I and my colleagues will have a pot-luck lunch to celebrate the New Year Eve. I offered to bring tea-momo. So, last evening, I and my sister set to work and we were so occupied with the dishes, little realizing that the aluminum pot was fuming to the melting point. Our parents concluded, “Any cook who burns the pots and pans are rated as bad cooks.”



Well, the fault isn’t mine entirely. As a kid, I was my father’s accountant in the small shop he ran. I helped him around which saved me from any kitchen chores. The first time I tried my hands on the gas was in class nine and it felt like some achievement, being able to light the gas-stove! Wasn’t that silly? I was asked to cook something which came out burnt and my sister stood like a commander commanding me to eat the whole lot. Did I abide? Oh yes, I did – but she lost her temper, may be out of sympathy and threw away the rest. That was the ‘start’.


From any angle, I am a bad cook. Someone said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and here I am zero in my caliber.  No wonder my boyfriend never asks me to cook at his place. The few times I tried, the dishes came out so bad and he threw this ultimatum, “You will not cook another time.” I accepted it gladly.


I will not cook another time! Sounds like a good acceptance. How fortunate I am that I have my parents now who cook anything I like and once I enter the matrimonial stage, I will hope my husband will do the task. But will that suffice?


I don’t know if my New Year Resolution should be that art – but I tell you, I am better off without the urge. May be I will not cook another time or may be I should try once in a while. What the heck – I am all-right.


So, what is my resolution then? To learn cooking? Will I?

5 responses to “Not the Kitchen-Girl I am – A New Year Confession”

  1. Loday Jamtsho says:

    no worries hit ma cellufone…wud come handy 😛

  2. You Me says:

    I am happy to find someone who does not know how to cook. Me too.. A very bad cook. I hardly cook at home. May be once in a pink moon.


    But one thing I read some where that if a woman does not know how to cook. It shows the mistake of heaven above because god gave every woman some ingredients to be in the kitchen like eggs and milk and if she does not know how to cook. Then it was a big mistake on his part for making that person as a woman… hhmmmmm…

  3. Loday Jamtsho says:

    Mr GOD realized his mistake and sent me to put the cooking skills to 'em(ladies like you and luzee)

  4. kuenza says:

    Hey man, say that you don't want to cook! I remember, you were a better cook than I was seven years back.

    You are just excusing yourself out from this task. Isn't the cat out of the bag now? I thought KP should know this.

  5. Karma J. Dreytuel says:

    hi Ausa Luzee, nan ga hubyy teebey neekab phena ko nan gi. keep on cooking or practicing u will become perfect one day, but be sure that perfect day should be before ur honey moon night. haha