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Articles by: Kezwaa

O My kindest mother

28 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

My kindest mother
Oh! Thou have been kind to me,
From the day you carried me inside thy belly.
You carried me for several months,
Tirelessly worked for me till my world was open
I have the kindest mother in the world.
You fed me with good food
When my world was inside thy womb,
You gave me all everything that I am now.
I have nothing to wish rather than to thank you,
Oh! My beloved mother.
Giving life of a human being is the hardest pain
I will repay the price that you have paid for me…
When I was a toddler you took me to school
My feet were bare as I stepped into
The long journey of education.
Then I promised that one day I shall be in a job
And shower you with my kindest heart,
For I know the pain that you born for me.
Thou were my kindest mother
When my father was no more,
Who had left us since I was toddler.
I grew up without a father and I was often shamed.
This shame will remain with me for long
Along with tears and pain…
But I don’t blame anyone. least thou my mother,
Because nothing is wrong in that really
As long as I am your loving son,
And I hope I am worth to be born as your son.
I am happy that I am already a man now under your love,
I shall serve you with all my love
And help mend your broken heart.

Kezang Dawa

A Driver’s Journey of Life

20 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

I drive the BPC Cruiser, a sparkling white
And ferry engineers left and right
This is my job and I love what I do
and for me work is worship all through

The road goes winding and bending
and stretches on never ending
I pass the lush greens and plains
And I cross the bridges and mountains

The road goes down the valleys & up the hills
Giving me breezes and thrills
The wheels squeaks and screeches
But I drive on nonetheless

A journey I take everyday
The destination? Come what may
For life is like a journey
A very long long journey!

Broken Love Story

12 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

I believe love starts to grow only after everything bas dramatically been broken apart for no pain is greater than that of love in vain.

Rigden fall in love with Yuden when they were in their school. It was late winder morning of year 1998 right after the school reopened after the winter break, when Rigden set his eyes for the first time on Yuden. He was washing his plates near by the girls’ hostel when their eyes met and he was simply smitten by her. Thereafter there was no looking back…

The next day he thought on thinking about her and even thought of expressing his feelings to her through a long letter, a “love letter” as it was called. The day was perfect with the sun radiating the window and with his hands rested on the window sill he kept on thinking about her beautiful face. Whenever he thought of her, which he often did, he could not resist the bitter sweet feeling of love and his thoughts about her appeared in his dreams too. Sometimes he would even spend sleepless nights, always thinking about her.

On the next day Rigden meet Yuden again in the same location while he was fetching water. That day was perfect for him to meet her and try to talk to her. She looked beautiful than ever with a golden ring on her left middle finger and sliver painted ring sparkling on her ears. Rigden greeted to her and as she walked straight towards him, he could not hide his excitement.

“Hi! Yuden,” Tobden, greeted with a smile.

“Hello!” She replied with taint of blushed face too.

“You are Yuden right?” he asked.

“Yes; I am Yuden,” she replied.

And then he told her that she looked very beautiful to his eyes and she simply laughed. As she walked away towards her hostel carrying a bucketful of water she was still blushing from an unexpected compliment.

The next during the afternoon tea break he met Dema. Dema was Tobden’s childhood friend and they grew up together. As they chatted for a while, she casually teased him that he looked lost which made him open up and he told her that he met a beautiful girl the previous day and that he is madly in love with her. She wanted to know her name was he didn’t dare reveal it. He simply told her that he is very much in love with a girl and that he is a lucky person to have found her. He was sure of himself that he has found his soul mate. But no matter howsoever she tried, he was not ready to reveal the name.

But she was not ready to give up. She kept on asking and finally he had to say the name.

“She is none other than Yuden of class VIII B,” he revealed at last.

Dema was simply astonished! She knew that Yuden was Tobden’s girl which was all that she was worried about. When she told him this he was all shattered. He had never imagined that his love would be broken this way.

