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An Ode to the Great Fortress

05 Jul 2012 Author phuntshok88

An Ode to the Great Fortress
This ode is dedicated to His Majesty the King and  the volunteers who rescued the invaluable relics from the Wangdiphodrang  Dzong when it was ablaze on 24-25th June 2012. 
For eon thy haveth rested on the giant Mammuthus’s  ridge
Cometh of divinity, spirituality and fidelity
Thou art not an everyday  edifice  but borne of providence divine
Dear Father has fulfilled the Dark deity’s guidance.
In to the sky thou proudly rose; flapping wings down the riverine 
Dear Father souvenired  thee to the Drukpas 
In rainbow-colored grandeur and silken ribbon wave
Mystical creation thou art, souled  from the north far.
For yore thy have reigned the valley of supremacy
Saddled on a thorny knoll , brim with life and pride 
Defending the adversary of wrongs and sins, upholding truth and faith
Thine casket filled with golden harvest, rich and glorious.
Thine yard murmurs the medieval soldiers; of glory and  triumph
Thy shrine echoes of the voices, bells and  drums
The monks whispers peaceful prayer from balconies so high
Enduring the burly wind , eying the glacial  water ebb and flow 
Yester, thy stood so blissful, adorable and  clear
Beauty at zenith, shaming beauties afar 
The folks of Sha held head high, let’em sing in rhyme
The Citizens of the Drukyul  rejoiced the pride 
Thy the symbol of unity, the emblem of glory
Confluence of the supremacy 
Banner of native ingenuity 
Of the youthful nation in assembly
But thou art mortal, subject to nature’s own circumstance
Of  uncertainty and impermanence
Alas! the unkind ablaze hastily consumed 
Through the dusk and dawn, Asif  by the will of mighty enlightened
 Feeble were we, as thy soared on the grey wings 
Pray! It be a dream or  dreadful illusion!
In hurry we tread and  trample, tears down
High, low and breed of people head low once that was high 
We wept thine departure, the souvenir is lost forever
We yearned to embrace tight in thine bosom
 The soul of the north, divine let it go never
The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of embers
The dead shall  reincarnate, reborn anew
O’ thy providence one, give us the vim
Furnish us the muscle to endure thine ruin
White walls shall erect, glory be restored and merry be us
———-©Tshering Phuntsho——–
Thimphu, 27th June 2012

Have Great Weekend

01 Jul 2012 Author drupka

This is my first article on this site. So let me wish you all have the great weekend. I start writing because i am inspired by the articles written on this site and thought if i can too express my feeling and start writing. 

five plus five is eleven….

30 Jun 2012 Author midwaypenlop

Once a father of a PP boy was coaching him in Maths .Father wanted the boy to say the answer without using his fingers.Father asked him what is 2+2=……..The boy used his fingers to add and said 4.

Apa told the boy not to use his fingers so asked the boy  to keep his hands at back. Father asked what is 4+4=……….The boy can again managed to use his fingers to add and said 8.

Father knew it, he asked the boy to put his hands in his paint pockets in front and again asked …5+5=………

The boy again used his fingers in the paint pocket to count and ……..answered  11.

Thimphu to Gelephu

29 Jun 2012 Author cholden

The purpose was not defined! Yet it started from Thimphu bus terminal till Gelephu bus terminal. Everything was fresh and fine early in the morning. The crowd was busy and rushing. All buses were getting ready to move to their destiny. When it was 7:00 am in my mobile driver calmingly pressed the accelerator hard signaling we are ready to move. Soon the wheels started rolling and my journey started from the capital city, Thimphu.

Majority of the passengers were Nepali, may be because our destiny is to the south. And sadly all were mothers of one or two – little cute baby in their arms holding tight and diligent fathers – face proved that they are sturdy. I was with my classmate friend Phuntsho Wangdi.

A Nepali grandfather sold Churkam (dried cheese) with his admired Dzongkha dialect mixed with humors and our journey was set worthwhile with Churkam in everyone's mouth. 

