Make Someone's Day!

A man with throat problem

06 May 2007 Author nopkin

A man has a throat problem and he can't speak properly, he can only whisper.

One Sunday afternoon, he goes to a doctor's residence. He knocks the door and the doc's wife opens the door. “Is doctor here?”, he whispers very slowly. She pauses for a moment and whispers back “No, please come in”.

You are ugly!

06 May 2007 Author nopkin

A woman walks into the store and purchases the following:


1 small box of detergent
1 Bar of soap
2 oranges
1 stick of women’s deodorant.

She then goes to the check out line.

Cashier: Oh, you must be single.
Woman: You can tell that by what I bought?
Cashier: No, you're ugly!

Japanese chewing doma

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

Years ago, wearing pants was not allowed in Thimphu street. Once a boy was caught by the police wearing pants. The boy defended “I Japanese”, to which the police retorted “Japanese gi doma miza (Japanese don't chew doma)”.

Beer jokes

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

… a Brokpa goes to a bar and asks the bartender, “Beer piaak thur nong pay mo? (Can I get a peg of beer)”.


… people say that there would have been no better name for beer than beer, because after taking beer, you feel “baareereereee”.


.. two Thimphu-first-timer Brokpas asre in a bar. First Brokpa pours the beer and half of the glass is full of foam. As he passes the glass to the other, he kids, “Thimphu beer gi la sang cha na (Thimphu beer dries up quickly)”. The second Brokpa agrees “Giwal giwal (Correct, correct)” and sucks up all the foam from the glass as he tries to drink the beer before it “dries up”.


…. when you pour a beer into a glass, you say “Don't pour but porrrrrrrrrr”.


…. and you don't say “Cheers!” as you clang your glasses together. Say “Chaapsh!”

B-Mobile jokes

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

… a man is using B-mobile for the first time. As he dials the number the service says “subscriber not bla bla bla….” He shoots back “La?…. La? …. La?….”

… when you dial 123, the service says “Old routes are busy, young routes are engaged”. 


… and there was man who refused to answer a call because he wanted to listen to his Bhutanese song ring tone.


… sometimes the service says “Sharchokpa not reachable”. 


… a man dials a number and says “Hello”. He hears someone answer “Na Hello semi gaya mey (There is no one called Hello here)”


… a man dials a number and asks “Is this Dorji?”. Someone answers “Sorry this is not Dorji, long number”.


… someone calls me in my mobile asking for my mobile nomber!


… I called one of my staff home to his land phone. His wife answered. “Rok tha mala (he isn't here)”, she said. I asked her whether she knew his mobile no. and she said yes, very confident. I was ready to note down. She began, ” 1, 7, 6, 3…”. After a brief pause, she said “Onai nata selu mala (don't know after that)

Zimdra Vs. Alto

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

A Gelong (monk) goes to Zimdra to buy a car. He asks the counter lady “Zindra dang Alto ga lekshom inna la? (Which is better, Zimdra or Alto?)”

Sorry business

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

A Bhutanese bumps into a Chelip (foreigner). “Sorry!”, he apologies. The Chelip apologies back “Sorry too”.


The Bhutanese thinks that it is something to continue. So he says “Sorry three”.

Surprised, the Chilip asks “What are you sorry for?”. The Bhutanese says “Sorry five!” Irritated, the Chilip says “You are sick!”


“Sorry seven!” says the Bhutanese, with a smile.

Gelong in US

05 May 2007 Author nopkin

A jandala Gelong (bearded monk) is in US. Suspecting him to be Taliban, a US policeman starts questioning him.


Police:   Do you know Afghanistan?

Gelong: Afghanistan ta masey la, Ap Gatshey tey ginay selay (I don't know Afghanistan, but I know Ap Gatshey)

Suspecion grows….

Police:   Do you know Bin Laden?

Gelong: Bin Laden ta masey la, Aum Laden tey ginay selay (I don't know Bin Laden, but I know Aum Laden.


The police suspects more and he starts beating the Gelong. The Gelong cries “Alah! Alah!  Alah!….”


The police arrests him and puts in the jail.

men only

28 Apr 2007 Author observer

A lady walks into a bar that has a sign marked “for men only”. She reaches out to the bartender and the bartender says, “sorry madam, but we only serve men in this place.”

The lady looks at him, smiles and says thats okey I will take two of them.