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When the Nature's Fury Unveiled..

07 Jun 2012 Author Golaapo

A mother and her 5 year-old daughter had set out into the jungle in search of their lost bovine at around noon. In a secluded mountain side, at an altitude of about 3000m, a lone old house by the side of a pond amid densely wooded area was where they lived. It was winter and the weather was extremely cold. “Yanchen, make sure to reach home before dark,” said her only ailing mother, “for there's no moon light”. As soon as the mother-daughter duo were in the middle of the forest, it begun to snow.

The snowfall did not bother Yangchen and had continued her search for the cow in the dense forest but to no avail. The snow had piled up by almost a foot. She was rather carked, when she realized that they had ventured far away from their home. It was getting dark when she begun homeward. To her surprise, she found her missing cow on her way back home. Its right hind leg was injured. To get home along with injured cow was next to impossible. She decided to let it alone and assumed the journey.  

Their return journey was far from over when it was completely dark and was unable to discern the way forward. They were struck in the midst of rocks and woods. The snow continued to fill the forest non-stopped. As the temperature dipped appreciably, fear gripped Yangchen if they could make it through the night.

To add fuel to fire, the cloths they wore were not warm enough to keep themselves isolated from the cold. It's not that they didn't wear warm cloths but that they couldn't afford for one as they were materially underprivileged. More than anything, Yangchen was dreaded if something would happen to her only daughter. Apart from cold, there was danger of attack from wild animals and fallen boughs from above due to snow loads.      

She had managed to collect some mosses from the woods nearby and arranged for a space within the rocks to sit on it in preparation for a daunting night halt. She took off her jacket and wrapped her daughter and let her lie on her lap. The heat generated from mother's body and the jacket had to some extent saved the little girl from exposure to extreme chill. The mother had to bear the toughest of colds. In her forty six years of age, she was never tested to such nature's cruelty. It would be like ages before the break of the dawn. All she could do was pray and pray. As the night matured, with temperature below freezing point, Yangchen sensed her lips and fingers freezing. She was fighting the losing battle. The thought of dying threw her into utter despondency. “If I die, who's going to look after my daughter and mom,” muttered Yangchen. The little girl right away stood up, put the jacket around her mom and cried heartbreakingly as her mother shivered profusely. The girl pleaded to her mom not to die.        

Meanwhile, as the delay raced against time, the old women at the house could not rest in peace. She hastily collected some old split bamboos, made a bundle and used as torch by burning at one end. She had begun her search operation amid the relentless snowfalls. She shouted and called Yengchen but her voice hardly penetrated the densely wooded medium. She traveled as far as her strength could afford but her search was to no avail.

Alas, the cold has taken its toll on the mother-daughter duo. When the day broke, Yangchen was almost frozen to dead while her daughter lay lifeless on her lap. The girl's grandmother had managed to reach the spot and took the state of affairs under her control. The god had its will to give the girl the life. She wasn't dead. She was temporarily paralyzed. Yanchen had suffered from some frost bites but had regained her health in a month's time. She resumed her role as a bread earner. 


07 Jun 2012 Author sommey

Sometime i can see my self running, but what am i running from..?I am running from life, it's impossible to get away. Sometime i wish i could just close my eyes,and then things would be different. I just want to be somebody, i don't know if i can, but i will try.I have messed up in my life more the once! But still i am alive,but do i want to be? Yes i do! People mess up all the time,it's no reason to just run away. If you do,your problem will wait for you.You just gotta move on!You have to except what you have done. Just can't sit and feel sorry for your self. Life is not that bad! It's what you make it out to be,there will be good and bad times,sometime more bad then good,either way it's life! I would never want to change my life, even though i have messed up in the past, i think it made me a stronger person!So instead of running, i will stay and tale life as it is!

Time Moves Along

07 Jun 2012 Author sommey

Tick tock says the clock,the days are moving so quickly,soon the day will end and then comes the black with stars and moon moving so swiftly.Romance may be in the air,now is the time to be free and wild and never again will time let you pair,so be your self but treat your mate so mild.Two together is the gem of the sea,that glows and shines being remembered and cherished with glee,when time passes and the church bell chimes.