Soon with a sharp horn near Lungtenphu army camp we reached Semtokha. From there it was up – to the chilly serene scene of Dochula. A lady passenger requested driver to play music. She was rejected till Dochula.  Everything was beautiful and quit. The rising seat and tip of Chorten (stupa) and monastery were overwhelming. The awesomeness soon disappeared to the tune of Sem gawi Ngyem (happy day of beautiful sun) of Jangchub Choden and Tshering Dorji.  We were heading down then.

Everyone was quit. The road was snaky through the dense huge grand trees with long and beautiful mosses decorating them. The wind was chilly. And I was fallen asleep. The music was so sharp and it was Nepali song when I was awakened at Thinleygang.

A lady was beside road with cucumbers and maize corn. Driver stopped to ask the price of cucumber while I bought maize corn and enjoyed its allure between my teeth till Wangdue.

Muddy and noisy was the Wangdue town. There were trucks moving one after another. Seemed the town is kept busy by the ongoing Punatshachu Hydropower Project. Splashing muddy water to the roadside few cameras flashed to the burned Dzong (fortress).  All the conversations were sympathetic. The sympathy of helpless headless Dzong, the unavailability of fund to rebuild and more emotional strikes with the continuing smoke from the Dzong were what they murmured each other.  Everyone felt sorry for the unfortunate misery.

A huge jerk and bumpy ride made our way along hydropower construction. Many were amazed to see big holes dug on the difficult rocky terrain. They were counting the holes on their fingers tip till the motel where we had lunch. With chicken curry and rice, Bhutan has developed was their conclusion with their counts of number of tunnels on their fingers.

With full tummy we continued our journey along the turbid river. The sight of huge machineries and grouted mountain continues till we cross the river through beautifully designed bridge.  The breeze of the dashing river was cool and fresh.

The song girl you are my angel frenzied the curves to Tsirang Dzongkhag.  Up through the green chirpine with dark trunk and fearing hills, negotiating all those curves, we were greeted profoundly – welcome to Tsirang Dzongkhang on flamboyant board with red background.

Through the sloping valleys and bungalows, little goat craving to stand for the green fresh bunch of grass, bulbul singing and dancing to the tune and rhythm of wind, sun shining to wedge its rays on my forehead we reached Damphu town. An angelic look with tika on their forehead, ostensibly smiling heart throbbing and greeting with Dzongkha in Nepali dialect I was overwhelmed for their courtesy and mannerism of Damphu shopkeeper.

Sloping down through thick and foggy weather, negotiating the bumpy road we were finally at the deserted Sarpang check post. I was taken back to Garage town at S/Jongkhar. I wasn't sure how far Gelephu is? My friend explicated me the names of the passing places. Vegetation starting from Tsirang valley till Sarpang check post is similar to my village.

Students' with ash colored dress, lean umbrella, shops with no guarantee of when to collapse, barbers tackling their scissors through the rough hair of Nepali looks men best decorated the so called Sarpang Bazaar.

Simple sharchokpa girl standing with sweet smile to travelers, Nepali Kanchi with goats and cows playing in a fresh dew rain drops, and future airport waving its ring colured blue and white strips made our journey gratifying to reach our destiny.

Road from Sarpang to Gelephu is least fortunate. Small streams defined their ways to make it bumpier and it was remarkable when we were tuned to the rhythm of Ata Youngba with every thrust.

Little not far from among the huge trees, the raising tip of the yellow building, few taxis, sharp turn to the round concreted blacktopped space, thrice hard sound of accelerator being pressed hard connoted finally we were to destiny.

The crowd was again busy. And I was finally on the sofa. Gelephu is hot like hell.  

The Wisdom in 'Free Education'

26 Jun 2012 Author luzee

Wisdom comes in many forms and from many people, one the wisdom of children that I am often baffled with. Growing up with my nieces and nephew, I have come to respect the innocent worlds in them, that is so pristine and pure. They speak from their hearts. Behold, we have so many lessons to learn from them!

