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Online Cheating

09 Aug 2012 Author fragileheart

Cheating is nothing new to us since it has been happening for generations now. There are husbands cheating on wives, wives cheating on husbands, boyfriends cheating on girlfriends and girlfriends cheating on boyfriends. But with the latest technology it has become more easy for someone to cheat. Now they don’t really have to meet in person taking all kinds of risks of getting caught. They can just be at home but still can cheat easily. Nowadays people spend most of their time online chatting, video chatting, talking etc. with people around the world. Even if physical relationship is not there but there is emotional relation involved and which is more dangerous. Cheating is cheating whether offline or online, whether you meet or not is immaterial since you are sharing your deep intimate feelings to someone else other than your spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend. So once you have crossed your boundary, it would be termed as cheating only. When you are in love with someone truly then there is no reason to cheat on that person. If you expect someone to be faithful to you then first you have to be faithful to that person.

Beware of online cheating, friends.

Of dancing in the rain

08 Aug 2012 Author charms

The first drop of the rain which hits  my growing forehead…chilling me down the toe… i smile… i already like the dropping temperature in this place…

As much excited is my little sister… who loves dancing in the rain….

and like my writing is…  my dance.. something i should never speak of…

She pulls out her mobile … plays her favorite Korean track… all going above my head…

“lets start”..
She has been trying to teach me for sometime now…
As we do the dance… i am out there… sorting my thoughts….

This rain and my life… have been in some serious relationship ever since i first knew how good the rain is…and i love rain.

…. still remember,  red pillars which hold the great clock with dead hands in it, drenched…. i saw her… my first love…her songs.. her cheers.. her dance in the rain…her desire to taste it…..

… it rained when she was leaving all of us… and we cried…. and I begged her to come back…. she never did…

“One complete circle ata…”

….It rained when i knew my support was weak… for my biggest pillar was down… it rained when i learn i had to lead my own life….

…it rained when my love turned its side.. leaving …tearing .. breaking….

“aww ata!… you are stepping on my foot!”

….I was going to leave my angle for the first time… and it rained… it rained so hard many lose their live somewhere….

……It did rain when i learned that all i have till now was being under fire…i losing all i have in my life…

I love this rain…no, not because no one can see when i cry… but it have lot to remind myself about life… and a lot about myself…

“We are drenched, ata”

but my heart is not… it will never be….no, at least by this rain…..

“one more track?”, she asks…. i smile…. we smile….

Broken apart song

08 Aug 2012 Author Kezwaa

No matter how long you wait,
I can’t come to you to be by your side.
You’re only scarring me with more pain,
I’m telling you to leave me alone,
I’m not going to hurt myself any more.

Though all the memories are yearning for you;
the memory of love that dove me crazy,
I won’t come to cry, or get on my knees to plead…
Everything is broken because of unfaithful love.
These are wounds that would not heal
and I wouldn’t use the excuse called love any more.

Since everything has given me only pain,
I want to simply forget you;
I have grown up out of this love.
I am telling you to leave me alone
For I have no more tears to shed.

Kezang Dawa (Kezwaa)


08 Aug 2012 Author nopkin

A man was having a throat problem and could not speak properly, he could only whisper. It was Sunday and the hospital was closed. So he went to doctor’s house to ask for advice.

He knocked on the door, and the doctor’s wife opened it. Since he could not speak, he whispered to her, “Is doctor in?”

The wife pondered for a while and whispered back, “No… come in!”


08 Aug 2012 Author fragileheart

I feel that love is the strongest emotion of all and can make the people do the impossible. Anger is the second strongest emotion of human nature next to love. I say second since it also makes people do anything if not controlled in time. I too have gone through the emotion many times but it was never to an extreme as to harm someone or something. Now over the years i have learnt how to control it and avoid arguments as much as i can.

Anger is something which makes you say hurtful things to others in the heat of the moment and later on which you regret. It also makes you violent so as to destroy things infront of you. How much angry i am i have never thrown anything breaking things in sight nor hurled it at anyone. If the other person is angry at you or is someone who cannot control his/her anger then, we should keep cool and not say anything at all. This would make them cool down after sometime and once that person is back to normal self then you can explain your stand. I have seen that if both the persons are of same nature who cannot control his anger, then the argument turns out to be the worst.