Calling you home to father,when it is your time to move along making room for the youthful with vigor as the grandfather clock will bong.Is it eleven or twelve,shall i hurry and speed to walk,to romance and dreams into which i delve for tick tock again says the clock.~!~ 

Unpurified Feelings

06 Jun 2012 Author luzee

I was there, just a mile away from him. Surprisingly, he ran a textile retail shop (quite unlike his profession otherwise) and I was wondering if he really meant the business. The other day, I had worn a green brocade tego, an exchange gift from a colleague some years ago. We weren't talking much, quite a dismay to the fact that he and I share respect and trust between us, despite our respective roads to walk.

Right behind me was his wife, with a cigar in her hand. She puffed as she kept a close vigil at our encounter – me and her husband's. You know, no matter how honest you tend to be, a woman will never understand the relation her man shares with other women, be it platonic or filial relationship. Perhaps, the same the other way too. For the same fears, I have never spoken in great regard about this man to my Hubby – I know somewhere he will not understand the complete story.

Anyway, back to the story. His wife wasn't saying a word, but why did I feel as if she meant close vigilance? I had popped into the shop to buy myself a tego-piece, having picked a sample that looked almost similar to the one I had worn the other day. I got such an uneasy feeling, wishing if I had not gone there at all. For the record, he didn't say much either. He was his solemn self, so composed and calm. A part of me felt deceived that a man should behave differently in this kind of situation. Was it guilt? Him? Or me?

His wife continued to puff her cigar. And honestly, I didn't like that either. Not having tried myself a puff, smoking is one addiction I swear not to surrender. Nothing against those who smoke, but anywhere within a range of two miles, my system gets offended by the mere odour of anyone polluting the air. Thus, the same moral inside me asked if her bahaviour had anything to do with her anger towards us. Come on now, we have been friends for a long time!

In that flicker of subconscious moment, I tried hard to capture the flow of the unseen emotions. And when I woke up last Monday morning, I knew I had a story at hand. Yes, the uneasy feeling hadn't left me yet. For reasons unknown, I haven't called him in the last three weeks. Until I get a good strength to feel good as I used to, I may never dial his number again.



04 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

We are worth
to be born as
drukpa a humble
Citizen of Our
Country drukyul
Under the glee light
of wonderful kings
Unfeigned delight all we
Shower Peace and prosperity
is what we all see Beneath
the praise of our regal kings
We are happy as you are born  in
our country  Bless from benevolence
Dharma man we are bestowed by
the dharma kings A grand reverence
was all bestowed People live happy without any
Obstruction People can't shed tears only laugh by our
smile We are happy that we have the kindest king
You are born in earth but we are in nirvana
We are happy in the worth  thou,
We are prevail what you  began
What thy saw is what we all reap
We are fortune to be  fortunate
With Gross National  Happiness
A life of indulgence we all  enjoy
We are imbued with patriotism
We never shed tears shed with tranquil
Is the theme of our Gross National Happiness?
Happiness begin only when we have compassion
We are here to transform our country into happiness reign
Aspiration is what we can swear for the next generation
We will live happy ever after the Wangchuk's dynasties.
We love our king and we shall love you forever from our heart.