Last night, I and my ten-year old niece Lucy were luring ourselves to sleep with our usual pillow-talks. She asked, “Alu, what does free education mean?”

In my attempt of being the ever Agony-Aunt, I gave her my version of 'free education'. I said, “Think of it – in Bhutan, our government gives us everything free – free schools, free teachers, free books and free classrooms. In any part of the world, everyone pays for his or her education from kindergarten to college. The money collected from the students is paid for the teachers and other class stationeries.”

I also added, “We Bhutanese are so spoon-fed that we don't struggle. Other country children work hard to realize the value of every penny they pay for their education.”

Without a second thought, Lucy responded, “Our Third King must have been a very sharp man that he thought so wise about his people.” And with a chuckle, she added, “Thank God, I am born in Bhutan!”

To get this comment from a sixth grader was heart moving. How right she is! If not for the visionaries like our Kings and leaders, half of our citizens wouldn't be receiving proper education. Think of it, how many of us can actually pay through our pockets? And we have so much to complain about the poor classroom environment, the (old torn) textbooks our children receive [for free], and the tireless teachers whose efforts are often questioned. We even complain about the least subsidiary amount the schools ask once in a while. Ain't we shameless?

While Lucy dozed off to sleep with that naughty innocent smile spread across her face, I looked at her [in the dark] and thanked her for the wisdom she instilled in me. Her comment caught me in a tinge of guilt – I myself have been a government's baby all through my student life right from pre-primary until my Master's.

When we were doing our undergraduate in India, our pride knew no bound drawing envy from our fellow Indian mates stating how we were paid to study – tuition fee, living expenses and also for the travel to and fro home. They asked if Bhutan is so rich. We said our government is rich in heart that the little economy it has, it spends on free education and free medical for all the citizens.

Lucy's comment made me reiterate all the realizations that we often try to bury. And like she said, “Thank God, I am born in Bhutan.” 

Red Color Obsession

25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7
The color, Red is one of woman's obsession. Especially me, I die for random red stuffs I see here and there and everywhere. When I say random, I mean the clothes,the bags, the coats and the beautiful Red heels. Everyone knows what Red stands for. Probably, all of you are starting to think about it. Here are some of RED things I know and I remember.

Red is Blood.
Red is religious. 
Red is a hospital sign.
Red is a Smoke Free Zone.

Don't you see, Red color is widely known and on adding into, it is a good sign. So, I proudly want to confess that I have been pretty much obsessed with Red colors since my high school days and till now. I don't know what made me go for Red: Red colour hairband, Red color slipper, Red color bag, Red color book cover, Red colour pen and Red colour purse. I always had a special bond with it.

Speaking of RED, I think I want to have money in red too. Then I will not spent on things I don't like because I would prefer my Red money to keep safely with me than buying yet another. It is quite an idea!

Red is a color.
Red is famous.
Red is love.

Nothing can stop me from buying reddy red things. I just discovered a new adjective for red, “Reddy Red”. It is amazing how red can falsely improve my vocabulary and share with you guys.SMILE! It works.

Lastly and more importantly,
Red is super bright.
Red is sexy.
Red is elegant.
Red is attractive.

No matter how much I like seeing female movie stars wearing Red lipstick, I hate it wearing on myself, probably because I have thick lips. Oooops but true. I hate Red colour at this point. I can't believe Red color is intensely and effectively strong to change my love for red to hating red. Oh, I love Red. I just love it. RED IS possessive. 

Self-thought Interesting Facts

25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7

There are moments that you experience daily and you value so little that you don't share with your friends. Here are some interesting facts that define us in every moment of our life.

Getting irritated when a person takes time to respond Hi when s/he is still appearing online and you click offline to him/her.

You walk bypass a girl or a boy and you don't miss looking at their butt.

You shy away and change your expression when a bus crosses you for few seconds.

You feel like a nerd when you hold bunch of books in the front and it feels awesome all the way.

