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where are you my sweetheart

17 Mar 2012 Author Kezwaa

Where are you my sweetheart?
I have been searching you,
For more than thousand miles,
East to west, down to the mighty ocean.
With the rhythm of all my broken love.
Are you in the heaven looking at me?

to feel the pain I endured for long yore

Or do you ever realize the painfulness,

That my heart was broken to potent love?

from the day my love fall at first apart.


Are you there in the flower garden?

Waiting for someone to water 

that forbidden field.

These helpless butterfly would come

and suck the sweetest burden,

that was hidden under my broken heart

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still in the mountain slope?

looking upward to witness

How that shapeless snow melt inside my wounded heart

Only your love has brought up with happiest pain.

Sown pain into my heart and soul.

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still in the ploughing field?

yet to saw painful seed into this broken field

Before the plough man has whistle to saw the seed

Longing for the future good yield.

Oh! Where are you my sweet heart?

Ah! Are you still in the river bed?

 Waiting for the weave to come and wash away those broken pain?

Glitter with the warm sun to dry up those tears

That I have wept for so many years from today.

After my heart was broken into pieces

And left my heart under the depth of despair.

Oh! Where are you my sweetheart?

Are you still inside my heart to bring?

Unhappiness song that I should sing whole day and night

With the rhythm of…love is life.When she is truly there,

When love go away, all else leave save pain.

Don't force her to love you, rather than love you the most.


08 Mar 2012 Author Kezwaa

Oh! Mother,
Why this tragic memories

hunt my tormented mind

from the day you fended off;

left me in a tragic and sad, behind.

I can still feel your stillness

In that grave yard.

Lying in refrigerated lips

Kissed by the cemetery guard.

Yard away from old home shed

Those barren, uncultivated field

has now grown

I saw that impetus yield

Just grown in lamentation,

Reaped  with numbness and in pain.

Father is wino(?) for years

After fatal blow of tears

I am left a waif and  astray;

Along the dry sea shore.

Nothing seemed to glow

Wait and waited of yore

Nothing is permanent, only the death blow

Purged under the depth of despair.

You were a mother of our souls

But Pyred in mortal sheets of flame

Her body was on the way to the fire.

You are fondly laid on the funeral

I recall my mother barely at all

As if through distant portal

There was no luck as I was born

In this world ,I live in thorns.

nothing is immortal

Only lives come to an end

Soul remains, an undying fiend.


06 Mar 2012 Author Kezwaa

It was exactly on Monday
When the day was so bright
The rays of sun forced to melt
That dewdrop hung over green grass
When the dewdrops melt, it left it all alone

When the sun tilt towards the western horizon

My heart begin to melt under the shed tree

Every bird stopped singing behind me

When they heard the sound of my breaking heart

The wind shook all the leaves barred to shrunken

I wish my heart should not be broken

In the eyes of those who passersby;

It seems nothing is sweeter than broken pain

Better not to feel free to have that agony

Which I can't resist to have that pain of love

I have learned from this age of love how to be all alone

How to bear that pain is all about how we love again.

Love is greater than love after everything demolished

Love is uncertain it seems and can be vanished at any time

Like the cloud desperately waiting for the rain

Love is only in love when everything broken

Broken heart is only the part of love when preside

Love is only realized when I have the pain of broken heart

I can't trust that love she has given me in pain.

Love is only feel when everything broken inside

Pungent smell

03 Feb 2012 Author Kezwaa

It was in early morning I was really getting late in the office and i was in tearing hurry.
I was called by my boss to deliver his letter to another office which was located near by our office.

Boss….Kezang  do you smoke?
Me?.no …i said
Boss…..Do you drink then?
No sir,…….but some times when i feel cold
Boss;…..then what did you eat in the breakfast?
Me..i do not take Breakfast in the morning sir,
Boss,……than did you eat brogpazhidpa? I  can smell something stinking.
Oh! it was not the smell of brogpazhigpa it was the smell of dog stool  which I had stepped on when i was rushing here

Boss…alright then… clean your feet before you deliver my letter.