The next Saturday afternoon he met Yuden while he was on the way to the canteen. By then he was a familiar face to her and she greeted him and asked him what was wrong as he looked little pale. He thought it was best to act normal and said that everything was OK with him.

But the fact was he was normal no more. He was so shattered and heart broken that nothing mattered to him. He could not concentrate on anything and gradually lost interest in his studies and failed in exams. So devastated he was that he lost interest in everything and became addicted to drugs.

One day he was admitted to a hospital and died in the same day in the name of Yuden. The teacher called his parent to attend the death body. Next day death body was taken away by his parents and students and teacher performed prayers for his departed soul.


05 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

What is a poem?
Someone says… poem,
Is powerful words expressed,
through agony of a broken heart
during the struggle
when love is but pain.
Nothing is neither right
nor wrong when it
comes to the title of a poem,
It can bring a theme of passion.
from sorrow down to happiness.
A poem is the hardest sentence
That comes from
Our lamented heart;
Poems are sometimes called
Thrilling words of tragic sadness,
Words are expressed silently
From our heart to
Give a fire in a man’s brain
Nothing is harder than an epigram,
Greater than sorrow;
Softer than pain.
Pathetic word of a poem;
saw the seed to germinate anew.
to one another sorrow.
That of time we all called it paradox.
Poem is the greatest word,
Spoken by a man,
A poem is read by deaf and dumb
Felt by those who suffer the same pain.
When a man’s boredom is uprooted
into the words of acceptance,
And a poem comes as a purpose of a man.
The power of writing poems ruled the heart
As much as human feel the truth of elegy.
Now a man cannot write a poem
Unless he lived through tragic sadness once….
IN all, a poem is the greatest pain expressed!

Kezang Dawa


01 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

I knew not you’re in the heart of broken yore
The trust of thy is shaken
Till the end of burning pyre is taken.
I can see the smoke on top of the wind
Floating like the stratocumulus;
Those smoke does not belong to me
It all belongs to the mortal death.
Oh! Son, be the tearless man to cry;
Before I was burn to ashes.
But my sickness won’t be last long.
I am happy that thou saw my death!
Has come from all angle;
To grieve at my eternal leave taking.
Truth of death never lie;
It keeps on stretching with the streak
Only angle of death must tell you the absent.
Feel the knot of thy death knell;
When everything is decay for the warm to feed

Adieu O Mother

13 Aug 2012 Author Kezwaa

Adieu O Mother,
May I write this song for you,
and your departed soul?
I know it’s been a long yore
Since you left me alone,
in a depth of tragedy.
It’s time to mourn,
Sitting beside your grave stone;
I shall lit butter lamp on the alter,
To let you free from Samara.
I am here to lit the lamp of love
With a bunch of daffodil,
In the name of thou.
If you are there in this world
I would not have to face problems,
And be under the depth of despair.
Oh! Mother, this song is mixture of all agony.
I shed tears beside your grave alone,
And feel the pain of your absence.
I know I was helpless
As you took your last breath.
But I shall console,
No one can stop the nature’s commands.
O Mother! May your soul rest in peace.

Kezang Dawa (Kezwaa)

Broken apart song

08 Aug 2012 Author Kezwaa

No matter how long you wait,
I can’t come to you to be by your side.
You’re only scarring me with more pain,
I’m telling you to leave me alone,
I’m not going to hurt myself any more.

Though all the memories are yearning for you;
the memory of love that dove me crazy,
I won’t come to cry, or get on my knees to plead…
Everything is broken because of unfaithful love.
These are wounds that would not heal
and I wouldn’t use the excuse called love any more.

Since everything has given me only pain,
I want to simply forget you;
I have grown up out of this love.
I am telling you to leave me alone
For I have no more tears to shed.