You are caught up smiling at yourself and you are back to what-the-heck-don't-look-at-me expression.
We can't stop looking at the glasses of Vehicles and glass doors and make over yourself and feel beautiful again.

When you are walking alone. you become double conscious about your walking style and no body is actually watching at you. Funny!

You stare at a couple dating or kissing and say to yourself, “What the hell are they doing in the middle of the crowd? 'Animals!'. 

You laugh seeing your grand parents fall asleep in the middle of watching television and you have no words to say to them than continue staring at them
You are stupidly annoyed with the socket and the wires when you get an electric shock suddenly.

Your heart skips a beat when you see a thin, long and curled structure figure in middle of the road because you assume, it is a snake and panic for a second and realise it is a dried twig or an old rubber.

Most of us go back to sleep with a hope to continue the dream and when it doesn't, we are disappointed the next time we wake up.

 All of these little stupid incidents has now become part of us leaving a best impression of the funniest person alive living inside us.



25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7

I saw you from the Distance
I saw you smiling at me
I figured you came to meet me
Like you would come everyday
I said, 'How are you?”
You replied, “I will be good when I hear you first.”
As girly as I was,
I hid behind the walls
Lowered my head against the wall
Closed my eyes and waited for you to go
But you waited like an armed soldier
To come out of the Den
And say, 'I love you too'
My heartbeat increased to the highest
I knew, it was a big step
A promise to trust, and a commitment to make,
I said, “I need another day”
You calmed me down
You hugged me and responded, “OK”
I thought, You are a gentleman
As I loosened myself from your arms
I can see in your eyes
The Vision of us
I am not waiting 
For the moment to come
Let it happen today
Because it is going to happen anyways…
Our Brand New Life!

Gone with the rage of fire

25 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

The Third Dzong of Bhutan,Wangdiphodrang
Above the confluence of Dangchu and PunaTshangchu
On the ridge of sleeping elephant
Was a Magnificent architectural splendor
Conceived and bequeathed four centuries back

By divine father of United Bhutan

Lam Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal

As per revelation of Yeshi Gonpo

The guardian deity of Bhutan

For consolidating the central power

So was the fate destined for future generation

The unification happened and dream fulfilled

It served the seat of most powerful Dzongpoens

Became associated with many historical anecdote

Of historical personality during political instability

Was symbol of immortality and identity till date

More than being central of tourist attraction

I grew up learning and yearning to view it

Once and last did I chance a visit in last winter

To reminisce, it was like Alice in wonderland

The beauty touched my heart

And I know nowhere else in world

Would give me pleasure I had from it

Numb did I feel to hear about the tragedy

That it had gone with the rage of fire

We have lost the priceless gift that

Blessed Drukyul for times immemorial

Time and disaster has tested our faith

Awakening our sense to be precautious

Lest we lose connection to our past

As tragedy calls nation to mourn

Let's unite to rethink of its restoration

And pray that misfortune never happens.


Story of Odd Friends

22 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

Dema and Choden were odd pair of friends
Their friendship blossomed from schooling days
They did come from a contrast background
All they had was their own share of stories to tell
Dema came from a well to do family

But was a victim of parental divorce

This made her emotional many a times

thus making her mentally very matured at tender age

Physically she was but a tiny being

Very ambitious and gifted with strong determination

Choden the other part of the odd pair

Came from a humble family

Being brought up by widowed mother

She was deprived of fatherly love

Thus she strived ever since young

Under the situation of hardship

She became more sensible, responsible and loyal.