03 Feb 2012 Author Kezwaa
I have tried to hide my tear not to fall

In front of her when she go away

But I can't hold it when you disappear after all

Once you are there in my heart

Like dew drops that glittered in the sun

It seem you left my heart apart

Every tear drop I shed is not for fun

This hot tears is all in the name of you

My heart tries to stop mourning all the way from sorrow

Sorrow of today can't wait for morrow

Every time I try to hide my tears but can't do it

Since you left me more than a month

Every time I think of thou now and then

I seek every foot print you have toad in my heart

Those foot print has just swept away by the wind

Bringing thousand broken words as to become sad tear

Don't let me cry alone, if you are not here in my heart my dear

Let me be candid why I love you,

From the day I have saw you from my wistful eyes

Tears of today is the sadder depth of tomorrow

Broken pain is greater than sorrow

Don't smile at me when I am in desolate pain

The one who promise thro' thy finger is mean to be broken.

Don't laugh at me when you are away from my love

Kill me at once rather than keeping me in pain

I wish to die in your lap without gain

I cry not for my parents not for my unborn child

But only for your love that torture me time and again

The one which I hope is now abandoned

I walk all the way from my old home shed

Thinking you would come back some day

The tears I weep for you all day and night

Wetted my heart through window of broken pain.

 I peep through the window once you have peeped

Thinking you would be coming into my heart so deep

I seek higher up the mountain so cold

Ferrying all the stream down to the mighty ocean

Thinking you would be playing with the weave

The ruthless weave swept away all my hope at once

Leaving me under the depth of tragic sad

The love when she has given to me has cheated her own love

Left me in the world of sorrow and broken ache.

I wish I must not have this kind of love henceforth

Never try to fall in love with the one who's having unkindest heart

Trust without skin deep is like women without heart

Never seek the love that has gone along the sea shore

Never trust the foot print that you have steeped in the river

Love is just like the weave that will take into the long shiver

At last love is just terrible pain when broken apart

Never love the women who is outer beauty


03 Feb 2012 Author Kezwaa

I am a bird in the welkin
I fly so high with my wing so straight;
I hover with full of unfeigned delight
I try to catch the moon ere wade across the hill,
When she is in full swing, I will;
Then the sun just wend to fade,

In the darkness unsung bade.

I hold my eyes to my dear nest

Mind like a floating wide of cloud

Weir from the unforeseen zest

I shall fade out with the song aloud

Sunset like the parting of old acquaintance

I wish I am flying higher up the welkin once more

What would be to pair of weeny eggs below me?

My heart is burn in hot sun as I can't be

Let me be candid today and henceforth   

Never to leave my pair of egg unattended

Every sadness is only the end of living troth

Smell of delicious fragrance waft and wafted,

A brown fox appeared in my heart a while ago

Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace

Feel his poem by the humbler poet whose heart was place

And lend to the rhyme of the poem of ego;

Still heard in his soul the music of wonderful melodies

And his night shall be filled with music of sadness,

When the poet was in splendid pain of sorrow.

Under the depth of whispering night.


29 Jan 2012 Author Kezwaa

I tried to cry with no tear
But my eyes forces me to cry with tears
Many tears comes out before I closed my eyes
My eyes shed tears with too many reasons
The reason why I have cry is only because of your love

When you left me behind under the depth of despair

You cannot see my teardrop rolled

But tears are already there in my eyes

Many times I try to hide my tears in front of you

Before you go way from my  happiest heart

Nothing I can give you but only my tears now

Tears that I have saved for more than months

You cannot know why I have shed tears alone

Tears only the droplet but the worth of dying

Only through my tears I can express lone pain

Tears of today has already hunted my sadness

Tears is nothing but it's greater than any pain

 I have cried with my tears all day and night

But nobody has feel the worth of my tears

How long I will have to cry with my tears

Before you come back to my heart again

Don't you feel pity in my eyes so torn out?

My tears are not for myself it's for you

Every tears I have shed is akin to pain

Every tear I have shed was in the name of you

But you are already there with beautiful median

I think I must not shed tears since you are gone

Everything is gone and now done

Nothing is I can say with my tears now

It's only the worth of giving pain to myself

Nothing I can gain with shedding my tears alone

Since she is already gone forever from my eyes.

Nothing I can do with her…only I have is tears of pain.




Reminder to all

13 Jan 2012 Author Kezwaa

Dear Nopkin writers

I would like to in form that i am no more in Samdrupjongkhar. I was transfer to Dagapela 400kv Transmission line under Punatshangchu II. THIS IS FOR ALL YOUR KIND INFORMATION PLEASE.


