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No Ragging in CST

16 May 2012 Author cholden

All are considered brilliant academically. Faculties considered us grown up and too treat as the same. From the moment of first assembly we were tagged grown up and yea we are. But what if you don't know the difference between senior and junior? Isn't it something that the grownup should know and have that skill to act accordingly?

First let me introduce CST. CST stands for College of Science and Technology. Once upon a time it was RTI (Royal Technical Institute) and in 2000 it was upgraded to RBIT (Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology) and later renamed the current name. Don't misunderstand still for RTI and RBIT, which offered diploma and certificate once upon a time. Many enquire to say, are you in RTI? Whatever be it is only college that offers under graduate degree in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, IT engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering.

It is evident that only toppers can make through here. And the reason for us to tag grown up is clear and bold.

Once you are here, you should know that you are not only to learn from books. It is a place where you learn to socialize. It is place where you should know the fundamental nature of friendship and sharing. It will let you know the sense of brotherhood. And important thing you should know is the seniority. It is everywhere. You can't avoid it wherever you go. If you can't accept the fact of seniority then you are liable to be ragged and seniors will show that the fact that you should except and learn. This is what happens in western world and India. And CST doesn't have this culture. This college will prepare to be what you are supposing to and survive in a real world. If someone can't survive these facts then I doubt whether you will survive in real world? 

Ragging was not here. It is not here and it will not triumph in future too. There is one, that was here from the start of the college, still prevails and it will be in future- briefing.

There are differences between ragging and briefing. Literally briefing mean information that is given to someone before they do something, or meeting where this happen. If somebody goes beyond the limit of what is desired by mass and if someone dare to deflect away from certain norms, deserve to get briefing. But no ragging!!

 Ragging means baiting or bullying someone. In India and western world, we can see lots of student suicide because they can't clutch the pain of embarrassment. They will be surrounded by seniors and harass them physically.

It is lucky enough that seniors in CST aren't like that.  The post in Kuensel Forum is not true. They were briefed not ragged. They were briefed on timings that they failed to attend an important occasion- teacher's day and picnic with lecture. They were briefed on dress codes in dining hall, necessity to attend prayer which is held once a week and about zero tolerance of substance abuse. 

Duality and the Cause

08 May 2012 Author cholden

There are some basic principles which governs the universe and that is the principles of duality, attraction and togetherness which are the ingredients of 'LOVE'. Love cannot exist alone just as one cannot be in love alone. We live in an age when love seemed to have gone cold amongst people, where relationships all too often end before they have even started.

We constantly hear of children of broken families and one parent families who are more likely to turn to crime. Recent events of youths looting and stabbing in cities across the Thimphu stands as an example of this uncaring, wayward attitude.

Needless to say there are various factors which caused this, however we cannot overlook the fact of broken homes as part of this ingredients. One only has to watch some foreign shows to see the mix up of relationships especially amongst the young in our communities and worse of all some reason to say that they stab because it is rampant! This is having a devastating effect on our young and society as a whole.

A relationship is as life itself, it comes with its ups and downs; this is the law of duality. We don't give up on life just because of a terrible earthquake, or a tsunami. Our society needs to promote more tolerance and over standing which are the main ingredients of a lasting relationship.

The system that governs our society has no teachings in their educational establishments of how to relate man to woman, woman to man. Academic education alone does not teach human beings how to relate and react to one another. We see in our society today where couples break up for whatever reason only to get back together and have a lasting relationship. In some of these circumstances there might have been a middle person giving some sort of advice and encouragement, this is the power of togetherness.

 For some people however there is no such intervention as they isolate themselves in the selfishness of what they call “my business” and therefore wallow in their own self pity, jealousy, pride and anger to their own demise. A couple who puts away these petty emotions and are real about their feelings will do the right thing to be reunited with the one they love. This is the law of attraction which brings true love for a lasting relationship. 

Tribute to Teachers!!

01 May 2012 Author cholden

For the one that let me know where I should step, where I should set my target, what are the remedies that we should have for to move ahead, that always fire me for my benefits and the one and only that assist me to be a responsible man in once life, I want to thank all my teachers who drive me till where I am today and where I'll be life. And again I want to thank all who directly or indirectly let me learn little things from your deeds and experiences.