The twosome made a perfect odd friend

They grew up together, went to the same school

From elementary to the high school

They had the first time boarding experience

Where they were exposed to wide array of friends

All they preferred was to stick themselves

For they were the classmate, seatmate and bedmate

They didn't gain a single new friend joining them

Just as the beautiful rose bears the thorn

So was their friendship at times

We would notice them being mute

Yet moving,sitting,dinning and sleeping together

Choden relied on her intelligence

While Dema relied on her hard work

Initially Choden excelled in her studies

But situation changed as they went to higher classes

Being determined and focused on her goal

Dema worked consistently leaving Choden far behind

The twosome then drifted oceans apart

As Dema left for the studies abroad

Choden tried to keep in touch with her friend

But to no avail, the bond of friendship weakened

And so she lost the faith in friendship

Choden did get into humble profession

Today twosome are both independent

Yet they don't have time to mingle

Leave aside the possibility of saying 'Hi'

Gone are the golden periods of their time

And strange has they become

Their friendship remain as odd as it began

Perhaps prejudice overshadowed the loyalty

Or time tested their friendship

Or it was destiny that paved their way

Whatsoever oddness it turns out

Today Choden cherish over the friendship

That lost its charm being loyal and positive

That it made her happy even for a while.

Wish You Knew

21 Jun 2012 Author sangkudem

Sometimes I feel so stupid in love on why I keep on loving you when all I know is that you don't love me at all. I have never forced you to be mine but I have tried a lot by confessing my love towards you. With the passage of time, I should have forgotten you but my heart was not at all ready to forget even if it has been 3 years now.

I waited for your return hoping that you might have got a soft corner for me and that you would always stay with me forever but I was wrong in thinking all these. Why do I love you when all you do is ignore my feelings?

I never blame you for not loving me nor hate you for not understanding, I just hate my stupid heart for longing you in my life. I know that you don't have any feelings for me, knowing all these; my heart still loves you and only you.

How am I going to tell you or show you that I need you so much? The rhythm of my love, wish you knew by looking at my eyes. We have met before and when I come just near you, you pretend as if we have never met before? Why you are hurting me so much?

I know that I am not perfect in anything I do but if you have looked in my heart and give me a chance I would have proved to a perfect girl in your life. I have never asked an opportunity to prove myself and you also never gave me chance.

As I sit all alone here thinking about you, my face is wet with tears and I feel that I should not have cried so much but tears fall because I love you. I feel that I should move on but I just can't help myself coz you are always in my mind to let me start all over. I love you more than you know. You have never loved me and never cared about my feeling of how I feel.

When I close my eyes I see you with me and when I open my eyes you are not at all mine. Love is what I feel for you and I can't say that I can do anything for you but one thing I am sure is that I can love you always. How much I tried to come closer and tried to make you mine that much you avoid me and never let me stay beside you.

I feel good when I am hurt and tears flow coz it shows that I have loved you so much and have been thinking about you all day. My friends would say I am fool, mad, psycho so on… and that you would never love me but it doesn't matter because my love for is you is still alive even if your love for me is dead. I love you and will always love you……………


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

If you are there near me
i would not have fall my tears
facing towards the broken pain
i wish i am the hardest man
but i lost in the battle of love
i never wished you would go away
leaving behind tragedy;
under the depth of despair.
i have no any words left behind
rather than to cry myself alone
holding my heart under the painful ache
Why i was born in this world
i wished i would have die;
before i bring pain into this world
i have tried to win your heart in many ways
but in vain left into unbearable pain in agony;.
i know i am kindest man to fall in love
but i never knew it would return in broken pain.
i can't resist the pain that you have given me now and then.
but i have no more room to cry myself alone
since you are always there to break my heart
and now i have to be all alone in the darkness.
i wish there i no reason why i have fallen in love with you
no logic can measure the pain i am always with
after you left to some one a wealthy man.
i am nothing better than beggar in the street
who deserve to all alone once more
in the world of broken heart.
i wish love is nothing better than pain.
and it's all mean to be broken
I hate love, but i like the way you break my heart after long waited.