30 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

It's nothing new to me as well to you
when she left me alone
I try to hide my tears
before she break my heart in pain
under he eyes of broken apart
when everything was left far behind
I can't resist this pain farther more pain
when she kicked my heart
There was only pain in my heart so warm
I have counted your foot steps before the door was open
you brought nothing new at my heart
numbness at the core of my wistful eyes
I shall see, you are there in the golden castle
In the lap of his wealthy ornament
Piles your love in every moment
I cannot but beg you
Not to give me pain life any more
I made song through my broken heart
In the title of my own broken words rhythm
Be happy in the heart of a rich man,
i should say and weep for you now an then
who will love you more than me and my child
He will love you more than anything in the world
live a life of happy women ever i should say
Eat the feast of nothing sempetous
Be the fairest women in the heart of that man
Be the heroine of his choice
until your heart burden with out tears
I shall count your days from the day you left
Don't be yourself the victim of broken family
But i have never seen kindest women
Like you who is after the wealthy man
I shall never forgive you, till my tears bleed in blood
Wish i shall never give peace to myself
After my heart was broken into pieces
Love is live only when broken apart
Burden when broken into pieces….


30 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

As we all know that NGENPA GUZUM and NEGLOG  losar is the only losar fall in the week after another  in Bhutanese Calender. Everybody thinks to celebrate with delicious meals but nobody realizes how many animals have been killed just for the one day. Since it's the social gathering for all us to enjoy with our beloved family, everybody works hard with enthusiasm and energy before losar to buy meat. Even the beggars money to buy a kilogram of meat to remember the day. Everybody has different plan to do on that day. Some get married but some get divorced after the non-stop drinks and many get caught on with the argument.

Everybody says there is pleasure without the meat in losar but what about those who don't eat meat? Why can't we celebrate losar without meat? Nothing can stop us to buy meat on that day. Some people raise pig for next losar but who does know whether we will be able to attend the next losar or not. We are really excited and worried whether we will get our share of meat on that day or not and everybody eagerly rushes to the meat shop. People try to get at least a kilogram of meat from every corner of vendor shops in the town to celebrate with sumptuous meal. Some wait near the slaughter house for the kill and butcher are ready to cut for the people's demand. Where is dharma if we have to celebrate after slaughtering other's life? Will it really mean that our country is a dharma country? Why can't we think of others a bit? When someone is yelling under the knife what do we feel? Do we feel happy to see an end of life or let them kill for a pleasure of a meal? Who will come and see whether you are celebrating the losar with meat or not? Who will come and check your pot?

I think that those who have the compassionate minds will never celebrate losar at all with the kill. We never care of the animals for a second but always think for our pleasure even at the cost of animals' lives. What is compassion? This word is not simply a sense of sympathy or caring for the person suffering. It goes beyond our own relatives and blood. Lets stop this brutal killings to please our taste buds. If we stop eating meat we are adding the life of sentient and there won't be nothing grand than the losar without a meat.


27 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

Dear Nopkin members

I would like to wish you all our writers a very happy new year for 2012. May this year will bring good luck and happiness to all our writers.I really wish our nopkin owner for giving us golden opportunity to write and know the peoples from all walks of life. May this year will bring good yield and happiness to all the sentient being in this world.

With love and regards to all our nopkin writers, “Keep rocking roiling ready”.

We should respect the news papers

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

A person who read all the news paper is considered the responsible citizen. But who is there to read all the news paper at a time. I have seen many people just buy news paper to rape doma and chili chop and other eatable items especially in the town whenever the function is happening. I have seen many Bhutanese news paper are abundantly thrown in the pit or in the road side. This is not fare to throw our Bhutanese news paper anywhere without bit of thinking. If you don't know how to read news at least doesn't buy it.

One day I came across with one woman carrying a bundle of Dzongkha news paper. I told her where you are taking this Dzongka news paper. But she proudly says she is going to rape doma and chili chop since royal weeding approaching soon. I asked her to give me and I will replace with English news paper but she did not listen to me and went to the bar to exchange with the bottle of beer. It was very strange to see our people just don't know the worth of the dzongkha letters. I don't mean to say English is not important like dzongkha it equally very important. Many of our Bhutanese peoples just buy the news paper to see the beautiful picture printed or if there not that good picture they simply throw it out. I feel our Bhutanese people do not buy news paper to read they simply buy to litter the town. I have seen many people buying mostly English and very few buying Dzongkha. I have never asked to myself this question why they are keen of buying mostly English news paper rather than Dzongka. To be really frank I never buy Dzongkha news except I go for English. Many times I have tried to write poem in dzongkha but spelling are very difficult rather than writing poem in English. It shows that I am not respecting our dzongkha. But I never try to neglect at least I love to write in Dzongkha some time. “A person who does not have sense the responsibility will never have key of success” Actually I don't want to blame only to other I have to think what I am doing whenever I buy the news paper weather is  Dzongkha or English. Weather is it is old or young it's our duty to keep our environment clean and green. Let's buy news paper to see the news what is going around the world and within our country let's not buy to litter our environment. “Those who can think of our environment are a generous man” littering is easy but maintaining cleanliness is difficult. Let's learn how to master our mind to keep it clean and let our environment smile to us.