04 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

Birds are happy that spring has come
Diving the winter livery;
Skylark, sang thro' gifted tongue
Some hover upon the air so cool
Found that the summer flower has already bloomed
Other still fluting from their nest,
Spring. Spring, oh! Spring,
You are within us, she sang so sweetly;
other hovers higher up the mountain edge;
with the rhythm of cool breeze over the wing.
Summer is on the way she sings aloud;
In behalf of her friends along;
Thanks thanks for summer;
She sang through her old heart,
we are great to know you are here.
Oh! She sang all the way from above;
Her song echoed far and wide.
Oh! Spring rain touched a new leaf,
Before it drop the summer rain;
She whispered to herself;
She saw herder bring herd below her wing
When other birds are high on whirlwind;
Cricket whistle through the sharp voice;
When hot sun razed above her wings
Bringing painful memories to her soul,
Nature must know, her eyes laden with tears;
Herder bring herd nearby the brook;
Where animal come to drink
Humming bird sit on the nectar,
Where bees wait beside the flower silently
Before the summer has come to an end
Flapped her wing towards silence,
Autumn autumn, oh! autumn.
She sang to herself;
With the sadden heart once more
Autumn is going away from my eyes;
She weeps to her friend's eyes;
Since trees begin shrunken old;
Before the winter has come
Leaving behind tragedy;
Oh! Winter is already on the mountain,
She peeped through the sky so high;
Covered by the thick blanket of snow.
Oh! I must stop to sing this song in behalf of all.
She sang once more in the name of the nature;
What nature has made for creature?
Silently her song faded off in middle of the air.
Before she could land on the earth;

She is not fair to Outward View

03 Jun 2012 Author cholden

She is not fair to outward view

As Many ladies be;

Her loveliness I never knew
Until she smiled on me.
O then I saw her eye was bright,
A well of love, a spring of light.

But now her looks are coy and cold,
To mine they never reply
And yet I cease not to behold
The love-light in her eyes;
Her very frowns are fairer far
Then smiles of other ladies are.

Missing You A Lot.

03 Jun 2012 Author dodrup

Missing You A Lot.


 Everlasting promises, to be always together until depart,                                                                    For making memories beautiful, by never walking apart.

 Days with you, the shortest and adorably passed far,
 The nights, warmest and soothing, when you are near,
 With Reason in million of you, I am missing you a lot.

                                                                                                                                                                      Beautifully your hair are arranged, with scent odor of blue,

 Yours finger slipping through it as soft as the feathers do.
 Colored red on the nails, holding its golden diamond doted ring,
 It waves and dance, tuned to the melodies of the speech you sing,
 With such qualities on you, I am missing you a lot.


 Kind in heart, soft in words, you were the queen to the eye's of all,                                          With blessing and fate, I hold you as my own, proudly and loudly I can call.

 Holding the pride, every new day opened on me let to happy dawn,
 To walk along with, you holding my arm tightly, I walked like swan.
 With those memories now, I am missing you a lot.


  Shared feeling of both for tear and laughter we gathered as one,                                             To cry the happiness of luck, for sadness of silly mistakes done.                                                   You were the queen in cheering my success and a mother to sooth me in pain,

  Never to let me be alone under sun or rain, then I loved you as your gain.                           With best motive inside you, I am missing you a lot.


 Being separated to walk on own carpet toward success and stand strong,                            My prayer includes your name day and night, and god won't do us any wrong.              Though away from my touch love, you are closer in my heart, mind and dream,                Lets pray now, to meet in future, to once again say “I Love You” with scream.                    My dear, I am missing you a lot.











my crush on stranger at one go…

03 Jun 2012 Author yeedeen

Was he really staring at me? We have always passed through each other and my eyes never missed his eyes. Each time i see him, …Will i meet him again in future. He is a complete stanger to me and usualy srangers dont fall in love, though it haapens in movies. i am surely but slowly falling for him.
The way he way he walked drived me crazy……..i get positive vibes from other end. Even he stared at me and after crossing each other, he turns back as i do, but we act serious. I know i am going no where and i am wasting time but let me feel the vibe of love or simply admiration.
To be honest i have been attracted to many guys and those guys arent normal one. They are the star of world, BIG NAMES…..But he is the first guy that have tuned into my six sense..  Eventually will i ever meet him….Guess strangers strange love will be undiscovered and locked for it has no future that is valid within materialistic world. its just a fancy fairy dream……..

To my little angel

03 Jun 2012 Author Ariel

I know it's hard; I know it's tough.

But one can't have everything one wishes,

For one have to move away,

To fulfill one's destiny

To leave the world a little better,

A little brighter than it was at the time of your entry.