I personally have experienced that when you are angry you don’t think rationally and say whatever comes to your head and the same thing if you think when you cool down, it seems nothing worth getting angry about. If you utilize your anger in a positive way, it gives you determination to do something or achieve something.

There is nothing that cannot be solved by talking things out in a proper manner explaining your views to each other. People usually start with argument, then start quarrelling and fighting hurting each other. I witnessed such scenarios and i was literally shivering when i saw them hurling things at others. I am not ashamed to say that i was scared out of my wits. I just wish that nobody has to bear all such things in life. My heart goes out for them especially the ones at the receiving end.

So lets control our anger and try not to hurt others as much as possible. We just have one life, so lets make this world a better place to live in. Let PEACE and HARMONY prevail on the earth.

Oh Stranger, Aren’t Thou Lovely?

03 Aug 2012 Author kuenza

There he comes again. I have seen him before. I am almost sure, I have. Wasn’t I sitting at the same seat? And didn’t he sit just in front of me then too? Just like he did now? I give just a quick glance his way and find myself not looking above his chin. From the corner of my eyes I can see that he is wearing sun-glasses and even if I were to look at him, I wouldn’t be able to see his eyes.

I can’t really say what it is that makes me want to look at him. I find myself fiddling my fingers, fumbling my bag. I try to keep my hands clasped together, so as to concentrate on myself. But what is wrong with me? I find myself looking out the tram window and then, before a second has passed, I find myself looking at him — of course without giving him any hint that I am attracted. He sits there…so close, his knees just inches away, his hands firmly clasped together, his eyes hovering above my head. I don’t know if I am imagining but I get a feeling that he is looking at me. He ought to. Attraction is always mutual. Now, isn’t that consoling? But I have found it true.

As he squeezes in to sit right in front of me, I feel this male aura, something like the fragrance of a perfume that stays long before the wearer is gone. Then different thoughts churn in my head and I start writing a love story, as I always do. I find myself saying, ‘this is lovely. It is not every day that you find a man attractive.’ A man has got to have an appeal and it is not always his looks. I am sure women got to have that too. And some men, like this stranger who is sitting right in front of me now has the appeal spreading around, like a forerunner of the man himself, sending messages, attracting people, making people want to have just one look at him. It is not quite always the way they dress too. But this man has a fashionable sense of dressing too. Last time too, I noticed the way he was dressed.

I agree that some men would exude their attractiveness through rough appearance such as ruffled hair, shabby, hanging pants and talking a little too loud and making people know that he is there. But often, it is the neatness of men that attracts women. You see a man like this one and you find yourself quickly stripping him to details. I notice how the sweater he is wearing is clinging to his chest, while the jeans tug so tightly fit on his thighs. What also makes such a man more attractive is his calmness, his bearing of total insulation from the rest of the people sitting around him…the way he does not walk with pomposity as if to announce that he is coming and people should notice him. This man has the quiet, sizzling appeal of a stream that would wake your senses if you were to dip just a tip of your toe.

Then I get to my stop and I get out. And because the two seats in the tram facing each other are so close, there is not enough space to take my feet out. My knee brushes against him lightly and I find no voice to say, ‘excuse me’. I find this ridiculous but I am still writing stories in my head and I have not yet come out to speak in the real world. However, I squeeze out, get out in the street and I walk around, bouncy, and hopping. If people must look at me, they must find me funny. But that is what happens to me. It is like I am in a trance. I am smiling to myself. I just can’t control. I feel like a three year old child who has learned to mimic an adult’s life without knowing the pain and sufferings they go through, totally carefree, only seeing the playfulness there is in life. If people will find me crazy, they will. I love this playfulness that I get to grasp and be a child again. And here I am, a child again. And I love this game.

Why did the plane crash?

03 Aug 2012 Author louise

Because the pilot was an orange!

Jot it down

02 Aug 2012 Author moody

I was afraid that the, jot it down, process nearly bankrupted me and my close friend at the canteen which is located in the vicinity of our college, otherwise two of us would be on foot to home, penniless. Money send via post from home were always inadequate for two of us, it would only last for a week or two to the farthest moment. When our purse got somewhat filled with the presence of notes, it was easy to squander into every directions, however, it was bit difficult to gather patience waiting for yet another sum from home.