am i really a good driver?

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

I am a driver.  I' am not. Oh yes, I am driver who ride on the road? I am not a best driver like other but I seem I am just good driver only. Actually I do not like to impress myself being a good driver. “Self press is donkey press” it says. I think I am good driver among those who drink. It was in 1998 when I was driving a first road towards Bhumthang my leg was on the brake pedal to slow down my speed suddenly my right leg slipped and went in to the accelerator nearly killing several peoples on the road side. Luckily I could save a life of those who are in my car. They wondered and blushed with half smile Oh! You are a good driver they said but did they ever realize how the best driver has lost control his steering wheel in front of us. There is no best and good driver when in ill luck favor. Later they said I am best driver among good bad road. Actually my ambition was not there to become as driver but I meet one young driver in shiny leather coat and blue jeans with puff of smoke from his nose trill inspired me to become driver at last. He inclined on his seat and played a loud amount of music to draw intension to become a driver. He said to me “Driver's life is golden life one two turning three four wives” You will meet a beautiful lady if you…. aloud music from driver's cabin made deaf to hear what he supposed to tell me about. He nearly took me as his handy boy when I was in class VI. In that day on wards I have promised myself to become driver in future. Till now my promised has fulfilled after long deep sigh. Actually I hate myself being a driver but what else to do since I am already a driver to feed my family. I regret now since I have never come across with among four wives it was only a saying just to capture our mind. Now I am landed up with only one wife. She never blame me when I am driver instead she appreciate for being a responsible driver. Some withdraw to become driver's wife other they liked to be the wife of driver since she can reach the entire new place travelling with the driver.  Many people blame the driver just in a minute by seeing him under the wheel. In fact driver is a slave but who risks the life of people from all walks of life. If accident happens on the way passenger will balm only a driver but who will thank me with gratitude if I have reached you all in safe destination? I have come across many different peoples in my life. Some spit to us if we never wait for them to give lift some they understand if they see my car is with full passenger other barbarian they force us to give lift even than my car in full loaded. Do you consider yourself a best driver if you flash off some dirty water on pedestrian body? Or will I be happy to see them wet by dirty water while you speed on the road. Good driver depend on how we driver and when we help. Give him a way to pass if you know how to drive. It's almost 14 years now since I did not happen any single creak of accident just by the grace of god. I wish to be good driver throughout my road. I wish myself a good driver since I was not involved and addicted with alcohol and drugs. Good driver need not have to pay fine to RSTA. I STILL NEED TO LEARNHOW TO DRIVE ON THE WAY. I AM NOT PERFECT DRIVER.

Parents are our greatiest being on earth

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

As we all know but can we realized how many times we might have told and pressurized our parents to send money when we are in school. But who will realize that how much our parent might have struggled and razed their body in the sun just to earn hundred ngultrum in a day.

Rigden was very lucky to get job in one of the private sector after he completed class X. Actually Rigden's parents did not know that his son is doing in Thimphu after he left the study. After several months later both the parents they came to know from other mouth that Rigden got job as Clark. Parents were very happy and thank the god in the altar they always prayed for his son. After several months of service he did not like his job and ask his parents that he is going to continue his study in private. Parents was very worry about the school fees in private suddenly his parents sold patches of land to make him to continue his further studies. Rigden was hard working student in the school and he even the most punctual students ever trusted by the school teachers. He even won the price of the best student in the academic year. His parents hope is to become good servant after finishing the school and thinking they would serve when they become old. Suddenly, Rigden meet a beautiful lady named Yangchen, Her starry eyed just like a north star just wink at him whenever he stay alone and his beautiful face just become sleepless night after he saw her.  Rigden slowly his hard work and punctuality was dying gradually after he meets that girl. He thinks to himself that there is no wonderful woman like her. She was beautiful and he cannot live without her even a day. She became the life line in his daily life. He cannot live with her for a single day and become the strongest love in the world. After a several time misbehaves in school they both were chock out from the school and land in nowhere. I think Rigden did remember that his parent has sold the land to continue his study wished he will get good job and he will help his parents after getting old. I think Rigden is just doing opposite to the poor parents.