Respected teachers;

You are my source of inspiration. You are my candle that lit me in darkness. You are my advisers. And instead you are my second parents and I rejoice for having met with such wonderful teachers in my life.

I remember how I got heavy beatings, heavy scolding and 360 0 twists in my ears, 90o slaps and many more… I do not mean that it was bad. It is worth more than anything in life. Your power in shaping the destiny of mine was so powerful that I land up in what I want to be and thank you very much for the magic that you have poured on me.

This is simple dedicated poem devoted to you all;

Everybody, I want you to say,
2012, happy teachers day.
It's time, we all pay,
Tribute to thy ray,
That let us success in our own way.

When paths are dark and tough,
Thy powers made, clear and bold,
You pave our way like gold,
You gave us, diverse eyes,
Those see the mischief bias.

Happy teachers day, I wish you,
You help us decide our fate,
Understanding what we like and hate,
Your presence helps us understand our state,
And so, I happily wish, happy teachers day.

Be it sport or studies,
You teach us many times,
And it remains for lifetime,
You have always been there with support,
Even in our problems, like an escort.

Lastly, I plead, to remain the same,
To help us gain our name and fame,
Loud everybody, be loud as loudly as you say,
Clap everybody; clap more as you say,
Happy teachers day!, 2012.

My Age Defines

29 Apr 2012 Author cholden

I started my life as a simple little baby. Grown slight big and became a young little boy. Again grown little more and became a simple buddy in primary schools. And the wind of time waiting for none blew my time reminding me that, I am now little man in my junior school. Little cute friends that are in my age of my times as a little young boy greet me as brother then! Time and tide waits for none. I was in high school as grown up boy and a man to handle what is supposing to in life. The universal truth of time passing by without waiting to anyone suffice that I am now greeted as uncle by the cute brothers that are in my stage that I came passed by. First time when I was greeted uncle, I was taken aback.

No wonder I am getting old day by day. Time drags me to the gate of death! Changed the tone of voice, physical appearances, and stone hard bone to hit and give pain to my friends to let them know that I am grown up enough! Now face starting to develop little wrinkles, voice with little twist, getting to know the better love of what we are define to be and get marry are those thinking that constantly strikes my mind. What to do it is the universal law- live to die! And now I am a man of going to be responsible soon.

Time will approach where I may get marry to whom shall my faith descend. I will spend my life with her. Then soon time shall again teach me to be father and be a responsible man. I will have to balance my family life and professional life. Scratching head over the mischief of my kids and argument with my wife will happen and hope it will never interfere with my professional verve. I'll have my own dignity to serve my parents and be best to them and too the nation with full zeal and hard work.

For me nothing is above religion. I am a Buddhist. I guarantee I can't be good to all. I can't be same to all. I might unknowingly and of nowhere other may think I do partiality. And I can't safe all lives. Which ultimately prove that I am not a perfect man? Yes I am not perfect! Like perfect love it will be rare to find perfect man. But I am sure at least I will not harm knowingly and intentionally anyone. If I have done unknowingly then I will pardon to my best. And too I beg pardon for till now if I have done unknowingly wrong to anyone. Pardon me! Everything is destined to complete expiry date and I'll let my expiry date complete with at least no regrets.  

In everyone's walk of life we encounter with different kind of sickness.  I have to endure all sickness that catches me. And I can't remain intact. I'll try to my best that I'll not let my dear and near one to shed tears beside me for which I'll pray day and night.

Technology told me how I will look like when I am in 60s or more, if I am permitted to live that long! Thank you, I can now foresee and prepare for to react for greeting- Agay Sangay!  My face will be full of wrinkles. My body will become loose. My hair will become gray. My voice will stammer. I will have to pause time and again for that I may do and my strength will shrink and I will become dependent. And once again I'll be a dependent young little boy with eased strength.

Life is like that. Partiality isn't the thing that we can expect to shower to be intact physically. Mentally we may be sound and want to live more but one day the gate to death will surely open for us to leave the wonderful campus of live and everything will be wipe away. And it is always waiting for us to warmly greet if we were good and vice versa. Then we will be welcomed to another world of deeds and the cause! 


