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Once upon a time

23 Oct 2012 Author settingsun

Looking backwards to the bygone times brings in a sense of nostalgia.. sweet, hilarious and a lot of murmurs. It all began, when a young IT professional by the nickname NOPKIN gave birth to a website fondly called the In a short time, nopkin, who loves to be called THE CEO had a line of followers…. the likes of Luzee, Kuenza, kewadaza, dankala, bella, arrogant buddha and so on. The CEO was as thin as a match stick and his followers even thinner. Time is magic. As the years rolled by, nopkin disappeared from the mountains and so did all the followers. I heard that there was a lot of fun then, everyone trying to outsmart and outwit the other. There was fun in organizing cleaning campaigns, going for picnics and spending a night out in the wilderness, sharing the same tent and smelling each others aroma. I wonder, whether such a time will ever revisit and bring back all the missing men and women of this wonderful web.

One response to “Once upon a time”

  1. Bella says:

    There used to be time when Nopkin (CEO) had all the time like the rest of us (his followers…kidding) bt now looks like everyone of us has become a bit busier and lost ourselves in the day today routine… :)
    But worry not…a time will come ( I am very definite) when all the old nopkins and nopkinmos will make a comeback and everything will be even better than what it used to be once upon a time … :)