Rigden's parents were very shock to see his son was coming with bedding on his back and asked his father. Oh! Son, why is your bedding on your back…Any problem created in the school? No! Father he replied, I have finished my study and I was told to go home and ask to search the job myself… That's great wished his father and mother standing in front of the door. Do you plan to find job in the market? Not yet think of the job now a day I will find my job slowly why so hurry… I need some time myself to think about my job.

The time went in tearing hurry there he could not find any job. He search the job in every corner but he was helpless himself to get the job. There was job available in the market due to his bad certificate never let him to get job. After several times of searching job he felt there is no hope to get job. After that he meets his old friend named Tenzin in the market. He became good friend with and spending the day and night with him. His friend was drug addict and he always has to go to the market to have drugs. One day Rigden was asked to get and buy some ejection and some tablets from the market. Rigden agreed to go and buy the things. One that way he tested one of the tablets and he felt dazzled and took it one more and on the way he was fall down and never came back on time. Tenzin went to see what was happen to Rigden there he was flat on the road and they try to control the drugs. Gradually, Rigden happen to consume the drug alone and now he becomes chronic addict. After becoming the friend with Tenzin he did not remember his parents at home and he was lonely without friend. The very next day he was taken by the police and handed over to the re-habitation centre and he was cure after several years in treatment. Now he was alright and now he is doing well to himself and as well as to the parents. Now he got parents support and he become the responsible citizen in government service and he got a very good job and securing the job with his new wife.

Dear Parents, I am extremely fortunate to have parents like you. Since you brought my life in meaningful way .if you are not there in my right path I would have been died. Any way I really thank the re-habitation center for helping. Any way I am sending you my first salary and hope to send more in future. With love, Rigden!

Rigden live away from bad friends and free of drugs! No he has become a responsible citizen.

Don't let me cry tonight

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

I know
you are
breaking my heart
But who
will responsible
for the broken shell
Left  all abandoned
without care.
I have loved you
through all my heart
Right after you grovel

my innocent heart.

You have promised me

That you will never

leave me alone;

For the truth of our love

Thy promised me that

You will pluck the star

from above and  lit the light

in my heart to insure

the true meaning of love.

Even thee placed a ring on

My right finger indicate

The wrong love I have kept.

I am now burden to be all alone

 everything has just collapsed

and nothing has left all gone

into the depth of despair

Nothing can stop me to

Cry all alone with terrible pain;

Everything is become dishearten

Without you in my heart so sad.

Now I am living in broken heart.

The size of the love does not matter

but weight of the broken pain

Does matter in my heart.

Broken heart is only

Only the biggest part in

The world which i have never lifted.

But what else is love;

How can I know the true meaning?

Of love until we break to each other.


Story by Kezwaa

17 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa

The sun set behind the mountain pitifully after tirelessly journeying the globe, and the moon just waited for someone special in the darkness.

Tobden did not qualify for class 11 in 2003. His hobby was to become an Engineer but it abandoned him and his parents were disappointed. He tried to study hard but his luck did not favor. With a deep thinking he decided to join RIHS at lease to please his parents.  After three years of training he was posted in one of the remotest villages where there is no road and electricity. Luckily there was mobile network.  As soon as he got the job he called to the village head (Gup), to arrange for porter and pony.The village head promptly replied that he would be sending one woman to collect his luggage since all the men were engaged in the lhakhang construction.

The next day one beautiful lady named Menday Zam approached him. Her starry eyes and dimpled cheek captured him to fall in love at first sight. Her cheeks blushed, she greeted, “Kuzuzang po la Lopen, are you not the one who is our (HA) Health Assistant?” Tobden replied to her with surprise, feeling a little nervous for he had never seen a beautiful maiden like her. Her beauty was phenomenal and her innocent personality was appreciated from the day he met her. A while after, she asked, “Lopen sho dung ogai ya laa?”(Sir, where are you from). Then her questions followed:  “Lopen, nan sho ngen ma phen ji mo laa? (Are you married?)