You might be away from us

We might be miles away

But you are always in our thought,

Missed every single moment,

Spoken of at every conversation,

And remembered at every occasion.




Love that was never meant for being together….

02 Jun 2012 Author yeedeen

You are the moon that shine at night..
I am the sun that shines in the morning
My love for you is so overwhelming that 
You are force to disappear as i come into existence

My Love in the form rays try to hold you 
But you vanish like a cloud and it is impossible to hold you.
you are never going to come back 
like a flowing stream which knows only the path downwards.

Wish sun and moon could shine together
And flowing stream could come back to its source…….BLISS

Aum Wangmo and the song of Ping…pi…yurung

29 May 2012 Author Kezwaa

Ping…pi…yurung… is a bird that sings melodic songs and reminds the farmers to sow seeds like maize. For the farmers in Eastern Bhutan, the sound of this bird is nothing new. From the very first day when they hear this melodic song, they pray for good yield. The song often brings alertness to the farmers to attend to their field. Before they sow the seed they crane their neck through the window thinking their field is ready to plough and bring unbearable pain to their heart thinking how would be their yield after hard days of plantation. They begin to sow the seed with full of hope and aspiration that their yield would be as good as before. It is the day for the farmer to realize whatever they sow seed would reap good result at the end of the year. After they sow all the seed nothing is left in their store and they have to eat porridge for more than seven months. Some borrow from their neighbours to repay after their harvest. They often gaze through the window hoping for good yield and worry a lot about wild animals destroying the crop. Some leave their field barren without planting anything because of shortage of labour while many get busy working in their field. Sometimes their body get the tanned in the sun and sometimes drenched in the rain. This is nothing new but it is their daily routine to survive. Birds are happy that spring has come and flowers have bloomed. But farmers are unhappy since they have to struggle in the field. In a way, the song of Ping…pi…yurung brings a touch of unhappiness to the farmers because it is a call for them to start the hard work in the field. 

Once I happened to see my neighbour Aum Wangmo crying silently facing towards her barren field. She was carrying a bamboo basket on her back and standing on the edge of her field. She was left by her husband when she was about eight months pregnant. After a month later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the cow shed while she was milking a cow. Actually the due date of her birth was bit later but the baby was born bit early. She had a very tough time since there was nobody to help to pick up her baby. She has no proper cloth to wrap the baby and no nutritious food to eat. But she kept working hard for her baby.

After nine years of struggle she sent her daughter to Thimphu as baby sitter in one rich family. Before the daughter went away, she reminded her of their hardship and tha she should work hard and come back as a good girl. She wept heaving to leave her mother alone at home. Mother missed her very much but could not do anything.  She could not resist the pain of sending her to a place where she had no friends.

The spring has come and it is times now to sow the seed. She looks at her barren field and murmurs. She was not able to plant any crop for many years. Everyone has started the work. She saw many pairs of oxen engaged in ploughing the fields. She thought to herself that she would be left with nothing to eat if she does not start her work. Her field has grown into a thick jungle. In the meantime, she heard that her husband had passed away after he was diagnosed of blood cancer. She loved him very much, more than anything in the world but some force of the nature had made him leave her.

She looked into the field and saw some maize plants that had grown out of old seeds but they wouldn't be sufficient for her. She saw her neighbour's field were all green with maize plants up to her height and she felt very restless.

She had a good life when her husband was with her but after his death she sold everything and she had to live in a small bamboo hut. Her land was forcefully captured by cruel neighbours leaving her nothing except a small patch of land near by her old home shed. Before she used to raise quit a number of cattle but later she lost everything and was left with an old milking cow. She often looked at that plough which was hung over the bamboo roof. The plough reminded her of her late husband and brought tears to her eyes. Her roof was often blown off by harsh wind. She had to work often under great pressure from the neighbour in terms of daily wages. She earned less than hundred in a day which was barely enough for her to buy her necessities.