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

As i rested my cheek on my left Pam;
to see what nature has made for the creature
The nature are changing swiftly in  front of me
bringing sadness into my lonely eyes;
The river started bringing dead log
from the higher mountain down to the lower plain.
Do really need to see this forceful nature,
i wondered and why?
But why the pain is always in my heart
Since nothing is permanent in the world we live inn;
I saw some birds building nest beside the river bank
other torture from the predictor of risk
some still sing unhappy song
because of not sure weather their mother would return home or not?
The tree swing by the hard wind to sunken wither old
made the leaf to land in safer place.
Dizzying drop of rain wet the incline plain
with out much to think, why rain for nature
People are happy weeding their plantation
their hope are to be good yield after hardship work
herder bring her, in the greener pasture;
where herder rest on top of the rock through whistling;
children are happy that they are under good care
when father toil under the hardship of daily routine
oh! i don't want to waste my time by seeing this forceful nature
i must go home and pen down to write another poem.


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

I wish i should not have to sing this song in this website;
without some body to know my broken pain.
i am broken man since yore long
after she broken my heart i am landed alone
No matter how far you are living
no matter how you break my heart
i will be alive until i cry in your lap
i walked along the road side
thinking some one would be there to wipe my tear
which i have hold my tears some ages ago;
i went to the river bank to ease my sadness
but no body has heard the broken pain
that i am always enduring in broken ache.
i wish i am the lucky as i am in broken pain
since i would not have know the real meaning of broken pain
now body would know how much i am in pain
not even my lover would know this.
i wish to die with out pain in my heart
nobody would feel pity on my pain
since they might have not have king of broken pain.
i am just wondering why i am in love with her
why is love and when is love come from.
nothing is wrong with this love.
it is very hard to explain about this love;
no matter how far you will break my heart
i will land this pain as my last legacy
from the girl who i have love a lot (Pema).
lastly i like the way you break my heart
but i hate the way you have given me in pain.
nothing is wrong with this love since you have broken already.
fate along can measure our love.
with regards to Pema, my broken love.

Alarming encounter with living spirit

16 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

The night was still, everybody slept, the dogs were calm and there was air of silence everywhere. Everything seemed so serene for short while and I wasn't alone as two of my childhood friends who I haven't seen for long were at my house. All of a sudden, the sound of broom brush up outside platform in the ground floor grasped my attention. The sound came closer each time I listened; this made me more nervous with goose bumps all over. I started trembling yet couldn't stop myself from the curiosity to find the fact behind the sound. Deep inside my conscience assured me that it couldn't be anybody but something really strange as I have overheard people talk about strange scary haunting experience. I did very much want my friends to company during such odd feeling but I couldn't dare to disturb their peace of mind. Then, I headed towards the window to sneak a quick look. There I discover the spirit taking the shapes of fierce monster, the appearance nevertheless resembled like that of a distant relative of mine whom I haven't heard so far whether alive or dead. She looked more like ferocious ghost. In that very instant, I saw the spirit being chased and finally surrounded by my brother and Tshampa (lay monk) from my village. What followed after this incident was whipping of the ghost for our defense. I was the first to take the chance and as I extend my arm to thrash it with stick it could hardly hit the spirit. Then next in line Tshampa flogged her followed by my brother so mercilessly making her crouch down with pain. At that point of time I trembled more seeing the horrifying spirit groan with pain and it made me more fearful with the thought that the evil spirit might retaliate against the act of those two people. The two of them then deserted the area leaving me alone at the mercy of a fierce spirit. I became numb for fraction of minute and stood there watching helplessly every moves of spirit with fear while waiting to escape this dreadful scene. All I could do was to escape through the window unaware of the risk of mishap; somehow I managed to safely land the ground floor incredibly. Then I started running as first as my feet could carry but I heard somebody running after me in a distant pak..pak…pak… Finally I managed to reach near somebody's house and there I banged the door to get help. The owner of the house opened the door and without wasting my time I told them the whole story and begged to help me seek refuge in their home from this horror. I started searching every nook corner that could provide me the best hiding place but it didn't help either as I see the owner of the house panicking too. Suddenly there was a heap of sounds heard over the roof as if gallons of water spilt all over that shook me almost to senses. I opened my eyes with all consciousness to only uncover that actually all those was a nightmare. Of course, the sound that woke me was the sudden heavy down pour that was heard from my roof. As the dream vividly retained in my mind, I wasn't able to forget even if I wanted to or recede to sleep either. Instead I began to visualize of all the people who died in the midst of scary mood. Consequently the aftermath of the incident with crystal clear recollection of terrified dream and the silence started haunting me. The wall clock time indicated 2a.m and there was yet another 3hours to break the dawn. In that helpless situation, the only alternative I found to forget the nightmare was to browse the net. Soon I signed in to one of the chat room and I was shocked to see many nocturnal so lively at odd hours. My only motif was to seek company of good and decent chat mate to help calm my nerves but majority intended to only go for filthy chat. I didn't lose hope by rejecting all those to find one finally by far and away much better. I gathered courage to question about the ghost and shared about my dreadful dream. It was after 1hour that I regained my composure to normalcy. Usually I don't fear about the ghost unless for this dream that almost scared me. However something was clear that it was just a dream and I am happy too as this gave me inspiration to share about the incident. Not to forget I saw the two of my childhood friends whom I have lost contact ever since the schooling days. Indeed this was one of the most dreadful nightmares I have ever experienced. This was obviously not the first time and I am sure this won't be last as well. I suspect that no matter what and wherever I go this experience will follow me around. So, needless to say, it was a spooky coincidence that kept me wondering about the dream meeting with many people I know yet seldom in contact. Perhaps this breathtaking glimpse of nightmare wanted to warn me about upcoming misfortune or possibly it's just anxiety stimulation of daytime dealing. In reality to awake with the day time mind with all consciousness, the ghost is not as fearful as human in today's world. Once we come to senses we know things like ghost is just an illusion where as the humans are the real ghost to be apprehensive as many lack the humane quality. There are more cases of war, crime like cold blood murder, cheat, robbery, hooligans, etc happening where country and society like ours are no exception thus making us more vulnerable. The world is becoming no longer a safer place for us to live and enjoy the glory. Time has come for us to be scared about human the living spirit and not the ghost.