 He was perplexed and did not know even know if he should lie or tell the truth. Then he replied that he was not married but was hoping to meet someone special. He asked,  “What about you? You look like you went to school.” She replied that she did go to school but did not complete high school.  She also told him that her parents had arranged a marriage, forcefully asking her to marry an old wealthy man in the village. He could see tears in her eyes as she said, “I cannot resist my sadness when I see my friends going to school. Now I am nowhere. I sometime feel like dying.” She continued, “I don't think I can tell you anymore, or I will break down. My story will never end.”

As she narrated her story more, he fell deeper in love. He never felt his journey was too hard.  They exchanged their mobile numbers before they parted. Their conversation went deep into the heart. Both of them were in love before they reached their destination. They travelled whole day without food.

When they reached the destination, he noticed that the village was clean and green with vegetables planted beside the house and cattle shed was maintained neat and clean. Everything was well in this village he thought to himself.

The next day he headed towards Gup's office. He was welcomed by the village people. They exchanged their Tashi Khaddar and marchang ceremony was feasted in Gup's office. Welcome dinner was arranged by the village people to express their happiness for the new HA joining their BHU.

After months long familiarization tour to the entire village he came across a beautiful lady named Yangzom who was a diligent woman in the village. He asked her if she knew Menday Zam. But when he asked her where she lived, he was told that she got married and left for Thimphu with her husband two weeks back. As soon as he heard this news, he felt like his heart was broken into pieces and from that day on, his day and night became so desolate. He sent SMS to her mobile: Dear Menday, I know you love your husband more than me. To that extent I cannot stay without you. I thought I will marry you but it is sad that our love has to end here without saying any goodbye to each other. I loved you from the day I met you and now, I spend sleepless nights and I find no taste in food. With love Tobden.

 Weeks and then months passed without any reply from her. He became so restless that he could not even concentrate on his works. He started missing even the immunization of babies. He felt as if he lost something very precious in his life. After many desolate months, he started falling in love with Yangzom and his heart bloomed in joy once again but he still felt sadness when he thought of Menday and he knew his love for Yangzom wasn't as real or true as it was for Menday. He pretended to love her to ease his loneliness. Yangzom did not like to hear him talk about Menday because she feared that he might leave her and go to her one day.

After few months of love affairs with Yangzom, he received an SMS from Menday which said: Dear Tobden,

I know that you love me dearly. Now you say you can't live without me for a single day but remember how you lived before you met me. Actually I went to Thimphu for check up since I was suffering from blood cancer. This is from my last drop of blood. I knew that I would not be able to give you my love the way you deserved. I am sorry for being in love with you. Now, please be happy with someone else. I'm sure you will meet someone who will love you and keep you happy.

After weeks she had come back from Thimphu and he met her on the way to BHU (Basic Health Unit). She wept as soon as she saw him. She said, “I am sorry for hurting you. I was vagabond from the day I knew I was suffering from blood cancer. I had lived a peaceful life with you but none can stop me to rid this pain. I have no regret to die except that I will be leaving my poor parents.” He could not control his tears and wept too.

She placed a ring before she died in the BHU to prove her love was there. Since she knew that she was going to die anytime, they spend their time together, eating and drinking, rejoicing the time they had. Tobden suddenly woke up in tears to find that it was only a dream.




Woke up by unknown call

17 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa

It was exactly 4.30 am in the morning while everybody was in eerie silent. I was writing poetry. As soon as I enter my bed someone call me in such a tearing voice as if she was already raped by others. Actually my family was all in deep slumber but awake after I talked with stranger in aloud. I was extremely shock and numbed by the call.

Hello is this police station? She said! This is not a police station but I am near to them. What is your problem I inquired? Anything to convey message. Yes Ata (brother) I am chased by a group of gang. I need some help from police force. I am right after the cinema hall. Please help me otherwise I will die….. her voice faded. I rushed with police with gun and handcuffs. But there was no body except the dogs are in deep sleep hiding their snout inside the tail. We looked here and there but there was no sign of the women near the cinema hall. Police man was frustrated and angry to me since I convey the message to rescue the girl.

It was almost 6.30 am in the morning finding that girl but there was no where about of her. All of a suddenly, she called me again. Where is your rescuer I am dying here in the cold beside you all? When I looked up it was my friend Dechen prudently don't you know Kezang Is April fool day. I made you fool for two times now. She laughs at me with dimple cheek. Let's go and they dismissed toward the duty room.