More than 12 years later her daughter got married to a wealthy man. It was only the day her heart was regaled with happiness. Now my luck has come back again, she thought to herself after she prayed for an hour in front of her small altar. She lit butter lamp and prayed for their good luck in front of her old statues and shed tears of happiness. She lit up the incense and the fragrance spread in the air and she felt happy.

Her condition improved after her daughter got married. The daughter's husband felt pity to see her mother living in small bamboo hut in such a condition. They demolished the old house and built a new one storied bungalow with flower garden and parking spot in front of the corridor. She felt as if she was the richest women in the village.

And then again she sees her neighbours getting busy in their fields, weeding the maize plantations. The familiar song of Ping…pi…yurung echoes from afar. She can see Ap Tashi wiping the sweat from his forehead and singing a song along with Ping…pi…yurung. 

The rustling sound of the leaves wakes her up and she finds herself in the middle of her barren field; the empty bamboo basket still hung over her shoulder. The bird continued singing the melodious Ping…pi…yorung… which in a way made her recollect the hardships of her life. 

Story by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)
400Kv, BPCL, Dagapela.

Love across hot water

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

A group of bold and notorious boys were on their night out across the girls' hostel to cause trouble, irritate and scare them to death as usual by hitting stones in the middle of night, banging on windows etc…

One night the same group loitered oblivious of the fact that few girls in upper floor were still awake studying while all others were asleep. Suddenly the boys began to pass beneath the ground floor when it coincided with jug of hot water being thrown down the window of upper floor. The hot water splashed it over their head and faces.

The group rushed back very consciously without being able to utter a word with the fear of causing commotion. The next day the the others who knew about the pranks made fun of the group by writing on the board 'Love across hot water'.

Being Howry

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

A young little boy rushed to the mother complaining that passer by tourist called him 'Howry'(stupid). The annoyed mother couldn't resist and then hurried to question the tourist for verbally abusing the child only to find out from the people nearby that the actual question asked was  'How are you?'

Premature loss

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

Which is worse: To see the one you love battle between life and death or to lose a loved one to death prematurely? I have thought a lot about that question since my generation have been threatened with continuous chain of life in last four years. The departures of all these people have wounded me over and over again never to heal with consistent bleeding. I comprehend the reality that death is nature's cruel and ultimate recycler of life, where every mortal cannot skip it irrespective of what we are, who we are, how we are and where we come from.


In either of the ways the poor frail one is a loser. Though it would be at least a source of inspiration to have the physical presence of loved ones no matter whatever the situation would be. It is equally disheartening to see them fight the end battle hoping for a second chance in life. In such juncture the death seems so worthy than to see them live with torment for nevertheless one can escape the hardship of adult life.


However the very moment when death steals the life of a person; I am disposed to feel that it's greater injustice to lose someone prematurely. The experience is agonizing to bear the untimely loss.  Nothing feels good but horrifying as we become numb unable to balance with the nuances of emotions that keep on haunting with reminiscence.

The unfortunate loss of my niece very recently after a chronic bronchitis took toll on her life was a difficult emotional passage for me. I haven't yet revived from this emotional shock. I really felt the loss of a maternal bond as I nurtured her from the birth to the time she grew into elegant young girl. She had been diagnosed with the disease ever since from infancy. Most of her life she remained hospitalized and lived with medicines.  This was all short term resolution to retain her life for a while as her health gradually began to decline. Today I don't want to belief that she has left eternally for the heavenly abode as her memories remain etched deep in my heart. I live by the memory of this cheerful niece each and every day of life.

The events of any pleasant family gathering aren't same for we feel the absence of the soul. I am touched to learn the impression and impact she left behind as her legacy. Even in the midst of difficult times with declined health physically she would insist to attend school and activities as she really took pleasure in learning. Her spirits was whole and healthy mentally even in the last hours as she lay in her bed in intensive care to the moment she was inside the ambulance to be referred to higher hospital in India. In this entire traumatic situation she convinced us instead not to worry.  The time seemed interminable to see her suffer and become more restless with pain.