describe life in our reality

13 Jun 2012 Author hotkoolboy

'Life is very sweet but sometimes gets tough. Inspiration is very necessary in life. Success inspire us and but it comes to those who really want it. Here are some sweet quotes about life to inspire you.'

Life is made of ever so many partings welded together.

My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose – somehow we win out. – Ronald Reagan

Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.

Life exists for the love of music or beautiful things.

How good is man's life, the mere living! How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy!

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?

to my mom……

13 Jun 2012 Author hotkoolboy

The day i am born i was blind ……. my mother cared me and open my eye to this world …. day by day i became strong and i handled my leg and hand she cared me ……..  she feed me when i was falling she pulled me back…  to walk and to avoid dangerous thing she cared me in every step i grow….. i was everything for her …. her milk was my meal for day to nite…….. when i cry she wipe my tears ..when  i m happy she was the  most happiness women in the world ,, when i m sick she cried hole nite and she sacrificed her sleep for me… every tears she carried for me……… i am happy to be borned from  your womb my mom….. 

The day you left me in this world alone .. my life is like a blind again…. were ever you are my mom 
i really missing
  you and really love u so much …..

 your departed son …………. 

To Love a Man…

12 Jun 2012 Author luzee

What is there to love? Or not to love? Well, I am past that stage of asking the questions – five years with the same man seems like a long story to be unfolded. And I know I am still in love with him, perhaps more than I was the first time we met.

I knew from the start itself that the kind of man I will love one day will be someone very ordinary. Oh yes, I don't believe in fairytales, they never work on me. Neither do I believe in money buying happiness. Rather, I appreciate someone who exposes his true self. And this is what KP my Hubby did when we went for our first date on 30th March, 2007.