17 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa

Oh! Mother,

Why this tragic memories

hunted my tormented mind

from the day thou fended off;

left me in tragic sad behind.

I can feel like thine stillness

In that grave yard

Lying in refrigerated lip

kissed with cemetery guard.

Yard away from old home shed

Those barren cultivated field

has now grown wilderness.

I saw that of impetus yield

Just grown in lamented

Reap with numbness pain.

Father is wino for years

After fatal blow of tears

I am left waifs and strays;

Along the dry sea shore.

Nothing seemed to glow

Wait and waited of yore

Nothing is permanent only death blow

Purge under depth of despair.

You were a mother of our soul

Pyre mortal sheet of flame

Her body was on the way to the fire.

You are fondly laid on the funeral

I recall my mother barely at all

As if through distant portal

There was no luck as I was born

In this world of I live in thorn.

I think nothing is immortal

Only lives come to an end

Soul remains undying fiend.








A man behind broken pain

08 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa

I am just wondering myself why I am sitting under the tree with bottles of beer in my hand. I drinks neither to resist my broken pain nor to ease my loneliness. Some say every dog has its own day but not for me in as such in real. I lived in the world of broken heart pain. I try to forget your bewitching face until I fully get drunk. I have waited for her day and night without food and water thinking that she would come back other some days. What I thought has lost in abandoned. Every root of my heart was torn out after she went with wealthy man.

Why I witness flower begin to wither ant has just lost their track birds stopped their melodies song singing beside me. Image of her hunted face grasp through a corridor of the mind. Time run in a tearing hurry nothing was return to me as such of now. No matter how far you are living with your wealthy man my heart will goes on and on until my heart burst in to bloody tears. How long I will have to survive under the depth of despair.

My wild heart rushed through the window and craned my neck through the casement expecting the familiar figures to greet my lone eyes. Every object I sees in my house has brought more and more blur to his eyes. Nothing can stop me to crying from the day you have left me all alone. I have tried to convince my love in different ways but you did not listen to my heart. No ways to land my heart in desolate pain. Her beauty walks in. it did last night, like it does every moment of my lonely life. Her beauty that outshines the moon and gives life and colour to everything she touches. Her beauty that transcends beauty itself. But never will I have her again. Went is gone forever. Nothing is wrong when she went with a wealthy man or I will never blame if she come back to me again. ONLY “FAITH IS THE KING OF LOVER”


01 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa


Her twinkling starry eyes and a tinkling laugh has made me sleepless night when I saw her at first sight near the gate.  But did she really laugh at me to fall in love at first sight. Her beauty has enough power to kill human's heart if you really don't know how to fall in love.  “Love is war between two hearts.” Let's read how the battle of love has ended at last.

Actually, Kezang was brilliant student in the school and more ever he was trusted by every one of the teacher and really happy for his excellent performance in every subject. He is punctual in ever routine. Once he was awarded price for the best student of the year. As we all know that “simple living high thinking doing nothing eating more” is the famous saying in the school time. He remains always busy and he even did not get time to do his home work on time but he has plenty of time to write love note to the girls. One day he was excited to see her bewitching smile. Actually he has never seen a beautiful lady in his life time her elfin so tall more than dakinis. But time went in tearing hurry since he could not write a single chit to her. He wished he is fortunate to fall in love with her but unfortunate that he cannot approach her.

One fine morning by the help of his friend Zangmo, He seeks help with her to reach letter to her which he has written for long days. His quivering heart did not allow him to write to her. But he did not take hesitation to write from his inner heart. With anticipation he did took first and last chance to have this writing.

 Dear Pema Lhachey, The moment I saw you at first sight have become sleepless night and did not know what else to do myself. Shall I end my world or shall I continue to fall in love with you. I am just wondering myself why I am disturbing your heart and giving pain to myself. I can't live without you and you are like my wind I breathe. You are precious lady ever I have seen in my eyes. I have nothing to wish rather than to say I love you, at the same time hope this chit may bring us all happiness ending. Yours admired. Kezang.

He was extremely worry whether she will accept his chit or not was big question inside his heart. The time went in a tearing hurry after delivering his chit to her. His heart could not resist the cruelty of her love that always wanted to see her. He just closed his eyes and called his friend Zangmo who was majestically walking beside the dining hall. He requested her to deliver his letter to Zangmo silently by the evening. She holds the letter for a moment and said I am not sure whether she will be happy to receive your letter or not.  Intentionally, Zangmo love Kezang very much but she never disturb since they are in deep love with Pema Lhachey. Any way I will try to grovel her as much as I can get your reply. She added!  She did not want to be spy between them but she was a very nice friend him since beginning with Kezang. She was very kind enough to deliver his chit to her in back yard of the school. Ever body was in dinner except she was left in the class doing the homework.