Out of decided mind and flexible action, we started cultivating new habits; it’s what we call the jot it down process, in other words as simple as that, “taking credits.” The owner of the canteen was a boy of my age; I believe, he was strange at first look but he appeared really frank and possessed a friendly bondage as time passed by our sight. Every time we entered his canteen, he would greet us with a smile, a blissful smile that attracted a lot of customers, indeed. Two of us would make wide range of selection in the set of choices and would request him to prepare those edible stuffs. Even shared with friends who were of the same type like us and when we finish gobbling up, before passing the marks of the doorsteps, in the softest tone ever, I would timidly say, “Jot it down, Budiman……..bye for now!”

The habitual instinct continued as we visited him the maximum time, he didn’t bother, although the amount of credit was rising beyond the status of a student — on the other hand, we were least bothered; no matter how promising the amounts were at the end. Just had and had and had! By the end of the semester, despite clearing the dues for several times beforehand, it amounted to only 5000/-ngultrum. The money that we received from our home was too less to pay the debts. If we pay all the money that we had in our pocket, then it would be difficult on our way back to home; the little amount we had should sustain all the expenses of one day journey to home. What’s next?? I couldn’t trace any solutions. Unluckily or luckily, my buddy managed to borrow some money from one of our mates; we added on top of that from our own pockets and proudly cleared the credits. Credits cleared!

Today, One month had passed since I last cleared my debts, and also a month after leaving college. I wish I was there again to jot it down but; forlornly, everything has changed, it has undergone a certain metamorphosis which is lamentably inexpressible……Those flush of memories will be always there in my heart, imperishable yet cherishing.

Today I am at home, sulking at my own inability to solve a simple question like this, which I started practicing for the preliminary exam this year. I’m nil at it. The question goes like this….
74) Choose the number that is1/4 of half of 1/5 of 200?
a) 40
b) 20
c) 10
d) 5
Dealing with such question is obviously a difficult venture for me; after all, I majored in Dzongkha, not in mathematics or data interpretation — I fear, even if I hear somebody gossiping about mathematics. I stay far from those who are involved in the business of solving problems of mathematics. I am allergic to them. That’s how my life is being stretched on the line of absurdity — nil at mathematics, but really good in scoring the accounts of credit. It sounds hilarious, so I can’t stop laughing at myself…..ha….ha…ha

Rowdy Rathore

01 Aug 2012 Author rowdyrathore

Yes, I am Rowdy Rathore. Dhoom chaka chaka dhoom. Don’t mind huh!

I have not yet become Rowdy Rathore but I will be. How? Soon I will be confronting with my boss, a fat-head ugly looking fellow. It will be the end of my career and the beginning of his self-realization as a boss or as a person. His every grey hair that pops up from the scalp will ask him a question of its credibility of ageing for so many years in his life.

I will sit in front of him, in his big luxurious office, face to face, man to man, black hair versus grey hair. Before he asks me anything, I will open my mouth, in a dhoom chaka chaka style. If need be, with one of my legs over the other, a truly unBhutanese but in a Rathore way. I shall tell him that I am leaving his company because I see leech in him, yes, a leech, that not only sucks the blood of others but sucks his own.

I am by far an average looking person but all thanks to her, she agreed to become my girlfriend. And she is a very beautiful person, in terms of looks and only looks. Dhoom chaka chaka dhoom, don’t mind huh.

The old man forgets his age when he sees her. He thinks his position in the office can blind me and go for a fling with a girlfriend of his employee. Bastard! Even his pubic hair must have become grey at his age and yet he thinks he will get to lay so easily, just like that. If he had ever got to lay his hands on a woman, it must have been only outside Bhutan through a payment mode. At least the Bhutanese women can distinguish who is ugly and not.

I shall thank him for making me realize the possibility of having a terrible boss in this world. In the same note, he will hear from me that he is never a good boss to any person under him. “I am not instigating sir, but the word around is, for so long, you are just a bastard who thinks you are an indispensable to everyone when you are not. You are on the top because you are elder to me or us. You scold me and you get so angry. How foolish of you. Those people who easily break down to getting angry and shouting at the subordinates, to me, are the weakest people in the world. Chicken, I call it. Who can’t get angry? Anybody can do that but it is those who control it and make peace with innerself are the true exemplary people. You have taught me to go mad whenever things go wrong. I am not the boss but I know it is not the right way. I condemn your ways of dealing with people. You are a nerd carrying extra baggage of ego that may spill over even to your family members. They don’t deserve it, bloody fat-head.”