Kezang Dawa (Kezwaa)


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

As i rested my cheek on my left Pam;
to see what nature has made for the creature
The nature are changing swiftly in  front of me
bringing sadness into my lonely eyes;
The river started bringing dead log
from the higher mountain down to the lower plain.
Do really need to see this forceful nature,
i wondered and why?
But why the pain is always in my heart
Since nothing is permanent in the world we live inn;
I saw some birds building nest beside the river bank
other torture from the predictor of risk
some still sing unhappy song
because of not sure weather their mother would return home or not?
The tree swing by the hard wind to sunken wither old
made the leaf to land in safer place.
Dizzying drop of rain wet the incline plain
with out much to think, why rain for nature
People are happy weeding their plantation
their hope are to be good yield after hardship work
herder bring her, in the greener pasture;
where herder rest on top of the rock through whistling;
children are happy that they are under good care
when father toil under the hardship of daily routine
oh! i don't want to waste my time by seeing this forceful nature
i must go home and pen down to write another poem.


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

If you are there near me
i would not have fall my tears
facing towards the broken pain
i wish i am the hardest man
but i lost in the battle of love
i never wished you would go away
leaving behind tragedy;
under the depth of despair.
i have no any words left behind
rather than to cry myself alone
holding my heart under the painful ache
Why i was born in this world
i wished i would have die;
before i bring pain into this world
i have tried to win your heart in many ways
but in vain left into unbearable pain in agony;.
i know i am kindest man to fall in love
but i never knew it would return in broken pain.
i can't resist the pain that you have given me now and then.
but i have no more room to cry myself alone
since you are always there to break my heart
and now i have to be all alone in the darkness.
i wish there i no reason why i have fallen in love with you
no logic can measure the pain i am always with
after you left to some one a wealthy man.
i am nothing better than beggar in the street
who deserve to all alone once more
in the world of broken heart.
i wish love is nothing better than pain.
and it's all mean to be broken
I hate love, but i like the way you break my heart after long waited.


19 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

I wish i should not have to sing this song in this website;
without some body to know my broken pain.
i am broken man since yore long
after she broken my heart i am landed alone
No matter how far you are living
no matter how you break my heart
i will be alive until i cry in your lap
i walked along the road side
thinking some one would be there to wipe my tear
which i have hold my tears some ages ago;
i went to the river bank to ease my sadness
but no body has heard the broken pain
that i am always enduring in broken ache.
i wish i am the lucky as i am in broken pain
since i would not have know the real meaning of broken pain
now body would know how much i am in pain
not even my lover would know this.
i wish to die with out pain in my heart
nobody would feel pity on my pain
since they might have not have king of broken pain.
i am just wondering why i am in love with her
why is love and when is love come from.
nothing is wrong with this love.
it is very hard to explain about this love;
no matter how far you will break my heart
i will land this pain as my last legacy
from the girl who i have love a lot (Pema).
lastly i like the way you break my heart
but i hate the way you have given me in pain.
nothing is wrong with this love since you have broken already.
fate along can measure our love.
with regards to Pema, my broken love.


04 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

We are worth
to be born as
drukpa a humble
Citizen of Our
Country drukyul
Under the glee light
of wonderful kings
Unfeigned delight all we
Shower Peace and prosperity
is what we all see Beneath
the praise of our regal kings
We are happy as you are born  in
our country  Bless from benevolence
Dharma man we are bestowed by
the dharma kings A grand reverence
was all bestowed People live happy without any
Obstruction People can't shed tears only laugh by our
smile We are happy that we have the kindest king
You are born in earth but we are in nirvana
We are happy in the worth  thou,
We are prevail what you  began
What thy saw is what we all reap
We are fortune to be  fortunate
With Gross National  Happiness
A life of indulgence we all  enjoy
We are imbued with patriotism
We never shed tears shed with tranquil
Is the theme of our Gross National Happiness?
Happiness begin only when we have compassion
We are here to transform our country into happiness reign
Aspiration is what we can swear for the next generation
We will live happy ever after the Wangchuk's dynasties.
We love our king and we shall love you forever from our heart.