25 Apr 2012 Author cholden

The night, filled with rain drops,

The droplets make me sad,

The sadness leads to tears,

The tears can't carry the pain away,

The pain is still in my heart,

The heart wants to say something,

This something may be a sentence,

This sentence has few words,

These words are I, love and you.


The day, filled with smiley shine,

The smile makes me feel high,

The contentment leads to fly,

The plume can't carry the total pleasure away,

The contentment is still in my heart,

The heart wants to say something,

This something may be a sentence,

This sentence has few words,

These words are I, trust and you.


World- the principle of duality,

Getting together with full zeal,

Feeling thy warmth and care,

Everything seems all, on and on,

All are mold and placed deep inside heart,

This heart wants to say sentence,

This sentence has few words,

These words are will, you, marry me.














On and On

23 Apr 2012 Author cholden

Life isn't as what we think and desire!!

Sometimes running like Swift River,

Sometimes running in snail's tempo,

Sometimes jumping like flea,

Sometimes the pain of piercing bullets,

Sometimes great joy of modest kiss,

And Life goes on and on……


Hearts aren't what we think and can opt!!

Sometimes we encounter the heart of mercy!

Sometimes the heart of fire!

Sometime the heart of cruelty!

Sometimes the heart of love,

And feeble heart beats on and on…


Eyes aren't the eyes that see thy nature,

Sometimes the eye of always faulty,

Sometimes the eyes of nurture,

Sometimes the eyes of guilty,

And always the eyes that sees the growth!

And beautiful eye wink on and on…





Beautiful Sight in College Picnic

23 Apr 2012 Author cholden

Panic of seniors/elders;

Holding discourteous girl friend;

Silent but holding her so tensed;

To avert in the web of seniors;

Hushed was his strong love to her.


Jumped to the tune of Tum Mile;

With 11000 in their hand tight;

With the sense of fantastic;

Holding their feet tight;

To withstand to the tune of frantic!


Sun showed its way to west;

Seems the day was best;

Juniors showed their courtesy;

Seniors accepted their fantasy;

Organizers seemed messy!


Everybody shouts in the long yellow bus;

Organizers had the sense of drunken mess;

To shun the tantrum of lecturers;

Counselors' seemed the bearer;

The day was wonderful to remember!










22 Apr 2012 Author cholden
The fountains mingle with
he river
And the rivers with the
The winds of heaven mix for
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is
All things by a law divine
In one another being
Why not I with thane?
See the mountains kiss high
And the waves clasp one
No sister-flower would be
If it disdain its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the
And the moonbeams kiss the
What are all these kissing's
If thou kiss not me

Because of you!!

08 Apr 2012 Author cholden

I awake each day with a smile
And greet it with a laugh;
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed;
And my heart is filled with gladness.
Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy;
And I bathe in the promise of your love,
My soul belongs to you.
Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you;
My life has so much meaning now
All because of you.
Each time I see someone misery
I wish such will not happen to you;
And I promise I'll be thy defender
All because I want you!

My Apa and Ama

31 Mar 2012 Author cholden

When I was a high school student, my mom would prepare special lunch every time I came back from school with Gotham. And I remember one night in particular, after a long, hard day at work. On that night so long ago, my mother placed a plate of burned food in front of my dad. I thought he will be angry. Yet all my dad did was ate it, smile at my mom and ask me how were my days at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him eating plate full of burned kharang! With potato curry.

When I went to sleep, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the food. And I'll never forget what he said, “Honey, I love burned Kharang.”

Later that night, I went to Daddy to say good night and I asked him if he really liked his Kharang burned.

He flicked me on my forehead and said, “Karma (my name called in family and village) Your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides – a little burnt Kharang never hurt anyone! You know, life is full of imperfect things… and imperfect people. I'm not the best at hardly anything, and I forget just like everyone else.

What I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other's faults – and choosing to celebrate each other's differences – is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship.”

And that's my prayer for you today. That you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your life and lay them at the feet of God. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to give you a relationship where a burnt kharang isn't a deal-breaker!

We could extend this to any relationship. In fact, understanding is the base of any relationship, be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship!

Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket – keep it in your own.

God Bless You… Now, and always…

So please pass me kharang, and yes, the burnt one will do just fine!
And please pass this along to someone who has enriched your life… I just did!

Sometimes thinking of such incident I




Don't Fear to Cross it!!

15 Mar 2012 Author cholden

Technology isn't new at all. The problem is people are still unaware of its worth functionalities. Most of the people crossing Omchu Bridge near the bus terminal here in Phuntsholing seem panic the moment they step the bridge. All are sly to say the structures are weak, old and about to collapse. But it is not.

Structures can be designed to vibrate when heavy loads ply on it or when the nature trembles, like earthquake. For example in Japan, most of the buildings are designed in such a way that it vibrate about its toe when there is an earthquake.

In the Omchu Bridge we can see cracks being developed mainly near the abutment. These cracks are caused by earthquake last year. These cracks will not affect the main structures since it is not part of it. It was constructed to protect the pressure of river flow when the level of water rises in summer.

The RCC Walls were constructed to channelize the water flow to prevent scoring and erosion of the banks that takes place every summer.  Previously there were plain cement concrete and gabion walls.

Moreover the capacity of the bridge is 40 metric tons.

When heavy vehicles and machineries ply over it, it is subjected to vibrate. And I know it vibrate violently but it is not going to happen anything instead cross it cool. I could see people increasing the pace the jiffy they are on bridge.

If anybody by chance crossing the bridge with heavy machines and vehicles, no need to panic instead enjoy the little vibration so that we prepare ourselves for the heavy vibration of earthquake. Lol!!… 

For the Cause

09 Mar 2012 Author cholden

For so many years they have been suffering. They were suffering silently and the right to call father of kids in needy hours would have been even more heart breaking for them. For sure after birth, we are bound to be the victim of bad health and in such needy time to have both caring parents they were left alone with helpless single mother. How would it be if you are in such situation?

May be some may utter it's their bad luck. Can this be truly their bad luck? Are they educated enough? No! They were cheated by Peak Learners! They were actually deprived of being village girl. We can't anticipate such mischief from the blooming peak learners of Shercol.

It will be great relieve and frustrating moment for the concern mothers and the grown up kids. By this time some child might have completed their high school education and written their unknown father name many times in schools. And so sad of all, few might have left forever.

It is a great initiative taken by Kesang Choden. And I fully support the logic behind to trace the missing fathers (planters) of the kids of the unfortunate girls around Sherabtse College vicinity. Soon the theme “God sees the Truth but waits” will be confirmed. And 178 or more officers will be tagged – detected missing father. And it will be great opportunity for all to witness their college notions and characters back then in Shercol.

One thing that again grab my attention- stoning the college gate! Fighting for the noble cause with such target with GNH as top priority in the Nation can't be justified. What you will get when you stone the gate? Will it suffice what you intend for? I think this is illogical and luckily it didn't happen and I wish it will not happen in future.

Good luck and let's all wait for the Judgment.

What I always Miss

06 Mar 2012 Author cholden

When all becomes past and the moment we part away from, we tend to miss them. We miss them because we remember. It drags oneself to fantasy of what we were and what happened once upon a time. Memory of our childhood is very interesting such that it brings meek smiles.

I always miss my childhood days… I miss how I got dirty easily and get heavy scolding from my mother! I miss how my father would smile when I was scolded and thrashed for my mischief. He is cool and nice guy and I miss him and my dear mother who shape me what I am today. Thank you my mother and I miss you a lot.

I miss my school days. I miss those days where I ran away from school and enjoyed playing in bushes with friends like little cute monkey baby! I miss how I and my friends asked for a drop of ink in Chinese pen… I miss the laughter of my school classroom environment! The moments of not understanding the handwriting of teachers written on the blackboard and murmuring to the desk mate and rush for second shares were those that it lets me to be once more a naughty kid. I miss the times where we were in bare foot and played Baktang Ball (ball made of stitch cloths) and didn't care whose leg hit stones.