It was painful as she wished to read, write, and draw even in this complexity. Perhaps it was her unfulfilled wish which she always desired otherwise and this made the matter worst. If ever blessed with an opportunity to lead normal life she dreamt to be a model fine day. But the fate had it all as it anguished her. Believing it would be her last wish I convinced her father who resisted initially thinking it might exhaust her energy, to provide her the stationeries (note book,pencil,crayon and eraser) as she demanded it time and again in the ICU. 

There she drew the pictures of her family, wrote story and marked the caption on her picture with oxygen mask made by her father. Her father kept engrossed in writing poem about the daughter and read to her. It was intolerable experience to witness all these and startling the way she sensed her last hours. We recovered the sketch she made for her adopted sister with the caption ' I love you dear sister' bearing the name to be presented as gift which she completed but couldn't present. Another picture she drew was picture of the family including the new member of family expected with the caption 'baby brother or sister, whichever I am going to be happy'. She didn't live long to see and spend time with her little sibling as her day was numbered.

The other little siblings just saw her fraction of second without the slightest conversation in the last hour in ambulance on her way to the long journey to hospital. She simply gazed at everyone who came by to see her off for wishing quick recovery with tears flooding in her eyes and saying nothing. The rest of siblings were shocked to see her dumb, the sea change induced by her illness contrary to her usual bubbly character. I was glad that she communicated with me at least when I asked her who the newly born resembled where she responded to me that she resembled like one of the twin in the family. That was the last conversation I had with her and it was just a matter of a day when the unhappy confirmation of her death came. The chill of shiver ran deep down our spines that stirred the apprehension on the futility of human life.


We were shattered with the news and the reality that she was beyond human touch. I felt helpless to console her mourning mother who sobbed incessantly. My pains were nothing compared to her and deep down I understood that she was torn apart. When the corpse arrived, being immature and innocent her sibling believed the deceased to be in deep slumber. With her death those living were united together to offer condolence during funeral and during all the ceremonial rites. It was while we returned after cremation that the little brother of the deceased insisted on going back to cremation ground to bring back his sister home. This reaction of my nephew was touching and harder to convince him about the reality.  Indeed the tragic experience such as this has left me with lingering question of words and actions. I correspondingly felt greater sorrow, regret and bitterness deep within to cope with premature loss. In such a time practically it doesn't help as we fail to accept the idea of non-attachment. What so ever I will have to let her go but she will remain with me in my heart. I know this is the only way to acknowledge her and to gain comfort for the same from her presence there eternally.    

Perfect ones

25 May 2012 Author Vide_Mongar

I came across the ones who were perfect in their own way. I don't know how to express but whatever I had, I had the best and most valued thing inside, which I have collected from you all. In some I found freedom to let other live, in some I found life to live, in some I found believe in something untouchable, touched by its beauty and pureness and in some I found rights to live for own life. What is needed more? I would like to say that I was blessed by the perfect ones like you all and I am grateful to each one of you for being a great contributor to my life. I know were ever I go I will show you all through me. In my strength to give and live in freedom I will feel you, my Sangay in me. In my strength to bear pain and forgive and love anyone I will feel you, my Rinzin in me. In the purest touch of mind and heart I will feel you, My Kinley and Pema in me. In the strength to make someone smile and go crazy I will find you, my Passang in me. In the strength to live the life fully and in beauty I will find u my Tashi and Nima in me. 
In one way or another, everyone I came across my life was above pupils, my superiors. From imperfect ones I received their own ways of perfectness. No one is perfect but we have something perfect, which is the perfectness of imperfect life.

The dicovery of the flying rock( Do namkahi Kawa) in DAGANA Dgana

25 May 2012 Author midwaypenlop

Dow Namkhai Kawa  one of the Mega monulith in Daga Trashi Yangtse  Dzongkhag  ( The seat of Daga Penlop ). The rock which had been  described by Dasho sonam kinga as flying rocks .It  is also claimed as one of the Bayyul of Guru Rinpochey. As per my grandfather  the discovery   of the flying rock unfolds with  a story ………….