He came wearing his favourite jacket (which I pleaded to be disposed in a year's time!) and I was wearing such a hedious synthetic leather pullover (thank God, I dumped the same to my sister!). From our presentations, we seemed like people trying to depress the other in the worst possible ways! [A way to go…]

Over dinner, we talked in such a normal environment with sheer comfort and pleasure. My first attraction towards this man was his honesty. He was there narrating his “situation” while I threw up my bubbly nature by talking to anyone walking into the same restaurant. If he thought I was edgy, he got me right. So, we began our journey by accepting each other as the 'other side of the same coin'.

To love him in the last five years…it hasn't been a smooth sail. Our one day of tranquility was met by three more of situations; we had our shares of ups and downs. How many times I thought I should just close my eyes, walk out of the door and never be back to see him again! How many times he must have thought he should dump the whole idea of being married? We passed those ordeals.

My respect for this man has grown by ten folds and is still catching up. When we had some misunderstanding with my people, it was he who said 'things will be OK'. Of late, when we had his people messing with us, he accepted their faults like his and said he will go by the truth. It sounds hard to find such a man who is for the truth, no matter whose side it is.

Often I look at him and sympathize why one man has to take half the troubles in this world. And especially why a good man has to be at the end of all the misfortunes. May be because only men like him will have to strength to move on with life. People say 'God only tests those who are capable to face the challenges'.  He is truly one of those.

I trust my judgment that I know him the best. I know his heart, his mind and his true nature. In the name of love, I could have never loved a man who wore manifestations; I wouldn't convince myself that hard to cling invariably. I love him because I know his worth.

To love a man, my man, I steal the first look in the morning and thank God that I am waking up in his arms. When I lay down to bed, I know that the man sleeping next to me is but a good man. And I can't ask more.


12 Jun 2012 Author Angelina

Silent tears flow down my cheeks,
Leaving stains as I do weep.
“It'll be alright,” you said.
“Just give me another chance,” you pleaded.

I listened to all your false hopes.
I believed in your soothing words.
I smiled my fake smile,
And pretended to be all right.

Deep down I know,
It'll never be the same,
I can't go back.
Why did you cause me this pain?

You cut through my built up walls,
Brought me into a new light.
Showed me hope and love again,
But then I saw you with her that night.

My eyes sting from crying.
My throats hoarse from weeping.
My heart aches from the torture.
My body's crippled and tired.

There's no more hope,
I know the truth.
So stop your lies,
And let me go.


Love vs. Romance

07 Jun 2012 Author cholden

Today I made up my mind to share what I have written long time ago. Sorry if it is not worth to post here. 

Love vs. Romance. Know the difference before it's too late!
There IS a difference! 

Romance – a manipulation technique designed to make someone open to Sex. The source of Romance is LUST.

Love – when someone's happiness means more than our own. The source of Love is CARING.

To many people, Romance means 'showing love'. That's not true. We show love by protecting the ones we care for with the intent to ensure their lasting happiness. That doesn't necessarily mean that we're nice to them.

Lust's motive is ORGASM.

Love's motive is CARING.

When we want to show how much we care, we stroke them, cuddle them, and play with them. We do all of these things to keep them happy and healthy. We do these things to keep them from suffering in any way.

We do the SAME THING with people we love whether they are our parents, our friends, or our children – we hug them, play with them, joke around with them, make sure they've eaten, make sure their colds are taken care of, we make sure they are not suffering in any way –- physically or emotionally. We also bitch them out when they've done something that could harm them or result in misery.

The difference between these people and a Lover is that when we are showing that we care for a lover, we use sex to bring them the greatest physical pleasure we can.

LUST is a physical urge, like eating when we're hungry, seeking warmth in the cold, or needing to pee. It is an urge that seeks relief just like all our other physical urges.

Love doesn't use, it GIVES.

Love gives affection to make the one loved happy. 
Lust takes affection to make them happy. 

Lust Takes pleasure. 
Love Gives it. 

Jealousy is NOT a sign of LOVE. 

Jealousy a sign of possession, of ownership; of FEAR that their object will be taken from them and no longer be theirs to USE.

When one is in love and their lover sleeps with someone else, that one does not feel jealousy they feel FAILURE.