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31 Dec 2008 Author Tse

Why do the stars that charms the night look sicken’d tonight?
A new year lies ahead of her, just a few hours to go
And the darkness of yesterdays overshadow the rays of a new life
High in the air, she meant to rise
Somehow, down below an ocean of sorrows is all she got
Hopes have faded away, in this waste of existence
Not a friend to cry or laugh with, cold and alone
All she has is the roar of the wind, echoes repeat
Her eyes once upon a time glanc’d for him
Two hearts throbb’d together, embraces no longer met
He buried them all for her 
No more deep slumbers, no more songs to sing
A heart once broken keeps breaking again and again
He heart wither’d like the winter leaves
O’er the years, never once turned into a new leaf
As a willow tree o’er the river wept
She floated, like a swan in the river of life
Blue peaks in a distant land rose against the cold white sky
And as the wind hovers over her like a canopy of miseries
The darned world took away her soul!

One response to “OF A SAD ONE”

  1. 5457 says:

    He that you think has withered to oblivion is very well
    Standing and marauding a new life of his own elsewhere.
    So just he, must you put to the past, let bygones by bygones,
    And look ahead for you have a much better and more beautiful life
    Awaiting you than any could gift you. Unless you close the door shut
     And seal it for good, a new door is unlikely to open.
    Curse him not for he is just a human, but thank indeed that we can forgive.
    Everybody hurts sometimes!!!