04 Jun 2012 Author Kezwaa

Birds are happy that spring has come
Diving the winter livery;
Skylark, sang thro' gifted tongue
Some hover upon the air so cool
Found that the summer flower has already bloomed
Other still fluting from their nest,
Spring. Spring, oh! Spring,
You are within us, she sang so sweetly;
other hovers higher up the mountain edge;
with the rhythm of cool breeze over the wing.
Summer is on the way she sings aloud;
In behalf of her friends along;
Thanks thanks for summer;
She sang through her old heart,
we are great to know you are here.
Oh! She sang all the way from above;
Her song echoed far and wide.
Oh! Spring rain touched a new leaf,
Before it drop the summer rain;
She whispered to herself;
She saw herder bring herd below her wing
When other birds are high on whirlwind;
Cricket whistle through the sharp voice;
When hot sun razed above her wings
Bringing painful memories to her soul,
Nature must know, her eyes laden with tears;
Herder bring herd nearby the brook;
Where animal come to drink
Humming bird sit on the nectar,
Where bees wait beside the flower silently
Before the summer has come to an end
Flapped her wing towards silence,
Autumn autumn, oh! autumn.
She sang to herself;
With the sadden heart once more
Autumn is going away from my eyes;
She weeps to her friend's eyes;
Since trees begin shrunken old;
Before the winter has come
Leaving behind tragedy;
Oh! Winter is already on the mountain,
She peeped through the sky so high;
Covered by the thick blanket of snow.
Oh! I must stop to sing this song in behalf of all.
She sang once more in the name of the nature;
What nature has made for creature?
Silently her song faded off in middle of the air.
Before she could land on the earth;

Aum Wangmo and the song of Ping…pi…yurung

29 May 2012 Author Kezwaa

Ping…pi…yurung… is a bird that sings melodic songs and reminds the farmers to sow seeds like maize. For the farmers in Eastern Bhutan, the sound of this bird is nothing new. From the very first day when they hear this melodic song, they pray for good yield. The song often brings alertness to the farmers to attend to their field. Before they sow the seed they crane their neck through the window thinking their field is ready to plough and bring unbearable pain to their heart thinking how would be their yield after hard days of plantation. They begin to sow the seed with full of hope and aspiration that their yield would be as good as before. It is the day for the farmer to realize whatever they sow seed would reap good result at the end of the year. After they sow all the seed nothing is left in their store and they have to eat porridge for more than seven months. Some borrow from their neighbours to repay after their harvest. They often gaze through the window hoping for good yield and worry a lot about wild animals destroying the crop. Some leave their field barren without planting anything because of shortage of labour while many get busy working in their field. Sometimes their body get the tanned in the sun and sometimes drenched in the rain. This is nothing new but it is their daily routine to survive. Birds are happy that spring has come and flowers have bloomed. But farmers are unhappy since they have to struggle in the field. In a way, the song of Ping…pi…yurung brings a touch of unhappiness to the farmers because it is a call for them to start the hard work in the field. 

Once I happened to see my neighbour Aum Wangmo crying silently facing towards her barren field. She was carrying a bamboo basket on her back and standing on the edge of her field. She was left by her husband when she was about eight months pregnant. After a month later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the cow shed while she was milking a cow. Actually the due date of her birth was bit later but the baby was born bit early. She had a very tough time since there was nobody to help to pick up her baby. She has no proper cloth to wrap the baby and no nutritious food to eat. But she kept working hard for her baby.

After nine years of struggle she sent her daughter to Thimphu as baby sitter in one rich family. Before the daughter went away, she reminded her of their hardship and tha she should work hard and come back as a good girl. She wept heaving to leave her mother alone at home. Mother missed her very much but could not do anything.  She could not resist the pain of sending her to a place where she had no friends.