The next day he asked Zangmo about the reply but she nodded her head in unusual way making him rather unhappy. His night becomes sleepless and any food he takes has become test less without her reply. He has no hope to get reply from her after nothing was happening between them. The next few days later Zangmo could not see Kezang staying lonely and even he did not attend any function in the school. After weeks long waited Zangmo came to him with a thin slice of white paper with smile on her face. He has never seen Zangmo was happy and smiling in unusual way. He thought she must be bringing reply to him. Suddenly she handles a bundle of books requesting his to write his home work which was left for long days without doing after she become mediator between you she said. I have left so many home works to do. Any how he has to accept all the books to write home work thinking she may bring her reply soon. He did not have peace whatever he does in the school he even neglects to go to the school. The days has passed and months has been gone there was no any sign of coming reply from her. He lost his hope and thought to himself  he is no more going to get reply from her, By the next evening he handed the books to her after doing all the home work and said I am have no more days left to go sad .I know I am looser in this world by writing to her. I cannot wait for any more. I have to do something from my side he said to her with wistful eyes.

The next day she came to me and handed some chit hiding in the middle of the note book. She said to him with laugh! Kezang, here is your reply she handled with enthusiasm. She said, I have very taught time to get reply from her. Actually all the reply she bring was all written by Zangmo since she love Kezang more than anything in the world. She was clever enough to twist the entire letter between them. Though she was not willing to give reply. I have force her to write. At the very last she has agreed to write. Any ways hope all is well in this chit. She handed the chit to him and his heart was filled with overwhelm of joy after long waited. He has nothing to do rather than to wish her thank you for getting reply from her after long struggling. She said to him, Ok, Kezang try your luck she veered her face and walked off. He opened her letter but it read as like this.

Dear Kezang,

My heart is not mature to fall in love with you. I don't know what love is and when is love i have no any definition of love till now. I believe love is just simply killing people's heart. I am innocent and my innocent heart cannot resist the pain when you give me. I have come to study not to fall in love. I am not at all interested with your splendid chit. I am sorry baby, hope you will never mind since I am breaking your heart from the beginning. Though I don't like the love but I do feel like I am falling in love. Take care and try later.


Actually this chit was written by Zangmo in the middle to disturb love between them. After reading her reply his heart burst into sad tear. Whatsoever he has wished from her has vanished into the depth of despair. What he hopes has become abandoned. Nothing can restore his happiness after she broke his heart into pieces. His heart collapsed dramatically and nobody can understand how his painful day ahead was.


After several months of everything forgotten Zangmo silently whisper in his ear saying, Wai…Kezang don't worry I have brought another letter for you to restore your broken heart. You will find happy after reading this chit. Be strong enough to read this letter. He was really shock to get second letter after several months of love disappeared. He has forgotten everything from his heart except her small chit always filled his painful day whenever he think of her beautiful face in the school. (Actually Pema Lhachey did not receive any letter from Kezang so far since Zangmo has hold the entire letter which Kezang has written to her. Zangmo love Kezang from the very beginning and could not express her love just they become a good friend in the school). It was like in the dream when he read another reply.


Dear, Kezang, I am really sorry I have broken your heart just to see how you react with love. I have seen your true love I am always enjoying. Actually, I don't want see your heart being broken with my love. I know your love is so pure and I should not be wasted. I have been loved you since the day you approached me. I am accepting your love and hope our love will last for all together life. With love,



His prompt reply to her was written shortly,


Dear Pema, you have been hurt my love from the beginning and I don't want to have terrible pain from your side any more. I am sorry to reject your love since I am already in love with your friend Zangmo from the day you broke my heart. She is a splendid girl and she never breaks my heart like what you have broken me. I am happy and really enjoying with her. Her love is better than yours one. I will lead her love with all my fidelity and dedication.

At the end of the year when ever body was about to go for the vacation Pema Lhachey saw this letter inside the Zangmo's dower while she arrange the text books. She picked up the letter and filled tear in her eyes with lots of regret that she could not express their love to each other. She   weeps to each other and salutes for their unsuccessful love at the end.