He will be angry for sure. But before he gets to open up his doma stained mouth, I will open up my Gho and slam the paper on his table. “Resignation letter, kindly consider it,” I will say and walk away from him.

Dhoom chaka chaka dhoom, Rowdy Rathore, don’t mind huh.

Use your existing username and password from old nopkin, no need to register again!

31 Jul 2012 Author nopkin


I have just imported all user data from the old site the new one! That means you can login to the new website using your username and password from the old website, no need to register again! Your profile info in the new website shows only the basic information though, like username and name and you would probably need to update the information like about you, date of birth, contact info, etc which you can do on the “settings” section.

Important thing, your password might have probably changed during the process of transferring the data. So in order to retrieve the password, click here: Password Reset Link, and enter wither your username, or the email that you used while registering to the old The new password reset link should be emailed to you immediately.

Next thing on my to-do list is of course import all the contents like articles, jokes and their comments. Yes I know the new, without all those contents that we all have contributed over the years, looks so hollow. I definitely share some of your feelings on how we have already started missing the old that we have become so familiar with. For one I have been feeling all khali-khali looking at the new without those wonderful articles and jokes. It is almost like my other half is gone missing so suddenly, no offence to my wife of course in saying this :-)

In the meantime, please login to the new using your same username and password, and update your profiles. As you can see, there are more things you can do on your profile, like add more than one pictures, etc., and of course please do post your articles.

Will keep you posted on the progress.

Welcome back to!

29 Jul 2012 Author nopkin

Hello everyone, welcome (again) to!

I am glad to say that, as a simple website, has survived this long by the grace of all your love, and has given us a platform to share our thoughts, laughter, fun, opinions, love and sometimes even anger. I humbly take the credit as the mere creator of this website but otherwise it’s you all who have kept the site alive all these years with your wonderful contributions in different forms.

But now you are all familiar with the greenish and not so aesthetically pleasant that has always been, with its other limitations like lack of adequate user-friendliness. I had always wanted to give it a facelift, but one way or the other I always proved myself time and again that I am really nopkin. But I am glad to have finally done it!

So what you are seeing now is the new face of! I know it is not a great design, but I have always believed in simplicity when it comes to website interfaces and that content is the king.

In the meantime, I will be bringing all the contents (articles, jokes, comments, user details) from the old website and put them here!

So, I welcome you all one again to the new and wish you happy reading and writing!

fare well

21 Jul 2012 Author pteden

This is the moment with joy and tears
its the time for you now to move from us
though its very tough for you to move from here
because your friends are here
yours  nearest and dearest will be left behind
when i think you will be gone
i wish i can turn back the clock
i wish i can change your portfolio
i wish i have the power to fulfil all your dreams
 i am happy to see you going with the good position
may all my prayers and wishes can ful fil your dreams
one day or other let me see you standing above all
when we are together i might have hurt you
if it is so plez do forgive me
fare well my friend with all my love and care


My vegetable…Your Market

21 Jul 2012 Author yeedeen

Vegetable market is one place where you clash with different kind of personality either with basket or bags in hand. It is a common place and definitely a common man is seen to get some vegetables back home. Well due to rainy season nothing is found so cheap. All vegetable prices has hit the 100 busk mark and this makes difficult for a low income people. Some buys at what ever the price is fixed and some settles after bargaining for few minutes. Market is one place if observed carefully you can experience humours, jokes and other true facts of farmer and layman’s life.

The beans cost around Nu.100/kg and a man reacted, “yalama…guess it is more expensive than a non veg, eat it as a meat 2-3 peace a day” lol…i couldn’t stop laughing myself from this. On the other side a man was shocked hearing the price of chilies but still he was buying with lots of complain, “i am buying it with my eyes closed” ha-ha…

It was pity some people were still roaming with empty basket and guess some couldn’t effort to buy. Poor, shopkeeper are also helpless and they have their own needs and wants to be fulfilled. This is reality and one have to deal with it…

Oh! you are here to buy vegetables?….confusing whether this phrase is a question or rectification… if you are in a vegetable market than for sure you are here to buy vegetables not shoes. But i guess this is a way of greeting here in Bhutan…

In the end everyone returns home with basket full of vegetables for we have no other choice but to buy and live happily filling your tummy’s order…

Dr. Kalam's Inspiration

20 Jul 2012 Author luzee

Waking up at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning is one of the last things in my to-do list during the school break. But when I crawled out of bed a little after seven on 14th July morning, there was my elder niece Lilly still struck to the laptop. “You stood through the night?” I asked matter-of-factly, and she nodded yes.