Dagaps prepare compost to manure their paddy fields as rice is the staple food to Dagaps .Its also a practice for the people of dagaps to collect dry leaves from the forest to mix with the cow dungs .One will find ,specially women  during Autumn collecting dry leaves for compost.

Once a women from Nindukha  the place where Zhbdrung Suntruel was born in Dagana .The women went alone to the forest to collect dry leaves .She heard sounds of religious cymbals and horns and also drums .She was frightened but curious. she went towards the place of the sound . she arrived at the spot. To her amaze she found a tall Lhakhang ,and outside the lhakhang  she found group of monks performing rituals .The monks invited her for the feast and she was told to keep the secret of her discovering  the lhakhang . The women thanked the monks and left to the village . She was so excited to discover a new lhakhang , she called her village folks and informed them about the  new lhakhang in the forest .

Village folks went to  visit the Lhakhang immediately but they had found a tall rock at his foot few butter lamps lit . It is said that the door of the  Ney  got closed  as village folks new about it . So now we can visit the flying rock not the Lhakhang  as “DO NAMKHAI KAWA”.

Student's Diary

22 May 2012 Author Vide_Mongar

Date: 15-3-2001

I am sorry Sir, I offended you today. I saw great anger on your face. I know I always tried my best to do till your expectations, just because I want to follow your quote “hard-work is key to success”. But today, you titled my hard work as an idiot. I have not copied but I did it with all my effort. I am learning from you and you should understand I might make mistakes. I might irritate you in the process of learning but do not get angry with me, I will not be able learn anymore. I want to see your trust and expectation on me not the hatred. Please don't! I need your help not your anger and I need your love not your hatred. I want to love you to love your subject as I might hate the subject just because of you.

Please help me and my understanding. I promise I will learn through mistakes, if you correct it with smiles. I mean to say, for me, your anger and smile will make a great difference.

With love

Your student


22 May 2012 Author yeedeen

I know regret comes after action…But what if the dirty action is always repeated and you feel sorry again…I am sorry again…I am really SORRY again….I know i speak harsh words and my voice is loud…cant help it…i was born this way and i am trying my best to bring the change… I have hurt you many a times and now it is difficult for me to beg for forgiveness…First mistake, you beg sorry and you are forgiven…second mistake, you are given a last chance and third, fourth, fifth… are doing it knowingly and it also means you are really annoying…I accept the truth that i didn't really deserved you.. may be i did some good work in my past life that i have met you today…

You are gentle, soft spoken and kind hearted girl. i need to learn from you and i have the opportunity but i am wasting it for i am more busy with shit stuff..
Anyways i am sorry again and i want my days to be like one i had before…Happy and smiles on face..:(…i am posting this piece so to let my heart go out and welcome it with positive motives…:)..

She became a nun

19 May 2012 Author yeedeen
I am a Buddhist and a strong follower of Buddha and his Dharma. I try my best to bring what he preached into live but sometimes i end up with wrong things and i regret later. I as a child always use to say that i want go join Anim but in later parts of my life i was and i am still busy with the materialistic environment. I have lost my path but i believe my heart is still with me that will guide me to right path and as HH Dalai Lama said, to awaken your buddha nature you don't need to compulsorily join monk or nun and do good. It depends solely with our heart and mind that need to be kept pure and alert always.

Very recently i heard about my friend who qualified for CST and was amongst the best students. She was very good in study and had great opportunity ahead of her. But what she did was giving up the future success, her family, enjoyment and all the worldly things. She just gave up and went to practice Dharma and committed herself to leave for the sake of all beings and help them. I envy her and i do appreciate her sacrifices. My tears rolled from my heart and i just couldn't stop myself for she has taken a step forward in awakening ones mind and i am still left with the life having unseen destiny….

I pray to Buddha Dharma and Sangha that like her, may all other sentient beings awaken Boddhichitta mind and fill the world with endless love and compassion….May i be able to accomplish my dream of practicing Dharma at some point of my life and may i along with other beings in six realms be free from this suffering samsara….

Ken Chog Sum La Kheno….KARMAPA KHENO…..