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O My kindest mother

28 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

My kindest mother
Oh! Thou have been kind to me,
From the day you carried me inside thy belly.
You carried me for several months,
Tirelessly worked for me till my world was open
I have the kindest mother in the world.
You fed me with good food
When my world was inside thy womb,
You gave me all everything that I am now.
I have nothing to wish rather than to thank you,
Oh! My beloved mother.
Giving life of a human being is the hardest pain
I will repay the price that you have paid for me…
When I was a toddler you took me to school
My feet were bare as I stepped into
The long journey of education.
Then I promised that one day I shall be in a job
And shower you with my kindest heart,
For I know the pain that you born for me.
Thou were my kindest mother
When my father was no more,
Who had left us since I was toddler.
I grew up without a father and I was often shamed.
This shame will remain with me for long
Along with tears and pain…
But I don’t blame anyone. least thou my mother,
Because nothing is wrong in that really
As long as I am your loving son,
And I hope I am worth to be born as your son.
I am happy that I am already a man now under your love,
I shall serve you with all my love
And help mend your broken heart.

Kezang Dawa

2 responses to “O My kindest mother”

  1. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    certainly brother, your mother must be happy as you are… because you poem tells me everything about you being god son to your mom. was great poem. i like it. it actually reminded of my mom too..thanks brother for your lovely poem….keep on freeing the channel between your imagination and hands

  2. Kezang Dawa says:

    thank you for the comments…..