Missing is just but my eyes well up when I think of my gone friends! Some gone forever leaving behind beautiful memories and hope they are stilling smiling in heaven!! I still miss the moment once my little friend said he want to be a doctor and cure his paralyzed mother! He was so cute that we were always together and do whatever we want to do and give my company. We cherished to tease monkeys encountered on our way to school and back home. And I still remember when he proposed a little monkey and ask her to come down and go with him to introduce to his parents. It was so funny. I miss u my little cute friend. 

The dancing of beautiful flowers in the tune and rhythm of dear wind was so moving when I fall in love to a little sweet girl when I was in PP. I miss her sudden kiss on my chick! As a little boy I used to get her flowers and beautiful plants on way back to home from school. I used to carry her bag and we always loved to play in sand and stream water. Our love was so innocent. I miss her so much that I am happy to see her now as a good mother!

What a Week!!

27 Feb 2012 Author cholden

Starting from Monday afternoon till date I have been enjoying my hobby. From 21st till 23rd it was the birth anniversary of His Majesty the King Jigme Kheser Namgay Wangchuck. Those were days where Bhutanese rejoice for having such compassionate, far sighting, smart and intellectual king. As a token of love and prayer to his majesty I have written a small poem and posted earlier to this.

 The day was cool and clear. Early in the morning, Birds singing, wind blowing their best way to let beautiful leaves dance to their best style, sun gleefully smattering its rays equally to all was what I noticed from my window. It was 7:30. With my head held straight high and two hands in same position and moving from top till chest I bow to wish my king happy birthday and Long live. I thanked him for his concerns, vision, sacrifices and so on…

 When it was 3:00 pm I was impatiently sited on a blue plastic chair in front of 24×7''. Sooner or later when I saw little cute talented and extraordinary contestants of National Talent Hunt I was relieved and my pulse rate was normal. One after another they started performing. Ladies and gentlemen watching the show valued them with ever big round of applause. I was waiting. And I was waiting for Tshering Dorji to appear on the screen. I was prepared to clap for his well doing. And to my jovial and wish to win the show was fulfilled when he cheerfully lifted the Nu. 200000 cheque of BOB. Well done Mr. Little Tshering Dorji!  Well done to all the little kids of the show and I wish you a happy journey in your life.

 After the show I was again prepared to go to my relative's home and enjoy Losar. It was on 22nd and coincided with the auspicious day. With my plate crammed with Phaksha and red rice I closed my eyes for few seconds to wish all people a Happy Losar. Let the dragon year bring to all what we desires and let there be harmony and peace always prevail in the society. Let all the new born be like dragon and rule the nation to his full strength and good history be always created in the name of dear Dragon. Let all is set for well and let peaceful dragon year change to a pleasant snake year without any regret of failure, harm, misery, fear, hatred and so on….

 Since the days for the real prayers were gone I am now simply and confidently sleeping like pig. It is time for me to sleep and let the time approach for classes. 

Happy weekend to all and Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

21 Feb 2012 Author cholden

Sun rising from the horizon;
Birds chirping to its paramount melody;
Moon immaculate with respite smile;
And beautiful flowers sparkling to wish
You happy Birthday.

Elderly wrinkle with superfluous wrinkles
On their modest face
With extra splendid happiness
And enthusiast kids glisten to wish
You Happy Birthday.

Let the GOD adorn each
Reaching thy majesty with wishes of triumph,
Happiness and prosperity for you,
Wish you a marvelous Happy Birthday.

May peace, prosperity and affluence
Be always enshrining under your dynamic leadership.
Long live your Majesty and Happy Birthday.


18 Feb 2012 Author cholden

 At a certain time in our life we try to find someone, who match with us. It is referring to the searching of suitable partner for whole life bonding. To someone it is true love or true life partner. It is normal and at the age of sixteen-eighteen or so we start to feel it. But at the age the true love actually does not come, it is called fantasy or fascination on opposite gender. Maturity matters to choose someone. The teenagers are engulfed with full of fascination. In this time someone may dream about her classmate, neighbor even if it is not uncommon to think or possess about someone who is too much older than him. At the tender age boys mostly found any heroine as their dream woman. The reason is for their beauty and seductive expression, which makes them to be fascinated. The beautiful actress has evoked boys' fantasy. The boys get ardently passionate about the actress to get her physically and all time used to dream about her to make courtship. I can remember the same thing when I saw few western actresses online. At the time I was just eighteen and I am now too not that old to be called man and I become fascinated seeing beautiful body, expressive eyes, lips and the unavoidable curves. It makes my passion at such a level that I was totally obsessed seeing at a glance for someday. 