We had this text “Wings of Fire” by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India during our first year of Undergraduate. One of the most touching parts of his inspiring life from selling newspapers at the train station and collecting nuts to meet his school expense to becoming one of India's (world's) greatest scientists is the part where he stood through the night to work on a missile. Apparently, his supervisor wasn't happy about the work and asked him and his team to correct it by dawn. And Dr. Kalam stood through the night working on it, making it to perfection the next morning. (To this day, I haven't forgotten the inspiration I drew from this aspect of his dedication and it still continues to linger in my mind.)

So, my niece Lilly. She had joined the Documentary Film Making Workshop conducted by BCMD from 3rd – 14th July, 2012 during the summer break. A group of 14 students from various schools and institutes of Thimphu, Paro and Sherubtse were trained on documentary film making. At the end of the workshop, the teams were required to showcase their work and share their experiences.

Dropping and picking her from various points, I knew Lilly and her team mates were working hard, so must have been the other teams. Towards the last days, she was home by late evenings – interviewing people, looking for potential cast, editing and compiling.

Friday evening, I took the girls for a dinner out in lieu of their school break getting over and more for Lilly's schedule during the whole break. We were home a little before 9 p.m., that's when Lilly opened the laptop and realized that the entire documentary was blank! The next hour and half, we went frenzy trying to contact her team mates, attempting to retrieve and figuring out what-to-do. At best, we said, “Explain to the organizers tomorrow.”

No, that's not Lilly in the least. I know this girl pretty well, she is one person who won't rest until the best is done, and she means sincerity, dedication and hard-work. Fearing she might cry out too loud, I consoled that perhaps she could work on some part of it and make it presentable.

My throat choked as we watched the documentaries, especially when it came to Lilly's team. The other teams had also done splendid jobs, but pardon me for being personally biased, we felt Lilly's team's piece was the best. It talked about “Dignity of Labour – Educated Farmer” and had one of the prominent casts Mr. Sangay Khandu speaking at the forum. They had done a commendable job compiling the pros and cons of it, leaving the audience with the message that “Educated Farmer” is one profession of choice, and not of chance.

Soon after the show, I felt the need to share the story. I stood up and spoke about the effort I had seen in presenting this piece. My voice cracked with emotions and I was trembling more out of appreciation than fright. Then only could I understand why Lilly wanted the audience to see their work, despite the technology disaster and her team mates consoling the possible excuses.

And Dr. Kalam visited in my thought. Somewhere, someone keeps the fire of inspiration burning. 

unanswered thoughts

20 Jul 2012 Author yeedeen

Its been a long time i haven't logged into I dearly missed it but i am back again with my thought over few days back and the thoughts that still continuous like a stream that goes on and on and it is tough for me to stop it. 
here it goes>>>>>
i don't know what i am here for but i believe everyone is here for a reason or because of reason which still remains unanswered. I think one have to lead a life not just because you have to live it but it is your duty to live wisely and let live. The karmic action i.e. cause and effect, i believe should be ones noble principals that would guide your day to day actions. Cultivating good actions and generating compassion from within will not only let you live peacefully but also have a life without any regret. How?? Benefiting to the needy ones doesn't only mean with the material that you have but also the good thoughts, hence inculcating positive energy and environment….that indeed help our self. We are all dependent to one another and no one is independent as said by H.E. Sogyal Rimpochhe. i believe it is true, therefore benefiting others benefits you actually.” We have to be wisely selfish”sometime as quoted by His Eminence. 

One night at my place

19 Jul 2012 Author moody

The horrid bellows and harsh screaming aroused me from my sweet slumber. I checked the time; 1:39am, it showed precisely. I ignored those disturbances once again and tried to sleep with my eyes snugly closed. But the same undiminished hooligans never allowed me to sleep serenely, rather setting up the whole apartment of mine to that of warfare. “Who's messing up at this time?” I pondered – I was not only distracted for ruining my enjoyable sleeps but also left annoyed for not even respecting the momentary time, a handful of time that is only meant for a complete rest. “Everyone should be silent by now, taking rest in their respective dwelling.” I thought.