The spring has come and it is times now to sow the seed. She looks at her barren field and murmurs. She was not able to plant any crop for many years. Everyone has started the work. She saw many pairs of oxen engaged in ploughing the fields. She thought to herself that she would be left with nothing to eat if she does not start her work. Her field has grown into a thick jungle. In the meantime, she heard that her husband had passed away after he was diagnosed of blood cancer. She loved him very much, more than anything in the world but some force of the nature had made him leave her.

She looked into the field and saw some maize plants that had grown out of old seeds but they wouldn't be sufficient for her. She saw her neighbour's field were all green with maize plants up to her height and she felt very restless.

She had a good life when her husband was with her but after his death she sold everything and she had to live in a small bamboo hut. Her land was forcefully captured by cruel neighbours leaving her nothing except a small patch of land near by her old home shed. Before she used to raise quit a number of cattle but later she lost everything and was left with an old milking cow. She often looked at that plough which was hung over the bamboo roof. The plough reminded her of her late husband and brought tears to her eyes. Her roof was often blown off by harsh wind. She had to work often under great pressure from the neighbour in terms of daily wages. She earned less than hundred in a day which was barely enough for her to buy her necessities.

More than 12 years later her daughter got married to a wealthy man. It was only the day her heart was regaled with happiness. Now my luck has come back again, she thought to herself after she prayed for an hour in front of her small altar. She lit butter lamp and prayed for their good luck in front of her old statues and shed tears of happiness. She lit up the incense and the fragrance spread in the air and she felt happy.

Her condition improved after her daughter got married. The daughter's husband felt pity to see her mother living in small bamboo hut in such a condition. They demolished the old house and built a new one storied bungalow with flower garden and parking spot in front of the corridor. She felt as if she was the richest women in the village.

And then again she sees her neighbours getting busy in their fields, weeding the maize plantations. The familiar song of Ping…pi…yurung echoes from afar. She can see Ap Tashi wiping the sweat from his forehead and singing a song along with Ping…pi…yurung. 

The rustling sound of the leaves wakes her up and she finds herself in the middle of her barren field; the empty bamboo basket still hung over her shoulder. The bird continued singing the melodious Ping…pi…yorung… which in a way made her recollect the hardships of her life. 

Story by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)
400Kv, BPCL, Dagapela.


14 May 2012 Author Kezwaa

I walked near the prayer flags
Thinking someone would be there near,
That ridge seem to be align with many prayer flags
The wind flapped all the prayer wide and afar
With the rhythm of dharma mantra;

Om ma ne pedme hung righ!
When the wind flapped the prayer along
Through that wind wiped out all my grievous sin
I must chant the prayer beneath every prayer flags
To feel the prayer by you and me.
Turn that constant prayer wheel very time you walk
Since chanting prayer is better than standing near the prayer flags
Praying to other is only the way to nirvana
Nirvana lies in our mind in every action
We are born within greedy and selfish
Every action has reaction in the way to samsara
Samsara is all what we create by our illusive mind
Our mind is the friend to all the attachment
We live in the depth of samsara always

Om ma ne pedme hung righ!
Once born is we grow old to die;
In the eyes of those who are born today
Nothing is permanent in this world it seems
May this prayer reach the mysticism?
To all the sentient being those who live in depth of pain
Attachment is root causes of all suffering mighty said,
When you see someone is born
It could be the calls of your death
Do not wait to turn that prayer wheel
Feel the prayer that we are within them
Always feel free to sing this prayer day and night

Om mane pedme hung righ!
Be happy to see when someone dies
Do not feel bad when you see someone is dying
They are the greatest teacher how to die thyself,
Oh! This prayer must not forget to chant in behalf of them
Always respect the sentient being those who die in front of us,
Obey the rule of the death always has within us;

Om mane padme hung righ!

The lone tear

11 May 2012 Author Kezwaa
Glittering behind the window pane
a droplet of tear fall;
all wet in  the heat of the sun;
Sparkling, solemnly
Submerged in depth of broken pain.
The passer-by asks,
why pain, why the tears?
But no one is to be blamed
Neither  me nor god;
love was born to be broken.