It is very tender age and it should be handled carefully by the superiors. At the age we step towards maturity both physically and mentally. The hormonal changes within body actives the reproductive organs and the changes in body & mind keep us busy to stick to some fascination. Actually it is the starting point of towards maturity and then the attractiveness and manhood personality awakes in us. So to impress a girl or by their style and get fascinated on some beautiful one is very common among the boys and vice versa. At the time of internet, visiting any adult site and seeing some hot pose pictures are commonly known among us. We do visit usually adult links to view seductive models. In internet these types of sites and models are available in full range. Visiting these types of sites is not bad literally but of it becomes practice it becomes affective. Now the time is very dangerous. The popular media is giving hike those types of entertainment, which is totally weird, unfruitful and unethical. For instance, take any type of dance or singing reality show. Here we telecast kids and teenagers are given platform to do some mature job in immature voice or body. 

Indirectly we are become pray of the market and our childhoods are totally destroyed in the earlier stage and it some realized later. Nowadays item dances are destroying totally the teenagers' mind. The dance is nothing but a passionate appeal to destroy the youth's mind. The bad elements are present and ready to create disturbance in teenagers' productive mind. We should be careful to eliminate these harmful things, persons and TV channel.


What we Desire for??

11 Feb 2012 Author cholden

Yes we all desire for something that we like and wish to be. Actually sometimes no distrust we are desire oriented! As a little cute baby we desire to be cared and grow up soon to desire more things. Step by step we modify physically and mentally and accordingly the aspiration too alters.

As a young and diligent ten ager we desire to be loved and be successful.  No exception, everyone aspire to dance in an environment called love. We want our self to get the aroma of beauty and the serene panorama of opposite sex. We never wish to get hurt and rejected. Meandering rivers slowly following its way down, beautiful chirping birds, sun wonderfully rising with self and a moon halting to see thy beauty and handsome is the strong sense that all most all aspire to search out.

We are driving in the world of technology. I think it was not prophesied by any person that the world will become what it is today. We shun walking more and shun entertaining with the age old way of life.  Once upon a time people enjoy and outdo their time playing archery, kuru etc. These days' people instead go for draying and wave hand for taxi to reach their destination.  People drink and abuse more alcohol and drugs.

We aspire to drive glittery cars, walk majestically and even own flying artificial bird lol! We never desire to get recognized as ostensible cowboy. Actually we never want to be disgusted and deprived. We yearn to be like heroes in films.

Ironically in a Buddhist society where we are bound by the principles to do well and ultimately to be born in what we all expect heaven is left just otherwise. Instead we all suffer while we are alive and at the time of death. Enlightenment isn't desirable by all beings. Verbally all are committed well. Prophecy to be born as non-human is questionable if we were good people while alive. Forthrightly people only desire to be sufficient while alive and never concern where to go after death!  Data zaju yuena chema gala dona do!!




When we don't feel Guilty!!

09 Feb 2012 Author cholden

All people in this universe are born with one condition that to grow with time! Not many follow the desire path and not many do the desire things when they are mature. Different people have different perception and dreams. Not many of the speaking beings wants sufferings and it'll be any wonder to see almost all strive for what they wish for.  The moment we are thrown out of mothers' womb we sense the nature of being surrounding our self. Due to the different acuity of different beings and born from different mother we tend to develop totally diverse characters. Whatsoever the situation is, once upon a time it was not a matter of concern to anybody and as a whole to the society. Now the people have changed a lot but I am afraid to argue that the world has altered. Never will the world alter; it is we the people change.

We are in twenty first century, century where people know anything that is quit comparable to knowing nothing. Majority of the population in our country is in the age limiting 35 if I am not mistaken. Every home has youth. Youth- the future of the Nation, that are questioned and given profound concern by the concern authority and the concern guardians and parents.