I furled the curtain of my window to see who actually those idiots were. To my surprise, I saw young boys and girls which altogether made up a group, lying at the parking beneath my apartment. They have gathered as if they lost their way. Unfortunately that parking space was left vacated that particular night, otherwise it's always crammed full of expensive vehicles –Just four girls and rest all boys. I could assure from their notorious behavior that, all of them were zapped.

“They might have gone to the party.” I assumed anxiously.

 They shouted on top of the world as if they have licensed every beautiful place to yell.

“What should I do?” I sighed, finding means to expel them.  

“May be, I should report it to the city police???” I thought out of frustration.

“No! No! Why to act so harsh for only provoking wee blunders?” Thoughts interrupted.

I glanced into my watch sluggishly. It is 2am now.

“I would have been merrily fixed into the world of dreams, if these guys didn't make it by this side.” I blamed myself for being unlucky this time.

I was astonished upon watching those guys, such a wild behavior they possessed. Kicking those innocent electric poles, girls were even more wayward. Just forget it!

 “What kind of parents do they have?” Jerks!

One of the boys wearing black color t-shirt, hair all painted red; he started playing his old guitar without any mellifluous tune. His friends started singing, following that bitter tune. Everything was horrible. “Just, cut the crap.” My voice nearly got audible outside.

Only few hours were left for the dawn to outbreak. My sleeps are not complete or I will have to suffer from drowsiness all day, if they still remain the same.

After a while everyone disappeared. Noise crackers are no more to be seen. They ran into every direction to save themselves. The surrounding regained its tranquility. “Thank god!” I muttered out of relief. I didn't call the police nor justified a way to drive them. I simply watched them shout. I guess, someone read my heart. She thought it necessary to lend me a help. So, she did it. Who could she be???  

Amused, I stood.She is none other than the mother's nature. After all, it was the heavy downpour that chased them away. It indeed was a blessing in disguise for me. I peacefully went on to my bed thereafter.


The Busiest Lady

16 Jul 2012 Author Faded

An illiterate lady in an informal gathering in a chit-chat continued ” I don't know how busy my daughter is. She is even busy during weekends infront of what people call 'compotarr', flipping photos of various people and I frequently hear 'klung …klung' sound.She does not have time for meals. So, I prepare the meals and serve her. I wish she quit that job and find new one so that I can spend some time with her”.

The reality is that her daughter is facebook freak!!!

I am NOT here to Flirt Anymore…

09 Jul 2012 Author luzee

I was so vigilant driving through the busy Saturday traffic at the vegetable market when a young charming man crossed the road just before me. I gave an involuntary glance and almost immediately, I was smudged with a silly chuckle. For one, I am so done with the thought of flirting or even an attempt to do that. So much a metamorphosis I have come through in the last few years.

Yes, owing to my bubbly nature I was often judged to be liberal and easy going. Like a colleague who asked me out for a ride, but with an intention that I couldn’t have guessed. He was so taken aback when I held firm to my morals that he concluded, “I thought you were liberal and now you tell me how conservative you are.” (No worries, I don’t hold hard feelings that easily, so we are still colleagues and friends.)

So, everyone expected I will settle for a guy with a bandana tied around his fancy hair, perhaps another one around his right thigh, pierced ear lobes, wacky silver chains with “cross signs and skulls” hung around his neck and studs embedded on every soft tissue of his body. Instead, I settled for a guy who is shy to hold my hands in the public, who takes a step back to say hi before extending his hand to greet, who refuses to give a peck at the airport, for a man who stays home glued to the TV with a prayer wheel swinging for hours.

No, I am not surprised myself. I dated a nice ‘modern’ looking boy in my High School (I bumped into him the other day at the hospital and my first reaction was, “Oh, I am both excited and shocked to meet you.” I could see his blood rushing up!) .Even then, I knew we wouldn’t make it through because I felt myself “too simple” for him. For some reasons, I was allergic to guys/ men with some aura of modernity around them.

So, back to the charming young hunk at the vegetable market. I am sure every passing lady must have wished he stayed a little longer in their eyes, but me – well, I was grossly reminding about my naïve Hubby who left the same day for a short trip. I was rather wishing he were near me at that moment of time, his presence is always a given blessing.

If I had ever attempted to stray from his love, today I am paying with his frequent absences. And I hate the feeling of being lonely. Except for his ritual “I love you”(s) once when he opens his eyes in the morning and once before he drifts off to sleep, he is not someone who is open about emotions and feelings. But he shows it in his own manly ways. Like the last time he spent a fortune on purchases exclusively for me, with the licensed concern “You never treat yourself lavishly.” I have to think of all these when he is away and it only makes the matter worse.

