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On her untimely Death

28 Oct 2012 Author cholden

Gone were the days of memories and regret. There are numerous days that I’ll count on my fingers to cast my mind back to joys and fun we had. All those abiding memories and hereupon your absence are imprinted on my mind. The tear that rolls down my cheek is sign and misery of your absence.  Such is the uncertainty and desolation of our life and it is now my endurance.

I remember the place where we first met. It was dusty and noisy yet surprising to see you through the haze of dust in the sun with cute smile on your chubby cheeks. And right away I followed you to your office and thank you for your syrupy cup of tea. I still feel ashamed to talk to you boldly and I can’t forget your simple complain for my quietness and reticent.

The petals that you touched are still beautiful and lively, the signs that you scribbled are still inscribed with no distortion, dews that were on the leaves are still fresh and sparkling in the rays of beautiful bulb behind the bench and the throne that you got pricked is still strong on the sturdy branch.

In the busy Zangdopelri compound of elderly circumambulating and chanting mani and youngster snapping the beautiful scene of fountain, at the side of compound, in the small canopy, I met you for the second time of your choice. Your angst on my touch on your back and cheeks and my tricks to check your temper was all my mischief for you. Sorry Tashi if you still mind for.

You wanted to kick my ass for keeping in touch with your friend Pema and you assumed us. And I still have the guilt of compromising our relation. And I know you implicit that I cheated you and the belief is still carrying with you for you might not find the right path. And I pray for to forget all those mischief of mine and may you go straight to heaven. Go to the eternal place where we met for the second time and wait for your friends who will be soon coming and the day isn’t certain but be patient my dear.

The pain of your disease and the pain of my sickness to hear your voice was all that struggled a lot. The greatest pain was when you were unable to answer my call and I couldn’t hear your final voice. May be you thought it was worth not hearing my voice but for me it was worth anything and I didn’t anticipated you to leave this wonderful earth so soon.

I didn’t believe your friend Pema when she said you are no more in this world. How can I and how’ll I react to such threatening and thundering news? The moment I end our conversation I was totally numb. It was the moment of utmost regret and pain, the regret of not letting you to know the truth of my silence and mischief. Seemed knowingly I concealed my feelings. Alone in the corner of my room I tried to endure the pain and tried to smile myself with our memories but you always disturb me by your sweet grin on your chubby cheeks.

We have seen hundreds of butter lamps being lit in the small chamber beside Zangdopelri. Today I am going to that chamber to light for you to clear thy darkness and lead a way to heavenly abode. I will climb on top of the mountain and hoist prayer flags to call you and inform you to wait for me in the heaven. I am coming soon and let’s reunite in the afterlife!

 Om Mani Padmee Hung hre 

2 responses to “On her untimely Death”

  1. Yetho says:

    nice one sangay Duba!! i rele adore the way u write…thumbs up!!