What type of nation we have and in what category of family we are born doesn't matter in what we do if we desire to do what we wish for. That is why it is becoming more and harder to curb the so called youth problems. All most all youth might have one way or other attended the religious discourse in respective schools, are taught lessons on religion as a subject and their elders definitely have taught what is good and bad. If we question if whether they are aware of cause and effect it'll be wonder less to know that they are Buddhists to answer yes. How much they need to counsel, how much we can show right path and how much of them will follow what is desired and expected by the society and parents? These are the questions that all of us need to ask to our self and the youth themselves too. How much we pour water on the upside down pot it'll be incredibly difficult to see not even a single drop stagnant in it.  

The main inspiration that we all must acquire is the sense of guilty. If we are guilty we'll never do what we thought and think to do. Better in this developing world, if we learn to feel guilty to our self we'll have cool society.

It is my personal thoughts and for in no doubt I think if we are culpable, we'll not see our self in a situation where nobody desire to witness. If we are not guilty we will see same person distressing and frustrating the cool society.

Have the sense of guilty!! 

On Valentine Day!!

09 Feb 2012 Author cholden

My deep wish and prayers to all love birds on Valentine day is what I felt this could do! Let your pulse rate increase with hope and desire to continue your love and care for each other!

My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you! To the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world! Last night I'll match each star with a reason for loving you. I heard someone whisper your name today, but when I turned around to see who it was, I noticed I was alone, that's when I realized it was my heart telling me how much I miss you!

You know I wish I can be with you every day for 8 days a week and 25 hrs a day. I never seem to get enough of you.

A DOCTOR can save my life. A LAWYER can defend my life. A SOLDIER can give me a peaceful life. But only you can give me a MEANINGFUL LIFE.
Sending you 1000 smiles, take one for now, and keep the remaining 999 under your pillow, pick out one every morning, because I want to see you smiling always.
I finally got my past, present and future tenses correct today. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever!

Every teardrop is precious so better make sure that if you drop some, its worth crying for 'cause you can never pick them and put them back to your eyes. Love wisely!
My eyes miss you, my Feeling Love you, my hand need you, and my mind calls you, my heart just for you. I will die without you, Because I Love you.

Being in love with you is the greatest blessing I ever received from God. When I remember you are mine, my heart is so sweet like someone who finds a gold mine darling you are indeed a rare gem. It's you or never.

In my life I have met only one angel, that angel touched my heart, filled my life with love and flooded it with feelings.

My darling, my angel, in comparison with the light that heats my heart when you are nears me; everything in this world seems dim. You are the light that bright up every new day that arises.

So stay with me, kiss me, hold me and dream, dream of the future, and I will fill it with every drop of love I have. The first time I said the words I love you, I made you a promise to the end of this world that my love belongs only to you, and no-one can take your place in my heart.

A small heart indeed, but filled with joy and love towards you. I will watch you and take care of you as you dream, and in your ear I will whisper the words I Love You, I love you, and tonight, as you sleep, dream the nicest of all the dreams, and listen as I say I LOVE YOU

Good Luck!!

On Her birthday!

06 Feb 2012 Author cholden

One million apologies can't rectify my wrongs
Nor can one word I say
But I would like to tell you I value your friendship
So I'm going to try to alter my ways

I can't swear anything
Since it might turn into a lie
Then I could lose your companionship
And I don't wish to say goodbye

When I'm annoyed and I say I hate you,
Don't heed a word
Since I'll love you very much forever
So why I say it is fairly strange

Somehow we've suffered it
And you've excused me for it all
But I do it yet again
And then back to you I crawl

The point I'm trying to put over
Is to tell I still love you
And to have a happy birthday
And feel what I say is said by my heart

What's done is done keep that in mind
Cause you can't alter the past
So wipe clean the bad times
And have fun with your birthday while it lasts

What this rhyme is telling
Are my birthday wishes for you?
And whatever desires you have
I'll wish them for you too

You earn to have all your wishes
And all of your fancies come true
Since you're there for everyone specially me
And you constantly help me pull through

I'll miss you forever
And I trust you too miss me
Keep in mind that the past
Doesn't label who you're going to be

So many thanks for everything
And for assisting me on my way
My last wish for you
Is to have a happy birthday