When the love disappears
an empty chasm lies between two hearts
Love bleeds under the depth of despair.

Lovers cry tears through
eyes  down to their broken heart.
I ran down to the corridor
saw the lovers in love
their hearts hooked to each other
like they have never fallen in love before.

The note of  love are blurred with tears
When their lone heart breaks,
thus sings their heart
a song so forlorn;

Before the sun dry that lonely teardrop
there had been joyance in its sound.

Before the wind swept away that lovely teardrop
he fixed his eyes on the sparkling window pane
one more time.

  • Actually this poem was published in Bhutan Observer dated 13/04/2012.  I would like to republish again here laa. 

Teardrop rhapsody

08 May 2012 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My beloved wife;

It's time now to remember your demise;

Not so long ago; only last year,

Since you have left me in agony;

Abandoned, without a words of goodbye,

I seek upon the mountain top;

down to the mighty ocean.

Thinking you would be there waiting me;

Nothing there only sound of whispering wind

Under the depth of despair;

A tune seems to hover over my lonely heart

Stocking down to the corroder of a lonely eyes;

Only a tune of some song that used

Often glitter my heart in grief.

Before I open the portal

There she used to lean and peep through,

But now she is gone forever by the force of the nature;

I have tried to hold your death

From the day she have fallen sick

 Treated thro' different kinds of capsule;

Nothing seems to be alright farther numbness

Thine wishes not to go far behind the death.

Since death seems too fast in my eyes;

A feeling of sadness that I mourn at thou,

with all my heart of grievance.

That is only akin to pain,

that brings resemble sorrow only.

Come; read to me some poem, my friends;

I have poured here in depth pain.

this elegy is thro' a lonely man.

Whom I have mourned a decade ago;

Those poems is gushed from a lonely heart

Or now tear from the eyelids start

Life's endless toil and endeavor;

Now all bent to be broken away

This poem has power to quiet the pine

But a feeling of sadness comes o'er me

my tears cannot resist the pain I am always with

that shall soothe this restless feeling sadness grew

And banish the thought of a saddest apart

My cheerful heart has already broken

The nights with devoid of ease;

By the force of her untimely death

When I remember all her last words

The words of love you have spoken

Raises the pile of sadness again.

From the day you void me alone,

 no more peace bidding her enthusiasm farewell

Once more I shall raise my hands

to wipe my lone tear nearby her dead bed.

That follows after prayer to rest her soul in peace

Fill the void of death with all my prayer of empathy.

Ere she pass away I filled with last breathe.

She cry tear through heaving to leave this poet alone,

With the precious words I love you; darling!

I am unfortunate to be born as your wife,

but unfortunate to go away from this world,

leaving in tragic memories in your eyes.

Oh! My heart grew with more agony with her last words,

She rested her cold hands over my face time and again.

Grip hands to feel her love for me;

At last! Silently she faded off in front of my eyes;

Nothing is last forever; only agony into the heart of this poet.

(I still miss her more than anything in the world)

I shall miss you

21 Apr 2012 Author Kezwaa

I'll go away one day, you know.
And I want to take as reminiscence.
A fragment of your kiss on my lips,
Perhaps a hug,  or an embrace …

For when the wind will blow out strongly,
I won't be cold,  nor will I chill
Around my shoulders I'll feel the warmth.
As a scarf your hug will stand by me, still…

When the summer sun will parch the land,
And people and plants will desiccate,
As elixir of life itself,
Your kiss will keep my lips immaculate…

And if it rains, with mighty thunders
And the sky gets split apart by lightning,
The whole world will linger in blindness.
But not my eyes, they wouldn't be.
I'll have engraved your own sweet kindness…

We will go far away one day, I know.
The paths of life will draw us apart.
But each of us will always keep
A part of one another, as a memoir…

I will trod the path that you have given me
From now is gone forever and never last
I shall frown the day you make me too sad
Always you shall be there to remember me.