Especially, when I see captivating men around and have to miss the “simple man” in my life who has totally captivated my heart and life.

(Written in good faith for the Hubby you are.)



History that I'll remember – I

08 Jul 2012 Author cholden
The land of thunder Dragon, Bhutan is best described and known as a land of happiness where development strategy is driven with Gross National Happiness (GNH). The story that I am going to narrate is when I was too young and when the philosophy of GNH was not into action.
I was not definite when it first begun but I clearly remember when it ended. It was misery for the already admitted monks and to the locality as a whole. When I knew already big building for monks were constructed and used as an accommodation in Yarphu Shaedra. A new building which was twenty to thirty meter was under construction at Shugung Shaedra. With full support and hard work of the villagers it was successfully accomplished and ready for to use as an accommodation for monks.
I enjoyed the well preparation and honor for the first time in my life for the Rinpochhe, Chabjay Drodrup Rinpochhe who is currently as Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. As a kid it's bother less for me to know about religion and politics but I was there with my parents to receive blessings form the Rinpochhe. The celebration for the visit and blessing was immense and all the people were so incalculably happy. From then children were started to admit in the Shaedra.
It was in 1993 or 1994 when I was in class two. I can't clearly state here the reasons why and how it happened? But it happened! It may be because our main state religion is Drukpa Kajue. We consider it as our main Buddhist religion in our country which has loads of historic significance and validity to live it as our religion specifically.
Dodrup Rinpochhe is an Ngyingma master. When every masters/Rinpochhe in religious discourse admit-it doesn't subject what religion you follow but the master of our body-mind matters irrespective of Ngingma, Kajue, Tersar you follow etc…  But why this big discrimination happened? May be it was national issue but I am still waiting for the right answer for otherwise in their wish of irrespective religion. Yes the history told me the civil war in the country was mainly due to different religions and due to the fact of every masters wish to flourish their own religion in the region.
Let me come back to my story! It was one fine afternoon when I saw a bald man with three policemen. From my grandmother I knew that he was Dzongrab. I didn't know the reason for his sudden visit! We need to prepare a lot for officials' visit otherwise. After an hour I saw few monks loitering around Yarphu primary School with their robe tight on thigh nonsensically. And I saw few police walking to and fro in front the monastery. Still the reason wasn't clear for me as a little kid who doesn't know how to dress properly.
Both Sheadras were closed forever. Days passed with all monks were left in respective home as farmer. The new building that was build was in vain. All most everything seemed was blank for them and villagers too. They could not go against the will of government but left only option to follow their great master to Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. All most all of them went there to pursue and fulfill their dreams to cram religion in life.

From then what followed beyond my village and school were not known until yet except that the Rinpochhe went permanently to Sikkim.
From then Lhakhangs were taken care by the locality with directive from the government but not the buildings that was built for the monks. It was so sad to see the building collapsing bit by bit. And elders used to shed tears looking at the collapsing and uncared building. The very atypical observation was the building collapsed bit by bit only on the auspicious occasions. It was a wonder for the entire locality. It is the power of religion, still they use to say and it is I believe.
From then Bhutanese followed Rinpochhe and every year thousands of Bhutanese visit Gangtey Goenpa.
Still the stigma of forbidden and derelict building is in the mind of old people in the village of Yarphu and Pangthang.

What I learned from my stint in the print media

07 Jul 2012 Author peks

Journalists do not write politics, they play politics
Editors do not edit stories, they put in their opinions
CEOs of media companies and newspapers multitask between management of the office and keeping their own juicy stories in check
Bhutanese media is known to make people notorious, not professional
Stories in the newsroom can make more headlines than those on paper….
Seriously in my four years' stint in the media I have learnt how to be a hypocrite
And I speak from experience, but then I am being honest.
You also have your moments of fame…your two seconds' of short-lived notoriety
And then you are forgotten….
The media gave me a name but I lost my identity
I am on the way to rediscovering it…..just a little shift actually, from print to visual media
And the tag of “blah blah….director” which I don't care for much
I only hope I will learn and grow…….for the better and wiser.
Bitter? No. Wiser? Yes. Realistic? Yes.
Let's see….one step at a time!