The truthless love

21 Apr 2012 Author Kezwaa

It was from the beginning
The day I saw you at first sight
I am still in love;
And still I will love you until the end
Of the world you begin.

For there is no love ending.

A dream a infinite sky and

Score in the ideal world, and floated

Through the happiness heaven,

But here I am lonely prisoner without you.

I head the teaching of love in the prison

But there was no love to but found,

I was in the prison for more than month

Only because of you my revered,

Without by my side but I am always alone;

You can feel the pain I endure,

From the day you love me.

Only heartbroken man has that pain?

Why not to other, those who do not have heart to love;

Don't pour broken pain in my mind

If you are not sure to adore me in love;

Why I am sunk into your depth heart

To oath to love me is just a fragile

Be the women among woman;

To express the theme of your golden passion

Be truthful to love me till my broken apart

I may as well not be alive;

You can feel the pain I always encounter

In the brightest night I have lived alone.

You are only my love who I have never felt before.

Let us walk through this garden

20 Mar 2012 Author Kezwaa

Come, my beloved, let us walk through this garden
Where lots of bees enchanting with the nature
Life of bees has got the life in the heaven
And placed it on the peach and citrus tree
Let us follow the footprint of those bees

Who has walked miles over the mountain?

The mountain to draw nectar high above the cool plain

Let us go into the fields, my beloved,

For the time of those who left to harvest

Seed of love has sowed into this garden

As the spirit nourishes the grain of joy with love in burden

Let us hear the melodies of the wind touch the wings

Let's sit beside this flower and pursue their exchange of the sweetness of kisses.

Let us go into the next field, my beloved,

Let's us not fill our heart with joy of sadness

Bees are yet to shed tears for those who have already lost their heavies

Under the forced of the whispering wind

Let us tend the bloom of the earth

Let us make the flowers our happiest heaven

Let us relax after the day's toil,

And listen to the murmur of the provoke bees

Rather parting with old acquaintance.

Oh! Let us return to our dwelling, my beloved!

For the wind has caused the yellow leaves to fall;

And shroud the withering flower that whisper elegy to the bees

Come my beloved, come close to me since nature has just wearied

And bidding her enthusiasm farewell.

With quiet and content sorrow

Come close to me beloved; come too closed to me.

Let us speak glory of our heart,

For that is greater than the sorrow of the bees

Lost her heaves in the flower garden

Under the force of the merciless whispering wind.

where are you my sweetheart

17 Mar 2012 Author Kezwaa

Where are you my sweetheart?
I have been searching you,
For more than thousand miles,
East to west, down to the mighty ocean.
With the rhythm of all my broken love.
Are you in the heaven looking at me?

to feel the pain I endured for long yore

Or do you ever realize the painfulness,

That my heart was broken to potent love?

from the day my love fall at first apart.


Are you there in the flower garden?

Waiting for someone to water 

that forbidden field.

These helpless butterfly would come

and suck the sweetest burden,

that was hidden under my broken heart

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still in the mountain slope?

looking upward to witness

How that shapeless snow melt inside my wounded heart

Only your love has brought up with happiest pain.

Sown pain into my heart and soul.

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still in the ploughing field?

yet to saw painful seed into this broken field

Before the plough man has whistle to saw the seed

Longing for the future good yield.

Oh! Where are you my sweet heart?

Ah! Are you still in the river bed?

 Waiting for the weave to come and wash away those broken pain?

Glitter with the warm sun to dry up those tears

That I have wept for so many years from today.

After my heart was broken into pieces

And left my heart under the depth of despair.

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still inside my heart to bring?

Unhappiness song that I should sing whole day and night

With the rhythm of…love is life.When she is truly there,

When love go away, all else leave save pain.

Don't force her to love you, rather than love you the most.